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Today, Google is one of the world's largest companies, with a market capA of more thanA $450 billion.
In a 2000 interview with the Academy of Achievement nonprofit, conducted when Google was still four years away from its initial public offering, Brin revealed some of the books that inspired him to dedicate his career to blending technology and creativity.
AmazonFeynman (1918-1988) won the 1965 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in quantum electrodynamics and remains a giant in his field. AmazonBrin said he is a big sci-fi fan, and Stephenson's acclaimed 1992 novel "Snow Crash" is one of his favorites.

In 2010, Time named it one of the 100 best novels in the English language published since the magazine's founding in 1923.
It takes place in a dystopian near future where the US has been replaced by corporate microstates and a computer virus is killing programmers.
Within the complex, fun story Stephenson predicts the rise of online social networks, and what would become Google Earth in 2004. Brin oversees GoogleX and Special Projects, divisions responsible for developing world-changing technology like driverless cars.

He is perhaps best known in pop culture for his entertaining autobiographical works, which Brin says all left an impact on him.

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google books life of pi

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