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Sports Training Notebooks offer the best industry printing and feature full page diagrams for laying out training diagrams and in depth note-taking for your sport.
Irish Olympic Handball Association, Irish Sport HQ, National Sports Campus, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. The Irish Olympic Handball Association is pleased to announce that the first module of the Category 1 Handball Coaching Course will take place this Saturday, October 12th. The Coaching Course is being hosted by Astra Handball Club and will take place in their home court of Loughlinstown Leisure Centre and nearby Loughlinstown Community Centre.

The Category 1 Coaching Course is recognised by Coaching Ireland and consists of 4 modules made up of 30 contact hours and a minimum of 8 hours logged of coaching activity and an assessed session of 1 hour. To achieve the Category 1 Coaching Licence successful candidates must attend all 4 modules and the dates are as follows. Get started in Ultimate Frisbee, one of the biggest team sports in the world, with Sportplan!
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This is a common part of the youth game while players are learning to move without the soccer ball.
How do we get players to move out of the defenders shadow to receive the soccer ball?How to teach kids to communicate with their team mates.Soccer handball!This game is very easy to set up and the kids have a blast playing the game.

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handball coaching software

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