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By Anthony Nguyen on August 28, 2012 Freebies Leave a Comment Among the infinite possibilities and opportunities that the Internet has given us, education is another. You can access different classes and lectures on your mobile Apple device, listening to lectures from Princeton on iPods, thanks to iTunes U.
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While sites like Lexis Nexis and Westlaw have vast digital case libraries, most of the information is stuck behind a paywall. Ravel’s interface combines access to thousands of cases, with analytics built into the platform. Their idea was to digitize law collections from across the US, and build a layer of analytics on top.
Lewis and Reed were encouraged by one of their professors, Jonathan Zittrain, who was then a visiting professor at Stanford.
Zittrain is an expert on internet law (also a computer science professor), and he now directs the Berkman Center for Internet at Society at Harvard. Using high-speed imaging equipment, Harvard and Ravel are bringing 40 million pages of court decisions online, totally for free.
Then, the Harvard Law School did something unprecedented for that school: It took an equity stake in Ravel. The Harvard Law Library uses high-speed scanning equipment to digitize their collections at a rate of 500,000 pages per week.
If there were a First Rule of our present penchant for victimhood, it would presumably be that everything unpleasant that happens in the world must, in some way, eventually be about you. The push to delay law school final examinations in light of the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases has spread to Harvard Law School, as administrators at Georgetown University Law Center said students could seek delays on a case-by-case basis. Those Harvard students have produced an open letter, in which they demand that their examinations be delayed.
Ugly as the Brown and Garner cases were, one can’t help but feel that what constitutes a “National Emergency” or a “personal crisis” is being rather dramatically defined down here — possibly to the vanishing point. That a new batch of Ivy League lawyers is willingly handicapping itself will presumably inspire few tears in the United States. All in all, the letter suggests that a significant portion of today’s students have noticed that, if they wish to get their own way, they need only to report that they are upset or outraged or traumatized, and then to sit back and wait.
And yet, despite these hardships, the only thing that proved consistently capable of closing the colleges was the war itself — the vast majority of institutions shuttering their doors because too many of their students had enrolled in the military, because their facilities stood in the line of fire, or because the government had requisitioned their buildings. While at Harvard in 1945, the satirist Tom Lehrer issued a semi-parodic anthem of encouragement for the student body. By the mid-1980’s, I noticed a distinct change in the culture of free speech and academic freedom throughout the entire country, but Harvard, and particularly Harvard Law School, was a pioneer in the slow death of these virtues. The HarBus newspaper ran a really rather tame cartoon in its Oct 28, 2002 issue, ridiculing the administration’s operation of the HBS career office. I need not go into great detail about the incident that triggered the resignation of Larry Summers. But the faculty revolt that forced Summers out of the Harvard presidency had grave consequences. Stephanie Grace, 3L, had dinner with some classmates, at which the hot-button issue of race and intelligence apparently came up. I absolutely do not rule out the possibility that African Americans are, on average, genetically predisposed to be less intelligent. In conclusion, I think it is bad science to disagree with a conclusion in your heart, and then try (unsuccessfully, so far at least) to find data that will confirm what you want to be true.
I would be grateful to have an opportunity to share my thoughts and to apologize to you in person. Even beforehand, I want to extend an apology to you and to anyone else who has been hurt by my actions. I am writing this morning to address an email message in which one of our students suggested that black people are genetically inferior to white people.
This sad and unfortunate incident prompts both reflection and reassertion of important community principles and ideals. Here at Harvard Law School, we are committed to preventing degradation of any individual or group, including race-based insensitivity or hostility. I am heartened to see the apology written by the student who authored the email, and to see her acknowledgment of the offense and hurt that the comment engendered….
The emanations from these incidents showed up at the start of the academic year in 2011 in quite another context.

This was the headline of a Harvard Crimson staff editorial that appeared on December 12, 2011. It is Harvard Yard that has become dangerous for the dissenting voice, in contrast to Harvard Square where anything goes.
Speech that is public and does not threaten imminent physical harm may be harassment literally but in my mind it is still Constitutionally protected speech. I have to agree, though, with the commenter who said that following a person 24 hours a day, with or without chanting, is clearly harassment and not free speech.
So if Bob Jones University, Wheaton, Liberty, or Patrick Henry expels a student for privately expressing atheism in an email, will that get the same horrifided treatment, or is religion a special category of belief that is exempt from the rules? The faculty anger at his actions here, and at his near-transparent dissembling when confronted with them, would be hard to top. Liberals are very much for inclusiveness until they have the upper hand then for some reason they forget this and if the words or thoughts and actions are not approved by them the words or thoughts or actions will not be allowed.
I agree with the examples of your article as demonstrating the chilling of free speech and thought on campus. What I see in your examples is an early case of Harvard protecting the speech of people agreeing with the entrenched orthodoxy at Harvard and many examples of speech contrary to that orthodoxy being repressed. It appears that Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Thought, etc contains the seeds of its own destruction, as it was those principles that allowed these leftist pod people to take over the universities.
There are a number of resources available online from some of the nation’s top law schools and legal libraries.
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Nevertheless, we should all be alarmed to learn just how seriously our ostensible proto-elites seem to be taking themselves. From start to finish, the letter’s tone shuttles between that of the vicarious masochist and that of the woe-is-me martyr.
Ultimately, the fault here lies with the academy, which has spent the last few decades permitting “I’m offended” to become a reliable means by which debate might be summarily and forcefully shut down. During the Civil War — one of the bloodiest, nastiest, and most disruptive conflicts in the history of the world — a good number of American colleges not only stayed open but kept a regular schedule, too.
The same stoic attitude was on display in England during the Blitz, which unpredictable abomination was unable to close Oxford, Cambridge, or any of the other schools that were deemed unlikely to be blown to pieces. Having noticed that the university’s existing refrains “had a tendency to be somewhat uncouth, and even violent,” Lehrer thought that it might “be refreshing, to say the least, to find one that was a bit more genteel.” And so, being an enterprising sort, he wrote one himself, offering up a ditty that combined the more traditional enjoinders to “Fight fiercely, Harvard! Very early in my career, I represented many students in Administrative Board cases growing out of their protests against the Vietnam War. The satirical issue contained the infamous Frug parody: Mary Joe Frug, feminist legal scholar at Northeastern School of Law, was tragically and viciously murdered on the streets of Cambridge in 1991. Student editor-in-chief Nick Will was called to a meeting with Steven Nelson, executive director of the MBA Program, HBS Career Officer Matthew Merrick, HBS Senior Dean Walter Kester, and HBS Dean Kim Clark – all over a cartoon!
Some say there were several reasons, including difficult personality traits that grated on some of the more pampered faculty members, or perhaps Summers’ adamantly expressed views about subjects on which he was not a certified expert. The fact that the university president appeared to have been forced out of office because he uttered a controversial opinion was not lost on anyone in the Harvard community.
When she returned to her room, she had some further thoughts that she emailed to the dinner participants. Everyone wants someone to take 100 white infants and 100 African American ones and raise them in Disney utopia and prove once and for all that we are all equal on every dimension, or at least the really important ones like intelligence. I do not know the details of whatever discussions Dean Minow had with 3L Stephanie Grace, but the results of those discussions were evident in separate messages  disseminated, one by Ms. I never intended to cause any harm, and I am heartbroken and devastated by the harm that has ensued. We seek to encourage freedom of expression, but freedom of speech should be accompanied by responsibility. The BLSA leadership brought this view to our meeting yesterday, and I share their wish to turn this moment into one that helps us make progress in a community dedicated to fairness and justice. The particular comment in question unfortunately resonates with old and hurtful misconceptions.
More recently, he noted, President Nathan Pusey “raised his voice in 1959 to object to US legislation that would have demanded that certain scholarship recipients swear to uphold the Constitution. Eck, referenced Swamy’s inflammatory op-ed published last year in the Indian newspaper Daily News and Analysis. Well, in the past the Crimson tended to be a bastion of support for free speech and academic freedom. It is good to see that intellectualism is prevailing over liberalism — an obvious evolutionary trend.
When you orchestrate a campaign to following somebody, to disrupt their life and privacy, that’s stalking, no bones about it. But your initial example was very much not in keeping with the rest of the article, and needs to be rethought.

As with any topic, being sure that the information you are receiving is reputable and current is extremely important. As convenient and economical as it is though, please realize that these free online classes won’t give you college credit.
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Somewhat theatrically, the signatories contend that they have thus far “spent countless hours leveraging our legal educations, and utilizing our platform and privilege as students of this institution.” Really? Harvard’s student body, we learn, is “traumatized” and “distressed,” and it is sad and disappointed that the college faculty has not agreed to engage in a day of general catharsis.
Of course a good number of Harvard’s students expect that the mere mention of their “trauma” will serve as sufficient warrant for indulgence. In almost all cases, perbellum classes were filled with people whose fathers, brothers, friends, and former classmates were being killed, maimed, and, in a few cases, completely disappeared — and in astonishing and unprecedented numbers. As a memorial tribute to Professor Frug, the Harvard Law Review had published Professor Frug’s unfinished draft article on feminist legal scholarship.
Nelson threatened the student editor with disciplinary action, and so the editor resigned for fear of getting kicked out of the school. As an educational institution, we are especially dedicated to exposing to the light of inquiry false views about individuals or groups. In the piece, Swamy calls for the destruction of mosques as retaliation for terrorist attacks in India, as well as the disenfranchisement of Indian Muslims who refuse to acknowledge Hindu ancestry. But you can learn and improve your abilities to benefit your knowledge and capability, which is especially important for job-seekers. You can visit Khan Academy to learn about various subjects–finance, business, math and art and much more. Also, you will earn 2 miles for every $1 you spend on Delta purchases and 1 mile for every dollar you charge for other eligible purchases.
If our law students are to insist upon special dispensation each and every time the justice system fails to live up to its promise, our exam halls will be empty in perpetuity. Because it looks from the outside as if they’re claiming that they’re just too upset to turn up to class today.
Of course the letter’s signatories anticipate that any mention of “distress” will be met not with broad, harsh, and profound push-back but with acquiescence. The arguments that underpinned and motivated the physical conflict, moreover, were extraordinarily contentious and wildly distracting. It did not matter that Summers, in his speech, had actually called for research to be done in this area. The circulation of one student’s comment does not reflect the views of the school or the overwhelming majority of the members of this community. Harvard undergraduates are now instructed in kindness, its belief and its practice, as a requirement, but this is done not in public, but in private orientation sessions. I would think that this is the worst sort of hate speech, but nobody seems to be discussing it.
It provides links and even an opportunity to chat with a specialized Law Librarian.  There are plenty of free resources available to get you started on whichever topic you may need or want to research. Bring your ideas, your resources, and your desire for social change to the teach-in that never really stops.
At best, this seems to be a case of ambitious students using any leverage they have to improve their grades; at worst, it is laziness sold as social justice.
We are talking here, remember, about would-be lawyers, many of whom will go on to work under substantial pressure in essential, delicate, influential areas. As have so many people of my age, they have become thoroughly accustomed to having their sensibilities treated as if they were valuable in and of themselves. How easy do we imagine it was for students to focus when their country was embroiled in a brawl whose outcome would settle the practical meaning of the Declaration of Independence, the future of the American experiment, and the fate of human slavery on the continent? Fight!” with salutary reminders to “invite the whole team up for tea” and to “try not to injure” one’s opponents. His merely suggesting the possibility of a genetic difference between men and women in their ability to master certain fields was enough to bring him down. Either way, coming from self-acknowledged beneficiaries of “platform and privilege” it must look grotesque to those among us who have jobs.
Even if we were to presume that the entire class of Harvard Law intends to end up representing corporations or arguing abstract constitutional principle, the news that so many felt unable to take their exams because they were upset by the news should be cause for concern.
As have so many at the West’s top universities, they have realized that their feelings and opinions are received almost uncritically. A modern Lehrer might take a look at the school’s current crop of self-pitying students and conclude, alas, that the opposite correction was in order. Regardless of whether Swamy’s article actually has the ability to incite violence, the worthless, hateful bile contained therein itself ought to disqualify the man from teaching at our University.
Instead, many of those who are currently wallowing in abject self-indulgence will go on to be defenders, prosecutors, and advocates of reform — people, that is, who will be exposed daily to exactly the sort of cases that they are so vexed by today. Are we to welcome a generation of lawyers that takes a time-out each and every time the world’s blemishes are permitted to intrude upon their feelings?

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