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Infor Public Sector Asset Management Tools is the leading provider of state and local government software. In a time of rapidly changing corporate requirements and constant bottom-line pressures, maximizing the value of your workspace investment has never been more critical.
For corporate standards development, long and short-term storage of surplus product or inventory assessment, Storr’s team of professionals offers the knowledge and experience to provide an asset management program that meets your specific goals.
Storr Asset Management provides a system to inventory and track furniture, computers, records, equipment and a wide range of other items.
Storr’s Asset Management program puts your workspace investment in the hands of experts.

That’s why more and more Storr clients are putting our expertise and experience to work to manage a broad range of assets and ensure prompt and efficient response to relocations, corporate restructuring, new construction delays, and more. The result: real-time, 24-7 access to details of all assets in inventory for accounting, facility management planning, reconfiguration and long term storage. It avoids the need to use valuable internal resources while maximizing the productive life of your office furnishings and gives you a partner who’s as serious about keeping your facilities running smoothly and efficiently as you are. Using state-of-the-art asset management software allows us to provide you with accurate and up-to-date reports, from basic inventory lists to complex depreciation schedules. In addition, you can access your inventory via the web and inquire about your product online.

Independent Wealth Management advisors are registered with IIROC through Canaccord Genuity Corp.

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government asset management training

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