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In 1913 Congressman Lindbergh warned that the Federal Reserve System “establishes the most gigantic trust on earth. After the bankers finished profiting from the world war, they decided to cause an economic depression in the U.S. Since the Great depression, the Federal Reserve bankers have continued to manipulate the market for their own gain and done so through periodic planned market plunges after which they buy up all they can. In 1963, President Kennedy passed Executive Order 11110 which stripped the Federal Reserve from its power to loan money to the U.S.
There are surely many reasons why JFK was assassinated including his stances against the banking establishment and the Vietnam war.
Donations are welcome, my books are for sale, or visit my ad sponsors which generates revenue for them and me. During the Great Depression in the 1930s, one mother lifted the spirits of her children by making adventures out of everyday tasks and chores. Author Venus Bardanouve's mother kept things as happy as possible during the dark days of the 1930s.
That’s how I sometimes tease a friend whose memories of the Depression are of dark and difficult times. How could I not feel the joy of life when Mother and I were having so much fun “skating” on our dining room floor?
Author Venus Bardanouve's recollections of the Depression are upbeat, thanks to her mother.
We didn’t have much money, but Mother always managed to find paint to brighten our kitchen. Instead of complaining about our stinging hands, we’d laugh and prop the stiff clothes up on chairs like people until that clothing thawed. Mother worked hard in the garden to grow much of our food, but she also found places to plant the flowers she used to brighten our lives. She even made an adventure out of the day our home-bottled root beer began exploding in the cellar. This would be an example of how everyone should be in troublesome times with the help of the Lord.

Your touching story illustrates beautifully how our attitudes shape how we respond to events in our lives. Venus, your mother was a beautiful woman and, even from her picture, one can tell that she had great character. After she rubbed paste wax on the surface, we’d don heavy socks and do the polishing by skating and dancing on it. She used my watercolors to paint pictures on plain white paper, turning it into colorful wrappings for homemade gifts. When she painted the trim on the kitchen table and chairs, she also painted the wooden handles of large spoons and other utensils.
But I never felt anything but pride in my clothes—because that was the way Mother saw them. Mother blindfolded me as I tried it on for fittings, and I wasn’t allowed to touch the material so it would be a complete surprise. I wore it to my school Christmas program, where I “spoke a piece.” How could the Depression spoil your life when you had a surprise Christmas dress? The food was plain, but we’d often eat in the yard on a picnic table Father built, or have a real picnic at a nearby river to cool off in the summer heat.
With a dishpan in front of her face for protection, she gingerly placed the “unblown” bottles in a bushel basket and carried them outside. During those hard times, Mother must have felt discouragement and worry…and she probably cried some secret tears.
Although those delights cost little or nothing, they wove happiness into a somber background of the Depression.
It sounds like your mother was an amazing woman and brightened the lives of those around her. It reminds me of how blessed I am to have been born of parents that lived through the depression. I can only remember holes in the toes of my socks nd that I was ashamed to take off my shoes because of the holes. It reminds me so much of the stories my Grandmother used to tell of her childhood in a rural town in south Georgia during the depression.

Makes me think of my own mother who grew up during the depression working in her father’s bakery. My Grandparents, Eli and Mary English of Rossiter, PA had the most wonderful children with the most loving stories. I hope to be able to be that shiny light of happiness that your mother was for my children. My grandparents and several Aunts and Uncles have since passed on but my Mother and her three sisters still tell the old stories that I love to hear.
After sifting it we cooked the coarse for cereal and mother made bread with the fine flour. One day she put some loaves in the oven and told me to take them out when they were done while she went to a meeting. She delighted in telling me the stories about such things as hanging wet towels in the windows on summer nights, chasing the family cow that wandered into the woods on a daily basis, going to her uncles to listen the only radio (something that always attracted a crowd), and many other wonderful stories. I became so engrossed in a Grace Livingston Hill romance novel that I forgot to check the oven. About 10 years ago I drove her to the small town where she grew up – it was still very small and rural and a lot of things were the same. I wish I could have taken a picture of her then – she beamed as if it were the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. She gave me the complete tour – from where she went to school to where she used to round up the cow.
I never will forget that moment – before she passed, she asked to go again but at the time I was unable to take her.

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