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Most of those who stop their abdominal routine, finish it because they cannot get results or they get tired of it. Below I have collected the best 21 best ab workouts which proven to be the most efficient sorts of exercises to train the abdominal as well as lower back.
The motion is the same as if you do normal sit-ups, but when you lower your upper body, you do it as slowly as possible. If you are a beginner, and you cannot do normal sit-ups properly, you can use some sorts of tools to help yourself. Nowadays plank is my favorite timed exercise because it helps to strengthen my core and at the same time to strengthen other muscles that support the body stability.
Side plank is another killer method to train both internal and external abdominal obliques.
This is a sort of controlled motion, which is useful to train the entire core as well as hips. Windshield wiper is a powerful workout to strengthen and stretch the lower back, glutes and hips. As you see, there are so many techniques you can use to train your abs effectively.You do not even need to go to a gym to do a complete core training. One of the biggest misconceptions of beginners is that they think doing only ab exercises will burn belly fat. Here are quite a lot of abdominal exercises, but here is a picture to understand which workout is good for which part of the midsection. There are so many abs exercises to choose from, that it can seem impossible to figure out the right exercises to strengthen your abs.
I’ve used this progression of abs exercises too many times to count with many people very successfully. Knee crunches are a beginner exercise that target primarily the upper abs, with some stimulation of the lower abs. This brings in your lower abs into play more than the Knee Crunches because you have to control one leg with your abs muscles, while the other leg is on the floor. This is a classic abs exercises that engages your upper and lower abs, along with your obliques (side of you abs complex) because you are twisting.
This exercise is a lot more challenging because you have to keep BOTH your legs up by using your abs muscles.
This is one of my favorites because I love the contraction at the top and I can also focus on the lower abs burn.
I believe that when you use momentum and lift your back off the ground, the contraction isn’t nearly as intense. Just like the straight reverse crunch, however this time we’re going to add a (literal) twist to the motion. If you've ever wanted a chiseled six-pack or a flat, defined set of abs, you HAVE to be focusing on the rectus abdominis. To commemorate this glorious, Drake-infused occasion, we've whipped up the Ultimate Summer 2016 Playlist. All 3 exercises in the trifecta directly target the lower abs, and in the case of reverse crunches & ab pulse ups, isolate the lower abs. If you want pancake-flat, carved-up lower abs and a razor-sharp V-cut, The Lower Abs Trifecta is my little secret weapon. The Lower Abs Trifecta (LAT) isn’t an exercise per se, but rather a superset of 3 different lower abs exercises back-to-back, sans rest.
Incorporate LAT into your ab routine (it’s designed as a major component, not a full routine) 2-3x per week.

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Alright, you guys asked for it so here it is – the ultimate workout for our biggest problem area: LOWER ABS!
Also, keep note that there are 3 key mistakes we often make that cause our tummy to look super saggy.  Avoid these!
Too much sodium – Salt makes us retain water and causes stomach bloating.  If you need to slim down for a big event, cut back on the salt!
Try the workout along with some CARDIO and let me know how it goes.  Once you get the exercises down, repeat the circuit up to 5 times for a #hardcore burn – enjoy! This entry was posted in Abs and tagged abs, Brittani Rettig, fitness, inspiration, muscle tone, six pack abs, tummy, workouts on March 5, 2013 by Brit. The exercises work your core muscles so that they burn more calories while your body is at rest. DisclaimerThis website is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
There are to ways: one is to stay in static stage, the other is to lower your side, then push it up.
The motion is simple, put your legs on the ball and stretch yourself, lower your bum towards the floor and then push it up. If you use some sort of weights, you must be careful as the twisting motion may hurt your lower back.
Depending on your fitness level insert one or more exercises mentioned above to your abs workout routine. In my opinion, the best way to strengthen your abs is to choose harder and harder exercises to complete, not just complete more and more sets and reps. It works like a charm and before you know it, you’ll be doing some really advanced abs exercises and have a very strong midsection. I like this exercise because it takes all pressure off the lower back, so you can focus on strengthening your abs.
If you have lower back problems, I would be careful with this exercise and only complete it if you feel no pain in your lower back. Like with the reverse crunches, be careful with this exercise and only complete it if you feel no pain in your lower back. I’ll definitely start to increase the reps in my routine as well as decrease rest time time. Unfortunately, they are also some of the toughest muscles to work as so many other muscles tend to take over for them.
To feel this workout in the proper place, it’s important that you focus your efforts right into your lower abdominal area.
Keep your core tight as you alternate touching first the front of your left hip and then your right. Use your lower abs to pull your knees not only up towards your head, but also towards the ceiling (lifting your butt up off the floor). Try to keep your back flat against the floor as you use your lower abs to pull your straight legs up towards you head. One of my favorite ab exercises as it combines the crunch for the upper abs with the leg raises for the lower. Supersetting 3 different lower abs-focused exercises back-to-back absolutely tears up the muscle fibers and pushes them into robust new growth. Even though your lower abs are probably in searing pain from the circulating lactic acid, fatigue, and preceding onslaught, the remainder of your core can help compensate and assist the beaten and battered lower portion.

Try The Upper Abs Trifecta — the follow-up counterpart to the Lower Abs Trifecta, which emphasizes the upper portion of the abs. Just like any other muscle group, your core needs to time rest and recover in order to grow. I am good about not slouching – have been working that for years, but I often forget to drink enough water.
You can use your arms, put a small ball behind your low back or use a gum rope to help stabilization and to make the movements easier.
In addition, in order to achieve flat abs, it is important to train the lower back since these muscles support the midsection.
If you are strong enough to handle your body weight totally, raise your legs while they are stretched. It can be enhanced if we use an abdominal board, but there are other ab machines which simulate the motion of crunching. There have been researches that proved that this exercise is the best workout to target the rectus abdominis and trains the whole core.
Do ab training routines 4-5 times a week, and during your session you should train the entire core. The only downside is that some people feel some strain in their neck as they do this exercise.
The higher you kick out your legs, the easier the exercise becomes and the more it works your upper abs. The lower abs are hit hard with this exercise and at the top of the movement, your upper abs squeeze intensely as well.
Some people complete V-Ups by lifting their backs off the ground, but try to keep your back on the floor and just lift your shoulders slightly off the ground, as you can see photo above.
Today I wanted to share with you six of my favorite lower ab exercises combined into one killer abdominal work out. Use your lower abs to pull you knees up towards your chest, only this time you’re going to rotate slightly pulling your left knee up towards your right shoulder followed by your right knee up towards your left shoulder. These ebooks contain over 50 workouts each, delicious healthy recipes, and everything you need to Tone and Tighten! At the same time,  your routine is not as boring since there is always something new to do. It is a very effective method to train the entire abdomen as well as your arms and shoulders. If that’s the case, just do normal crunches with your feet on the floor, hands behind your head. I like touching my elbow to my knee to emphasize the contraction, which also makes the exercise harder.
As you can see in the picture, I’m bringing my knees into my chest and contracting my abs. One last thing, try to keep your heels fairly close to your butt at the top position, don’t allow your heels to swing to high. I use a 10-15lbs dumbell when doing this exercise, but again, be careful with your lower back.

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