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I am sure that in your quest to discover the secret to the law of attraction, you’ve watched the movie “The Secret” or have heard of Bob Proctor.  I want to share with you some of the best law of attraction affirmations I have ever heard, and I want to give you a gift. So you must recite out loud your law of attractions affirmations, in present tense as though they are already.  Here are some very powerful affirmations that Bob shares in the program I began listening to today called The Science of Getting Rich Program.
This is an audio program, which you can download, and have full access to for 10 days.  In their own words on the webinar I attended, you can get through this program in 10 days without a problem. Do it.  Do it for yourself and for the world.  You have a responsibility to become wealthy, and to become the person you know you were created to be!  I’ll talk more on that subject tomorrow, so make sure and come back often!

P.S.  Do you need a vehicle to help you achieve your financial goals?  Something to apply your law of attraction affirmations to?  If so, click the banner below to get plugged into one of the most empowering communities online today! Meditative audio & subliminal law of attraction "I Am" affirmations for health, wealth and happiness.
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If someone is having positive thoughts, they are more likely to feel positively and are, in turn, more likely to develop positive behaviors that benefit the outcome.

This program will change your way of thinking and help reprogram your mind to attract and live a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

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happiness affirmations law of attraction

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