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Kristin possesses a rare energy and spirit of exploration that fuels an active lifestyle and a curiosity for traveling and other cultures. Her sensitivity and kindness gave me the courage to embrace my health as my own, and not just a by-product of the traditional medical regime.
I wanted to use up this lovely acorn squash that’s been hanging around my counter for some time, AND I was just wrapping up dinner at the time, so voila! It seems as though each new place I go, as I explore the city, country, forest or sea, I uncover more and more of myself—much more than I had expected to see viewing the sites & scenes of a beautiful city or countryside. I don’t know about you, but I often travel (or get the urge to) in an attempt to escape.
The one thing I always find interesting it how crystal clear life becomes when we step away from the hustle & bustle and start to really listen. By lowering the amount of processed junk in your diet, you are better able to appreciate and taste the naturally sweet flavors of fruits and sweet vegetables, like beets! And who doesn’t love all the liver-supporting, energy-giving, blood-purifying properties of beets? I just whipped up this pan of veggies because I wanted something nourishing and warming, but also satisfying and filling. Use whatever fall veggies you have on hand or tend to prefer, but my favorite combo is sweet potatoes with Brussels sprouts. So many of us get stuck in this trap of thinking we must live our lives the way others around us are.
Health and wellness tools are becoming more and more common on websites devoted to health promotion and education. Introductory wellness seminars can run from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the time that your organization has available and the purpose of the wellness seminar.
Behavior change programs are another critical element of effective corporate wellness programs. Lifestyle changes such as weight control, exercise, and nutrition, can be difficult to change and maintain over a long period of time and require more intensive behavior change programs. Past experience and current participation in healthy behaviors is a good indicator in predicting how likely people are to change. Although it is possible for a person to change because others want them to, they will be more successful if they are making the change because they want to.
Employees can be helped to adopt a new healthy behavior by setting goals in order to change the behavior.
Over time your employees will try to maintain their behavior change, but challenges will occur.
With health care costs continuing to rise at alarming rates, it is more important than ever before to keep your employees healthy.
There are many benefits of corporate wellness programs including that: employees tend to be more productive, have lower health care costs, lower rates of absenteeism and presenteeism, and have fewer workers’ compensation claims. Because of the many benefits of corporate wellness programs most companies view wellness programs as an investment in their most valuable asset, their employees. Poor health impacts the most precious resource of your organization – the effectiveness and performance of your human capital. The workplace is an ideal setting to address these health issues and promote healthier lifestyles.
In addition to helping employees sustain healthier habits, corporate wellness programs also reduce stress, increase employee job satisfaction, increase employee morale, and aid in employee recruitment and retention.
Best of all, the return-on-investment (ROI) for corporate wellness programs have been well documented over the past two decades.
Corporate Wellness Programs not only uses targeted interventions to reduce health costs, but it is also a strategy to create a dynamic work environment. Less than 15% of Americans  eat the daily recommended number of fruits and vegetables, and less than 25% get the recommended amounts of exercise.
At Infinite Health Coach we offer corporate wellness programs aimed at reducing the burden of obesity.

Research suggests that workers who receive the flu shot as one of the benefits of corporate wellness programs have lower absenteeism rates and lower medical costs associated with flu-like illness.6  The Infinite Health Coach Corporate Wellness Program team can help you coordinate a flu shot clinic at your site.
Wellness Walking Programs are self-paced walking programs designed to increase physical activity and reduce the risk of disease.
Walking is a fun, low cost activity that has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and some cancers.
Contact Infinite Health Coach to learn more about bringing the Wellness Walking Program to your worksite! Coaching wellness graduate program – college health, Our graduate program in coaching wellness is a unique master’s degree program that honors the tradition of coach as advocate, leader, manager, organizer and source. Health coaching – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Health coaching, referred wellness coaching, process facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change challenging client develop .
I really love how she combines all the health approaches and helps people choose which works best for them. Empathetic, patient and kind, she exhibits a rare wisdom for someone so young—or really, any age at all! We spend countless hours at the office, we make ourselves go to the gym even when we’re tired or not in the mood, we make ourselves gag on green juices that we hate or deprive ourselves of the food we really want. Takes a bit of patience to wait for the drumsticks to cook all the way through, but so worth the wait. To offer solace and respite from circumstances and things I don’t want to deal with anymore.
An added bonus of eating an unrefined diet of whole foods is that your tastebuds re-adjust and become more sensitive, so that carrot, apple or sweet potato tastes as sweet as candy. And it’s incredibly common, especially if you live in the northern states (ahem, Chicago!).
We eat what we believe is a healthy diet, we exercise, take our vitamins, go to bed early and avoid risky, dangerous behaviors. Food is important, certainly, and it can be incredibly healing if used the right way, but it’s not everything—especially when used in the way that most people are using it right now.
To ignore others’ expectations and standards of what you should be doing and how you should be living? We feel guilty if we want to do something different, either because others try to make us feel that way or because we have our own feelings of guilt by branching off and wanting something different than our peers, family or friends around us.
We at Infinite Health Coach have collected a handful of health and wellness tools that we hope will be of use within your own wellness programs. Wellness seminars are educational programs and educational activities about a health topic or about the status of their health.
During wellness seminars, each employee that takes part has the opportunity to develop individual plans for change and to integrate these changes within the overall corporate wellness program. In the comprehension phase, the employee learns more about the topic through lectures, films, and any other relevant materials.
In order to have a program that will produce long-term change you need to design behavior change programs with effective support systems such as concrete incentives and personal follow-up.
An employee’s past experiences can provide the skills that are necessary to change behaviors. Sometimes the most difficult step is the first step because it is recognizing that a change needs to take place.
If a person can envision themselves doing the new behavior this is a positive step in making a behavior change.
Unmanaged health issues, such as diabetes, migraine headaches, or asthma attacks, can damage productivity significantly when they are viewed cumulatively across an employee population. At the workplace, individuals can obtain health-related information, take part in health screenings and preventive services, and gain the social support often needed for health behavior change. Year-round comprehensive corporate wellness programs have shown savings-to-cost ratios of over $3 saved for each $1 invested. Health promotion programs create an organizational culture that fosters vitality, motivation, and synergy.

The consequences of those choices cost taxpayers money, hurt business productivity and diminish quality of life for millions Americas. These include such things as printed materials, display boards, wellness workshops, and comprehensive programs to help you continue the fight against obesity.
Most people don’t get the amount of exercise they need for good health and almost 75% of Americans fail to get the  recommended amount of daily physical activity.. We are constantly working on something, never giving ourselves time to just kick back and relax and do nothing for once. And then that candy practically hurts your mouth it’s so sweet (and not in a good way).
The further up from the equator you get, the more likely it is that SAD is something that you have, will or are currently dealing with, even if you don’t realize it. We get so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, frustrated and hopeless, less than happy and joyful. Wellness seminars and employee education expenses may include self-help books, wellness seminars and classes.
Wellness seminars can focus on such topics as stress management, time management, smoking cessation, nutrition and health, physical activity, and weight management. Health screening and education about health problems with early detection are extremely important. It is important to remember that even if a person makes a mistake it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of the work to change the behavior is wasted. In order to continue their behavior over time it is necessary to look at small changes as positive points. Documented savings are observed in medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s compensation costs, short-term disability, and increased productivity and presenteeism (how productive the employee is during time on the job).
Corporate Wellness Programs are a worthwhile long-term strategy to improving the health and well-being of your employees. Being overweight or obese makes people much more likely to develop a variety of health problems, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Inactive lifestyles and poor eating habits are much of the reason our national cost of health care now exceeds two trillion dollars.
Infinite Health Coach can also coordinate employee health screenings and body fat analysis.
We don’t let ourselves go out and have fun, or flake on our work, or do anything we’re not “supposed” to do. My favorites are onions, Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, but I’ve also made this with zucchini closer to the summer (photo below of that one).
Tapping our foot, we think, OK, I’m doing everything right, when will the bliss come along? Extrinsically motivated people change their behavior because there is an incentive such as a t-shirt or contest.
No matter how hard you try to change your employees’ behavior, nothing will happen until they decide that they are ready to make a change. People can be motivated by their own feelings to change or they can be motivated by others around them such as spouses and children.
Some people will be intrinsically motivated; however, many will need extrinsic motivation in order to change their behavior. The prevalence of obese children is on the rise, currently 15 percent of children are considered overweight or obese.
The rate in which this epidemic is growing is stunning.” says Surgeon General Richard Carmona1. The Wellness Walking Program is a program that motivates people to make that most important change… to get started with physical activity.

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