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Hair extensions such as Great Lengths which are real hair extensions will not damage your hair as long as you follow the after care provided by our stylists. Great Lengths technology for the application of 100% human hair strands has eliminated the limitations of decades-old technology for extensions. In order to serve you at the highest level possible, Soluna will be implementing a cancellation & missed appointment policy. The 1st missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours; notice will be forgiven. Great lengths hair extensions uk, Great lengths hair extensions are world leaders in providing 100% natural human hair for hair extensions with varying lengths, colours and applications..
Great lengths, the science of hairextensions, Great lengths, the science of hairextensions. Great Lengths, the unparalleled extension system that has changed the worldwide definition of hair design, will make your desire for thicker, longer, more beautiful hair a reality. With Great Lengths there are no styling limitations, no heavy-duty maintenance regimens and no restrictions on the use of styling tools.

Our Certified Great Lengths Technician will share with you in detail exactly what Great Lengths can accomplish for you, based upon your specific needs and desired results. Great Lengths' philosophy is to remedy the lack of thick hair in a way which is as simple as dyeing it if you want to change its colour. Considering the fact that people who do not have a lot of hair generally have very fine hair at the same time, the Great Lengths' programme offers various thicknesses of natural hair strands for attaching to fine hair which can be attached in a practically invisible way. Length, volume or both can now be easily and gently applied without compromising the integrity of your natural strands. The 2nd missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours; notice requires that a credit card number be given to reserve future appointments. While others use techniques such as welding, waxing, gluing or knotting, which strain and very often damage your hair to a high degree, Great Lengths is based on a much more gentle principle: modulating. We advise you to brush your hair daily to avoid matting which can put pressure on the bonds and cause them to come out. The 3rd missed appointment or cancellation with less than 24 hours; notice will result in a charge of 50% of the service price applied to the stored credit card.

We have created an extremely high-tech method of bonding between the Great Lengths strand and your own hair. All services valued over as well as group or party reservations require a deposit or credit card number to be given at the time appointments are booked. This point of attachment is composed of polymer chains whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair. It is activated by our Great Lengths applicator and bonds the Great Lengths strand with your own hair in this way.
We often get asked how long hair needs to be to have hair extensions we suggest that your crown area of your hair is long enough to cover the bonds, in other words your top section of your hair should reach the nape of your neck.

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great lengths classes 2014

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