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Sometimes even if we give feedback, we deliver it in such a “sugar-coated way” that the coachee misses it altogether. 1) Clarity – Before you have the conversation get clear and specific on what you want to communicate. 2) Compassion – We often tie ourselves up in knots because we make giving the feedback about us rather than a behavior change that will serve the coachee.
Compassion for the coachee helps us put ourselves in their shoes and have a more emotionally intelligent conversation. If giving the feedback is still a bit uncomfortable for you, experiment with being vulnerable and simply stating “I wish I was more practiced at giving feedback” creates an environment of greater trust and authenticity for the conversation. 3) Curiosity – Coaching conversations are more about listening and asking good questions than talking. 4) Confirmation – Feedback conversations are difficult because our own emotions are often caught up in them (both on the side of the coach and the coachee). 5) Commitment – The end result of any great coaching conversation is a clear commitment to results and a strengthened trust in the relationship. One last coaching question to ask if you’re looking to grow in your own ability to coach is to ask your coachee “How was this coaching conversation for you? This article was written by Henna Inam, executive coach, speaker, and author of the book Wired for Authenticity. She works with women to help them realize their potential to be authentic, transformational leaders. My name is Gaurav and i work as an AM Training with an MNC corporation , Just wanted to say that these topics that you have written on are just amazing and i normally keep checking all that you write on. Women coaches are role models for girls and teach them to celebrate being a female athlete. Nearly nine in ten mothers in the Motherhood Study say spending more time with their children is a high priority.
According to the Census Department, the number of stay-at-home moms (23% in the Motherhood Study) rose in past decade, reversing three decades of decline. Adapted from the book, Home Team Advantage: The Critical Role of Mothers in Youth Sports (HarperCollins 2006) by Brooke de Lench, Executive Director of MomsTeam Institute of Youth Sports Safety.

Coach John Cook has coached the University of Nebraska women’s volleyball team for 16 years. A new McKinsey report indicates 90% of companies are still using appraisal systems that were designed to measure output in a factory environment.
All companies know that information improves marketing campaigns, but what’s more important is the data collected as it improves customer experience. At the end of the day, marketing departments exist for one reason and one reason only: to deliver marketing qualified leads (MQLs), which in turn should become more converted sales. Knowing what deals are going to close this month is something salespeople should know off the top of their heads. You’ve probably heard the buzz word and may have wondered “what is value creation?” If you’re like most sellers, you may have assumed this is the same as value added. With these low odds for success on the first call, don’t waste time pitching features and functionality. A direct report of yours just gave a presentation to senior management.  The presentation went okay but frankly could have gone a lot better.
A Corporate Executive Board survey suggests that firms whose culture encourages open communication outperform peers by more than 270% in terms of long-term (10 year) total shareholder return. And specificity is hard when we’re giving feedback on “softer” behaviors like a person’s self-confidence or the way they dress.
When we come from a place of curiosity rather than judgment or attachment to our own point of view, new insights can appear and solutions can be co-created that will help us capture stronger commitment (see below).
When emotions get involved it’s hard to really listen clearly (more on this in the blog post “Listen to how you Listen”. Am I reading that correctly?” Acknowledging emotion is a great way to have a more authentic conversation.
Science has proven that women are generally more adept than men at detecting mood from facial expression, body posture, and gestures, and thus knowing if a child is unhappy. He has won three national championships (the most recent being two weeks ago), multiple conference titles, has qualified for the NCAA tournament every year he has coached at Nebraska and has been selected national Coach of the Year two times (plus he is the author of the opening quote).

Million Dollar Maverick is out now, and Alan is talking all about being a Maverick in the speaking industry.
There are email introductions, emails to schedule phone calls and demos, and emails to answer product questions. In this series, we interview sales tool providers and get real about the problems they’re solving and why you should care (or not).
Unfortunately, it’s not always executed well resulting in reduced trust between the buyer and seller.
The direct report knew her material but didn’t demonstrate self-confidence in her body language, didn’t dress appropriately, and didn’t think fast on her feet in addressing some of the questions.
Start with acknowledging what’s working well as it creates a positive environment where the employee can be more open to listening.
Her corporate clients include Coca Cola, Novartis, J&J, and others who know female leadership talent is good for business. Because they tend to be more emotionally open and have good communication skills, mothers are able to motivate and relate well to players, which is essential if a child is to have an enjoyable sports experience. Or, we race through feedback like we’re going for a root canal, wanting to get it over with as quickly as possible, without any consideration for the pain or numbness of the person on the receiving end.
On the other hand, you can be more specific by saying “your posture and the intonation of your sentences reflected that you didn’t have complete confidence in your own expertise”. Ideally, the talking happens in the form of questions that help the coachee discover the answers within themselves. You secretly wonder if she’s losing confidence in your judgment to have the direct report present in the first place.
Feedback, particularly developmental feedback, is often hard to give, so most of us avoid giving it.

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