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Or perhaps they aren’t as concerned about money, and really just want to give back to the world. Basically, if you put your clients first and provide them with valuable, helpful products and services, the money will come.
Not like what you see today, when money-hungry internet marketers throw their products out to their list with very little care for whether it’s actually useful or not. To start out, you take an idea either you thought of, or perhaps a client came to you with, and build from there.
Once you’ve done that, and strategized the product or service to a certain point, you present your more fleshed out plan to your list again.
You see, by doing this you are accomplishing two things: you are guaranteeing you create something they really want. It’s a lot more personal than just sending them a quick four-part video series that may or may not land with them. Now, this is ideal if you have a large audience already, but what if you are starting your business from scratch? And a big mistake Expertpreneurs® make is creating a huge, top-heavy business with multiple products, social media platforms, and content channels without really knowing if anyone is interested! So, based on a common thread you discover, you decide to host a teleseminar or webinar educating people on that subject.
If you did a good job with the first one, more will attend the second, and give you feedback. And if you already have a business, you can use this method to branch out to an entirely new audience. Whenever you are completely entrenched in something, it’s challenging to step away and see things how others might see them. This results in products, webinars, and events overburdened with information, and prospects feeling like their heads are spinning. Creating a new product for each part might be tempting, but your prospect will tire of buying something entirely new each and every time. So, a very effective solution for presenting your information would be through a “product ladder”. Let’s say for example you are teaching people how to make a living with public speaking.
Just that one lesson should be enough information for your customers to digest in a short time.
All of these topics fall under the umbrella of “making a living as a speaker”, but they are HUGE subjects with many parts, tips, and tactics.
As cliched as it is, the old adage is true: focus on your passion and help others, and the rest will come.

Of course, you need to understand the best ways to get business, leads, customers, etc… is by putting your heart on your sleeve and truly putting your money where your mouth is. We teach entrepreneurs how to find their "money spot" with our Income Acceleration System™. Expert Elevation is a business coaching and entrepreneur training company for "expertpreneurs" who make a living sharing their expertise and advice. Every year, as we reflect on the previous twelve months, Breaking Free seems to accomplish a little more than we did the previous year in our work to end the sexual exploitation of women and girls.
Thank you for your prayers, time, donations, and financial support, all of which are vital to the sustainability of our programs. It is my hope that you will join us in this fight and continue to let the survivors of this horrific crime know that they are worth saving and to tell the world that no one deserves to be bought, sold or traded at any price.
All proceeds from the event will fund our new housing program for sexually exploited youth. Please note that all tickets must be purchased in advance and space is limited, so purchase your tickets early before they sell out! I hope you can join us in May for a wonderful evening highlighting the work of Breaking Free and honoring the stories, writing, and art of survivors of sexual exploitation. For Beacon Foundation to be able to financially assist those who need it, we're calling for your help.
AREEVO (Originally NAREEVO) was established in 1991 as a MN based community out reach network.
In 2011, NAREEVO was expanded to include ALL retired airline employees, and changed its name to AREEVO: Airline Retiree Ex-Employee Volunteer Organization. Did you know an estimated 43,140 Americans were diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2010 and 36,800 will pass away from the disease? Perhaps they desperately need money to take care of their family and just want to rake in as much as possible. A business owner would get an idea from a customer, reach to her audience asking what they think, and then slowly build up that product with input along the way. That product sold extremely well, because their prospects were invested in it before it ever was released.
It’s so rare, in fact, you will stand out among the crowd by being the one person who does put in the effort. Any idea for a product or service which will help eliminate a problem, fear or frustration, or satisfy a desire for your target prospect. Asking them what they think about it, and if there is anything you missed they would like to see included. Instead, they’ll be involved in the process, and be sure this product can help them out.

Then you can continue with a third and fourth if you’d like (while recording all of them for your future use as repurposed content, or even products).
Once you feel everything is complete, you can launch it with an engaged audience primed and ready to buy. Breaking them down to make them easy to understand will truly help your customers, earning their lifetime support. By doing so you will have a much easier time growing your business than if you just operate by pure greed. It may take a little longer to start pulling in revenue, but the extra time will pay off in the long run.
Our clients become trusted authorities, with an influential brand and lucrative business by attracting a steady stream of ideal clients. We specialize in business strategy, marketing, lead generation, sales and income acceleration. Although we may not be able to end sexual exploitation during our lifetime, it is our continued hope that drives us to do the work that we do so that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will never experience the horrors of being sex trafficked during their lifetime.
We continue to be blessed by the generosity of our loyal supporters and funders throughout the local community and nation.
While we have made great progress, we realize there is still a great deal of work to be done. The evening is to premiere the Breaking Free from the Life documentary and celebrate the release of its companion book featuring the stories and art of sex trafficking survivors. Through the collaborative efforts of nine retiree groups from Northwest Airlines, NAREEVO has impacted more than 50 organizations through volunteering and community service. Join me in support of Pancreatic Cancer Action Network's effort to advance research, support patients and create hope. This constant flow of free and very helpful information will get them even more interested in what you have to offer. Distilling it even further, you may need to explain the difference between marketing your event and just selling tickets.
It is with you that we stand up against this injustice and collectively give voice to the millions of lost and voiceless victims still waiting to be rescued from their oppressors.
So ask them if they feel they received value from what you delivered, and what else they would like to learn about regarding your subject.

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