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HSE statistics reveal the human and financial cost of failing to address health and safety, noting for example that each year millions of working days are lost due to work-related illness and injury and thousands of people die from occupational diseases. That is why the engagement of directors in leading health and safety is an essential part of ensuring effective health and safety management in any business or organisation. This quiz is based on guidance than can be found in the Barbour suite of resources under the topic ‘Management Issues’.
Please note:  There may be more than one correct answer to a question, and further reading may be required to correctly answer the questions. At SIMPSON, our commitment to Health and Safety goes way beyond our registration to OHSAS 18001. Through committed leadership, clearly defined objectives, and ongoing dialogue with all employees and business partners, we have created a culture that is totally committed to improving the health and safety for all those who work with us. All members of the Project Management teams are trained in health and safety to a high standard.
All subcontractors are expected to complete our pre-qualification questionnaires which are then assessed by SIMPSON Health and Safety professionals. Executives, Managers, and Supervisors have safety goals to tour worksites, inspect worksites, lead health and safety meetings, and in general – talk about safety. We believe in providing all of the required equipment, clothing, and extensive on-the-job training our people need to be safety leaders. For organisations wishing to improve their safety performance, having highly capable leaders that understand the importance of safety and can influence the behaviour of their workers is critical. TMS Consulting combines expertise in leadership development with an understanding of safety culture and performance to develop and deliver best practice safety leadership development programs. TMS’s safety leadership development programs and services encompass the most current and innovative practices regarding safety culture and behavioural change, whilst going one step further to ensure that leaders understand how to identify and manage both physical and psychosocial safety risks. Our Safety Leadership consultants offer clients flexible, bespoke solutions tailored to meet a range of needs and contexts. We are very excited to announce that TMS Consulting has completed its move into a new, larger office in Melbourne’s CBD. If you are looking to develop a high performing team that is engaged and motivated, coaching will be critical to your success and must become a regular practice in your interactions with your team members.
As we celebrate our tenth birthday, the team thought we'd pose ten questions to our founder and CEO, Helen Wood to get her reflections on the past decade. Brisbane + Sydney + Melbourne © Copyright 2016, TMS Consulting. Every year, many businesses are forced to spend billions of dollars on costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses. One of the proven tools and the most overlooked and underutilized as it relates to preventing workplace injuries and incidents, is effective safety leadership.
Establishing a feedback mechanism opens up a direct avenue of communication between your workforce and management.

A lack of accountability for the organization's safety program can result in silent rebellion, especially if it is a phenomenon of "does as I say and not as I do".
Finally, benchmarking with your competitors or joining industry groups that openly share the best-known methods, is one of the best ways to assess the contents of your organization's safety program, as well as its overall performance. Every company desires safe operations, but the challenge lies in translating these desires into action. For a culture of safety to flourish, it must be embedded throughout the organization -- and that is why safety leadership matters.
Indeed, effective health and safety performance comes from the top; members of the board have both collective and individual responsibility. Subcontract performance is continuously monitored to ensure best practice Health and Safety standards are maintained. Positive reinforcement is a critical component to our program; therefore, we recognize exceptional performance on the spot and at quarterly and annual meetings.
These costs are directly deducted from the company's profits, often putting them at a loss.
Well, leadership drives company culture, and company culture drives health and safety performance. This safety management tool can be the major differentiator between average and industry leading safety performance.
The best way to measure your company's safety culture and its effectiveness is for managers to obtain feedback from their workforce. Failure of management to effectively communicate with workers after an incident, allows false and misleading information to spread--which can be detrimental to your organization's safety culture. Creating a safety committee that includes representatives from the workforce can contribute to a better understanding of your organization's safety culture.
Therefore, all members of your organization, regardless of job title and role should follow safety rules at all times. Hence, industry-leading companies do not accept compliance to government regulations as the only indicator that measures their success. It is no secret that companies, who promote and encourage a culture of safety within their work environment, reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses by up to 40 percent. Therefore, there is an inextricable link between organizational leadership and health and safety performance.
This not only shows your workers that you care about their well-being, but also establishes the importance of demonstrating safety leadership.
The most opportune way to effectively communicate safety expectations and gain the trust and respect of your workforce is to utilize newsletters, as well as toolbox meetings to get the word out. Additionally, routinely scheduling field walks is a good way to solicit direct feedback on workplace health and safety perceptions and issues.
They continuously seek out new and proven safety management methodologies, such as effective safety leadership.

Unfortunately, establishing a healthy and safe work environment is not as simple as solely implementing standards and rules. Simply put, the way an individual leads their team on health and safety significantly influences how safe the workplace is. Colangelo and Steve Bowers, for a company to effectively utilize this tool, five critical components must be present. Therefore, companies must develop a culture, in which the value of safety is embedded in every level of the workforce. Company managers, as well as those in high tiers of the organization, must display effective leadership. While commitment to safety and operational integrity begins with management, management alone cannot drive the entire culture. If there is one thing I have learned from my experience in the field, it is that, leadership by example influences employees' perception of the way health and safety in the workplace is managed; those perceptions then go on to influence employees' on-the-job behaviors and decisions. Act 1974 for example applies where an offence under any health and safety legislation committed by the Corporate body is due to the “consent, connivance of, or attributable to any neglect on the part of”, the director or senior officer. Possibility of civil claims for damages which although insurable will absorb management time and drive up insurance costs C. All of the aboveAnswer: E  Most health and safety practitioners will acknowledge difficulty at some point in their career with getting directors and senior managers engaged on health and safety issues and persuading them what action is necessary.
It goes beyond simply giving information and consultation and represents a partnership between managers and workers for managing health and safety risks.
It also contributes to organisations being seen as ‘good neighbours’ or ‘exemplars’ and so may assist in winning new business by creating favourable impressions among prospective clients. True FalseAnswer: False - employers with five or more employees must write their statement down As part of the process of establishing a health and safety culture, there must be effective planning and implementation. Useful and relevant policies and procedures will need to be developed, if an organisation is to successfully manage the cultural transition. The health and safety management system comprises: an occupational health and safety policy planning implementation and operation checking and corrective action management review 9. Implementing 18001 Which of the following is NOT considered a business reason to consider BS OHSAS 18001? Therefore, although the standard requires management systems to take local legal requirements into account, and policies to commit to compliance, the standard will not directly guarantee legal compliance. As well as employing the PDCA model, this guidance also recommends many of the same management system elements that are required by 18001, such as the appointment of a specific senior manager to lead health and safety for the organisation.

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