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With its growing focus on education, tech giant Google announced late last week the launch of its new educational tool Oppia.
In Google’s own words, Oppia is aimed at making “it easy for anyone to create online interactive activities” that others can use to learn from. Apparently, this new Google project could play an instrumental role in revolutionizing online learning experiences by fetching the framework that one can use to quickly create interactive tutorials, lectures, or presentations called “Explorations” and then add them to their websites or blogs.
Simply put, the tool can enhance the interactivity of a learning process by taking over the responsibilities of a teacher or a mentor who asks questions to the learner in order to assess his or her overall progress. Another unique and exciting feature of Oppia is that it enables multiple people from across the world to collaborate and come up with Explorations.
The tool collects information on how the learners interact with it, thus making it much easier for Exploration authors to spot shortcomings in their work.
As for the technical side of this new offering is concerned, the tech giant stated that Oppia is primarily based on an extensible framework, which implies that developers can add their own inputs in order to boost the range of types and formats that the system understands. Explorations on Oppia servers can be embedded in any Web page, and the “embeddings”, in Google’s words, can “refer to a particular version” of the Exploration so as to ensure that any future upgradation does not jeopardize the original version. And yes, Oppia is also blessed with a native responsive user interface for mobile devices, meaning users can access the platform from virtually any mobile device with a working Internet connection.
However, we are yet to have a word on how much support and importance Google plans to throw at this new offering. But all being said, Oppia looks like a pretty outstanding tool, and could be a big step forward towards making the most out of technology for optimizing learning experiences. For more information, visit the official Oppia blog here.
Nowadays, it is easy to find online universities that offer full degree programmes to their students online. This doesn’t mean that you have to pay for all of your employees to get a degree online, however. If an online presence has a major effect on your business, it is important for you and your staff to learn as much as possible about your existing website or blog and how to make it succeed.
Going over the same things repeatedly when instructing each new employee on all of your policies, rules and procedures can be a major hassle.  It can take time away from other important things that you need to be doing for your company. This entry was posted in business, customer service, marketing, Popular and tagged Google Analytics, Small business, Virtual education by guest contributor. Any unauthorized reproduction or distribution of the contents of this website may result in legal proceedings.
The new partnership with MIT and Harvard-founded edX will make massively open online courses even more massive and open. EdX, the not-for-profit online learning initiative founded by Harvard and MIT, today announced a partnership with Google to jointly develop their open-source learning platform, known as Open EdX. Google and edX will build out and operate, which will come online early next year. Google's current offerings in education include a special marketing effort for their free apps like Docs, Calendar, and Hangouts, and a schedule of corporate social responsibility commitments toward kindergarten to high school students.

The MOOC platforms, which include edX along with platforms like Coursera, Udacity, Canvas, and NovoEd, collectively have dozens of university partners, millions of users, and little revenue. For more on why your brain loves learning online, checkout this great post from TNW Insider. A Udacity course by Google will teach engineers and data scientists the basics of deep learning, which informs much of Google's tech.
Techies who have some background in machine learning may want to tune into Google's new course on deep learning.
The course will also introduce participants to TensorFlow, the open-source deep learning platform Google unveiled back in November.
As someone from industry who accidentally fell into deep learning while working on Google Voice Search just five years ago, I’ve seen how nothing can be further from the truth. Facebook has similarly invested in deep learning, to improve the platform's facial recognition capabilities. Still in beta, Oppia is an open source project, designed to serve people across the word as a free educational tool.
The core motivation behind this new initiative, according to the company’s announcement, originated from the fact that while more and more educational content nowadays are being delivered via videos and other digital mediums, a large chunk of it still remains asynchronous or static.
However, there’s more to Oppia –  Google brags that the tool has also certain notable implications for teachers in the sense that it can partially relieve teachers from some of their duties. They would be able to so by logging in and finding an answer that a lot of learners are giving, but which the system has failed to respond adequately. You probably don’t have the resources or funds that larger business owners have, yet you have to compete with these large businesses on a daily basis. This can be a great way to get the education that you have always wanted without having to sacrifice your existing commitments, and it can also be a great opportunity for your staff.
Fortunately, there are plenty of online universities and training schools that offer individual courses on a wide variety of subjects, from business-related and financial matters to computer science and everything in between. There are a lot of expensive and fancy tools out there, but you don’t need these tools. Therefore, consider investing in an online tool that will allow you to create your own training materials for your employees. All views and opinions expressed are those of the author(s) only and are not representative of any company listed. The site aims to be to online courses more or less what WordPress is to publishing: A free, open-source way for universities, institutions, businesses, and individuals to build and host courses in the cloud on any topic and in any format for a global audience. The fact that lectures from the world's top professors are now a commodity available over the Internet for free is shaking up higher education from top to bottom, but the ultimate purpose is still hazy: Are MOOCs best viewed as a supplement for traditional college students, continuing education credits for adult learners, or a full degree program for learners in the developing world?
Online learners use virtual libraries, which are becoming more popular with brick and mortar schools, and various web platforms like podcasts and webcasts for their lectures and lessons. To find an original response your best bet is to do your research in the academic libraries.

In other words, mere digitization of a presentation or a lecture is not enough; especially when there are abundant scopes for making them more interactive in nature.
After identifying such shortcomings, the authors can revamp the learning paths used in that particular Exploration.
This, according to many experts, could eventually imply that the company is not planning to devote much of its manpower and resources on the new offering – at least not at this moment.
In the past, small business owners had an even more difficult time keeping up with larger corporations, but the Internet can help level the playing field. If you feel as if your staff could benefit from a bit of additional instruction in a certain field, consider enrolling all of your employees in an online course or two; the best part is, they can work around their own schedules while still benefiting from these courses.
Instead, consider using Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to learn more about your site. With one of these tools, you can upload PowerPoint presentations or other files that offer instruction, and you can even create quizzes to make sure that your employees have a clear understanding of the material. All trademarks, slogans, text or logo representation used or referred to in this website are the property of their respective owners.
Their hope is that will attract a community of third-party developers who will help create and integrate tools like automatic graders, video chat, and new discussion apps into the platform. Now, if we’re looking to find out when the Magna Carta was signed, or the structure of an atom we consult with Google, Yahoo, or your favorite research database.
What’s interesting is a younger age group, early 20s to early 30s use keywords to search, and the older age groups will tend to scroll through search results instead of filtering the content for best results.
A two way communication, as they say, always yields a better understanding than in any scenario where one side speaks and the other just listens.
Once everything is sorted out, Oppia can give the necessary feedback to all future learners. Perhaps Google is optimistic that developers will gradually assume ownership of Oppia, while maintenance and other similar aspect will be taken care of by the community.
There are plenty of great online training tools that you can utilise in order to prepare your employees and yourself to give your customers the best possible service. You will be very surprised by just how much you can learn from these online tools, and the best part is that they are free. Well, the good news is the internet isn’t making us dumber, it’s actually making us more intelligent! And wouldn’t it only work for a narrow spectrum of perception tasks in the first place?
It also allows authors to accept adequate responses to their lessons in text, numeric, and multiple choice questions.

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