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Ready to discover how a health coach can help you completely change your life?  Because when our clients want to lose weight, and decrease their cholesterol or blood pressure or just improve their health, we offer them proven methods and unique strategies which are designed for success in losing weight and improving health that are very unique from other common advice.  If you want to change your weight, you have to start by changing your life. Are you sick and tired of being overweight, having low energy, and feeling bad about yourself and your body? Is your doctor warning you to start making healthy lifestyle changes immediately before it’s too late?
Are your energy levels so low that you can barely get out of bed in the morning and keep your eyes open past dinner?
How often do you hear from family and friends, “you need to take care of yourself better!” ? Why is it that some people are always on a diet and unsuccessfully trying to lose the same 20 to 40 pounds?
What if there was a way you could lose weight without deprivation, willpower or disappointment? You’re about to learn proven, yet simple strategies to boost your metabolism and lose weight, that you might not have heard anywhere else before. What if you were eating healthier, regularly moving your body in ways that you enjoy, and taking better care of yourself with the help of your own personal health coach support system?
Imagine how you would feel if all of this were true.How much happier and more relaxed would you feel? Think back to the last time you were at your healthy or ideal weight.Are you ready to turn back the clock? Sign up now to receive our complimentary six week health coach program designed to help you get back on the path to health.
Then take a look around our website and find the supportive health coach surprises that are waiting for you to discover. I offer free resources and business coaching to my health and wellness practitioner colleagues. Email me if you're interested in becoming a health coach, I'd be happy to support you with advice and resources. We will consult and collaborate with your team to design – specifically -- a Health and Wellness Coach Training format that perfectly fits the unique needs of your organization. For example, 8 participants from one organization could join 15 participants from a different organization – being trained together at one location. 4 - 10 (60-75 min) follow-up live training conference calls with our Circle of Life Trainers.
For more information regarding a Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coach Training and the benefits for your organization, contact Dr. Also be sure to check out our Licensing Program for training options and licensing of materials.
Wellness Coach wanted to assist our clients in finding new ways to inspire healthier habits. The Wellness Coach will be responsible for contacting participants that are eligible for the program for enrollment and provides necessary wellness coaching to reduce or eliminate high-risk behaviors.
Responsible for supporting operational aspects of the division to meet the organization’s customer requirements and satisfaction.

Bachelor’s degree or higher in health promotion, health education, nursing, athletic training, nutrition, other health related field or counseling and two years of experience as a wellness coach. Optimism – A Wellness Coach is persistent despite obstacles and expects success, not failure.
Communication – A Wellness Coach deals with issues, listens and seeks mutual understanding.
Conflict Management- A Wellness Coach is diplomatic, tactful and able to calm tense situations. Collaboration and Cooperation – A Wellness Coach is shares plans, information and resources.
The statements above describe the general requirements of the Wellness Coach job but are not intended as an all-inclusive listing of duties that may be required of the individual in this position from time to time. Below is an A-B-C formula for planning a successful basketball practice to get you started.
In each drill, focus your players on foot quickness, aggression, and blocking out (rebounding). The fifth practice block is 15 minutes long, and covers your fast break and transition game.
Work on your transition offense by putting all 5 players on the floor, inbounding the ball, and pushing it up the floor with the fewest number of dribbles possible.
This 15 minute block is where you practice your own pressure defense AND also work on attacking a pressure defense. The defense should be constantly trying to trap the ball in the corners of the floor, while the offense should reverse the ball patiently and try to hit a cutter in the middle of the floor at half-court. Spend at least 5 minutes practicing Special Situations, including out of bounds plays, tip-off plays, free throw plays, and buzzer beater plays.
Thanks for the question, let me know if those work for you – I could probably come up with some more. Yet other people can stay slim while eating what they want, without counting calories or points?
You might be shocked to discover that none of our health coach secrets require you to diet, over-exercise, or have surgery. Our team will collaborate with your team to create a training event and follow-up process that is perfectly suited for your unique situation. A number of formats can be chosen for the phone based follow-up and practicum support - 4 to 10 one hour weekly conference training calls.
The position will work closely with our clients and their employees in promoting wellness and helping individuals realize their personal best. Knowledge of specific disease and lifestyle related topics such as smoking cessation, weight management, nutrition, pre-post natal care, stress reduction and chronic conditions and certification from an accredited professional wellness coach training program preferred. While there are some specific blocks that should be part of every practice, it’s up to you to structure the session to meet the needs of your individual team. This is your opportunity to get your athletes warmed up and ready to perform at a high level.
Instead of taking shots from all over the floor, practice shooting from the locations that usually produce shots in your offense.

The most effective formation for running a fast break is typically the 4 man inbounding, the 1 receiving the ball, the 2 and 3 filling the lanes on the outside of the court, and the 5 man barreling straight down the middle. Try setting your defense up in a 2-2-1 formation, and have your offense try to break the pressure and score a layup at the other end. Depending on the amount of gym time you have, your final session can be anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes long.
Some coaches like do game preparation by simulating their opponents plays and practicing how to attack them.
You can also work on your free throw shooting, have shooting contests, or do any fun activities you’ve been saving for the end of practice. Thx for the one page template too – I like having a quick guide to keep on my clipboard and make sure were on time with the differnet drills and activities. Our Wellness Coach will be responsible for developing a wellness coaching relationship with clients and assisting the client through the process of actively working towards better health by providing support, encouragement, and education. Feel free to substitute in your own drills, or adjust the time frames to suit your own program.
For example, if you are running a basic 3 out 2 in motion offense, have your players in 3 lines around the perimeter with the ball in the middle.
Or, if you play against a lot of zone defenses, practice skipping the ball to an open 3-point shooter at the opposite side of the court.
Defensive drills are typically tiring, so this allows you to maintain the intensity level for each drill from start to finish.
As your players master the passing and movement elements of the weave, you can increase the difficulty by going to a 5-man, 6-man, or even 7-man weave.
Also helpful to go over it with the other coahces in advance and work out any kinks and get their suggestions.
The ballhandler would pass to one of the lines on the wing, then set a screen for the first player in the opposite line. The defenders should just put up token pressure and allow the offense to run through the play without interfering.
Simply click on the image below, it will open up full size, and you can print it out as a reference.
That player receives the screen, then cuts across the top of the key, receives the ball from the other line, and shoots.
Also, check out this 3 man weave drill – lots of fun, and pretty easy to run once they get the hang of it! This mimics the type of action you would run in a typical motion offense, and the type of open shot your team would get.

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