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It is thought that when the Dutch artist Rembrandt taught young artists, one of the first things he would make them do was draw something with a continuous line—in other words the students could not lift their hand until the drawing was finished! The kinds of lines an artist chooses to work with are important because they can help him or her create depth or distance in their pictures (properly known as perspective). In his picture of an enormous wave, the Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai [cat-sue-SHE-car HOCK-ew-sigh] shows us some interesting and beautiful ways that lines can be used to show something moving.
This activity is adapted from pages 181 - 185 of What Your Year 3 Child Needs to Know, which can be purchased here.
I know hard it can be to get the week started, especially in the spring, when the last thing you want to do is go work.
Suspension training works nearly every muscle in the body, especially stabilizer muscles of the core that help prevent lower back and pain and draw the stomach in nice and tight. Place your feet in the cradles; come into push up position with your hands spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart. With your feet in the cradles start in push-up position with your hands spread slightly wider than shoulder width apart.
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Next time you set out to draw something, think about your pencil making a journey - going for a walk - and see if holding that thought while you draw helps the lines you create come to life.
It might be easy to draw a ball, but can you imagine how hard it would be to draw a face, for example, without lifting your pencil off the page at all? It was very popular among artists, and Picasso (we looked at his portraits in Year 2 and his painting Mother and Child in Year 3) and van Gogh (we looked at his self-portrait in Year 2) were among the important European artists who owned copies of Hokusai's work.

If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Plus, it burns more calories, and is anything but boring, especially if you’re hanging out by the beach! Perform a push up by bending your elbows and lowering your chest towards the ground and then push back up to the start position.
Contract your abs as you lift your hips upward forming an inverted “V.” Return to push up position and repeat for specified number of reps.
See MoreSee Less22 Push-UP Challenge Day 1Welcome to Day 1 of the #22pushup challenge to raise awareness about mental health.
Drawing is such an important part of being a practising artist; in the past young people learning to be artists were not allowed to use paint or other materials until their teacher felt they could draw well enough. TRX suspension training is one of my favorite ways to train, especially when it comes to targeting my abs. She is a certified personal trainer, yoga teacher, lifestyle consultant, published writer, and wellness educator with over a decade of experience. You could make your line zig-zag or curve, you could press hard at times to darken it and press lightly at others to make it soft, but how would your line travel between the different features without breaking? The long parallel lines of their boats contrast with the tiny, curled lines used for the frothy breaking tips of the wave; these are gnarled like grabbing fingers, threatening the boats! She specializes in mobility, corrective exercise, nutrition, stress management, and meditation. In my own experience I've struggled with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy to the point of burnout.

My intention for this challenge is to focus on pushup progressions- it's one step at a time so anyone at any level can join in and feel their inner strength.
I want to be able to reach the top, but don't know the steps to get there or don't have the patience for the process. It's awesome to do complex cool moves, but it's more important to build a solid foundation and connect to your strength within no matter what level you're at. This cause is very meaningful for me, because I’ve struggled with anxiety and know how isolating and frightening it feels.
More often than I hold it I tip over to one side or overshoot it, but I always love the practice as those little sparks of lightness and grace keep me motivated and inspired for the journey. That's how fitness should feel- it's something we get to do and want to do not just another task on the to do list or something you do merely to work off what you ate the day before. When there is no loud music, no teacher, and no structured program, you drop into a moving meditation as you experience the teacher within you that guides you to the center of yourself. If someone says that's how you're supposed to or may feel you may start to think it and believe it even though it's not true for you. Don't let others persuade you or tell you how to feel just because that was their experience.
Have your own experience and determine your truth, only you have this power of discernment for yourself.

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