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Very similar to life coaching but the coach will either be specialized or hold a qualification in health and wellness coaching. Most coaches agree that if your body is unwell or unfit it is hard to push forward with other areas of your life.  A life coach will often refer to your health as part of coaching sessions.
If your health plays a big part of what you are trying to achieve,  then having some coaching sessions on your health and wellness will boost your productivity in the other areas of your life. Am am in fact an accredited health and wellness coach and also hold qualifications in personal transformation coaching (life coaching) and group and business coaching. She is a certified Master Life Coach and is a Personal Transformation Coach and Health and Wellness Coach. Starting a new habit is one thing, but changing an existing habit is a whole new game, and not one that is easy to win. Being specific in what habits you want to change will give you focus and help you from getting overwhelmed. If you would like personalized guidance in creating and implementing your plan with the support of a certified professional along the way, my 4-week Kickstarter Health Coaching program is for you! This entry was posted in General, Motivation & Inspiration and tagged affordable personal training, chicago personal trainers, chicago personal training, fitness, fitness goals, getting in shape, health coaching, healthy, healthy changes, healthy eating, healthy habits, healthy lifestyle, lifestyle coach, weight loss.
The Healthcare Intelligence Network July 2009 Health and Wellness Coaching Benchmarks e-survey identified emerging trends and metrics in the field of health coaching. Health Coaching Benchmarks, 2010 Edition: Operations and Performance Data for Optimal Program ROI and Participant Health Status analyzes responses of 212 healthcare organizations to HIN's second annual Survey on Health and Wellness Coaching conducted in 2009. Health Coaching Benchmarks, 2010 Edition is available from the Healthcare Intelligence Network for $117 by visiting our Online Bookstore or by calling toll-free (888) 446-3530.
To reduce the economic and clinical weight of this burden, the healthcare industry is banking on the behavior change that can be facilitated by health coaching programs. Responses were provided by 212 healthcare organizations to 26 multiple choice and open-ended questions. Health Coaching Benchmarks, 2010 Edition: Operations and Performance Data for Optimal Program ROI and Participant Health Status analyzes responses of 212 healthcare organizations to HIN's second annual 2009 Survey on Health and Wellness Coaching.
An all-new follow-up to the best-selling 2009 Health Coaching Benchmarks, the 2010 edition is packed with actionable new data on health coaching activity, with the latest metrics on the prevalence of health coaching, favored delivery methods, targeted populations and lifestyle conditions, preferred behavior change models, coaching case loads and much, much more.
I believe there’s no greater feeling than feeling healthy & happy from the inside out! While 6 months is thought to be an ideal amount of time to make healthy changes a habit and create a new lifestyle that can stick, I understand that committing to 6 months is a lot for some people. This entry was posted in Health, Health Coaching and tagged health, health coaching, health coaching discounts, healthy living, weight loss on January 29, 2016 by foodielovesfitness.
Whatever your main healthy living goal is, I’d love to chat more with you about it and see if my health coaching program is a good fit for you. Prices for my 6-month program are offered at $195 a month, and there are additional discounts for paying in full at the beginning of the program, and also for signing up on the same day as your consultation. This entry was posted in Health, Health Coaching and tagged coaching programs, GMOs, health coaching, health coaching discounts, healthy living, organic, organic debate on January 7, 2015 by foodielovesfitness. If there are things in your life you are unhappy with, make changes because they are something that you want, not because you think it would please others.
Change your perspective: You can choose to dwell on the negatives, or you can look for the silver lining. Reinforce positive thoughts: There’s nothing wrong with complimenting and encouraging yourself.
It is amazing how many people go through their day-to-day congratulating others on their successes and supporting their happiness but take for granted their own. If you’re ready to make a change and break out of just being content, contact me about how coaching can help. If you’re not doing something that you find meaningful, you will probably have little drive to excel and do your best.
If you are a people person who is energized by working with others and meeting new people, sitting in a cubicle all day might not be the best fit. As your coach, I can help you to gain more clarity about what you want to do and what makes you happy.
If you are unsure of where your future path may lead and how to go about making changes to pursue your dreams, I encourage you to let me be your coach and help you find clarity. There is a difference between wanting to be happy and actually taking the steps to make it happen. If you recognize these fears in yourself and are ready to make a change and create a life you love, engaging in coaching can be a valuable experience.
There are a million and one excuses not to change and this is why so many people remain exactly where they are. Stop for a moment and really think about where you are in life right now and where you want to be. Are you wholly satisfied with your life, or do you feel that there is room for improvement? Phase out the unhealthy, processed foods you are putting in your body and start incorporating more vegetables and lean protein. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night and try to stick to a consistent schedule. Mastering these six areas can benefit you not only in your personal life but also in your career.
Others have already experienced for themselves the benefits of getting coaching to turn their life around.
If you are feeling stuck and are ready for a change, let me guide you through your journey.
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Testimonial"Since August 13, 2013 I have lost over 32 LBS and have made extra money on the side..
She also holds qualifications in business and group coaching, as well as running workshops. Taking time to sit and truly think about not only WHAT you want to change but WHY, writing it down and briefly outlining a plan of action will give you a solid foundation and better chance of success.
Imagine yourself living in your big picture world and ask yourself how it will make your life more enjoyable. You don’t need to have 3, maybe 1 goal is a good place for you to start and once you are comfortable with that change, you can add another! If this is the case, when you fill out this worksheet spend a little time looking through local delivery places and circling or bookmarking 3-4 healthy options from a few of them. Print yours out and place it somewhere you will see it easily and you may find your willpower increases by seeing your big picture goal so often. We wanted to see what techniques and models of behavior change are most often utilized in health coaching programs. Share this data with a colleague!IMPORTANT NOTICE: This information is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information on the business of healthcare. As a health coach, I love getting the opportunity to share some of my knowledge and passion about health, and to help support my clients in reaching their healthy living goals. In between those meetings, we often communicate via email, where I send motivational notes, informational handouts about things we’ve discussed, and answer any questions that pop up.
Perhaps you want to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet, or transition into a plant-based diet. I offer free consultations to discuss all of this, and I’m happy to announce that I’m offering a new year discount! Many people focus too much of their time and energy looking at the negatives instead of the positives. Together we can work through these challenges and put strategies in place to help you get to where you want to be.
Are the people you associate with ones that motivate and encourage you, or ones that are always grumbling and complaining? There are nagging thoughts in the back of their mind that tell them they don’t deserve happiness or nothing good ever happens to them. All of your education, training, challenges, successes, and decisions have gotten you here.

As your coach, I can support you in realizing your purpose, exploring your potential, and turning your life around. Of doing enough to get by and enjoying the present but not really living in it and making the most of your life? Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet that fuels your body with energy and keeps you strong. Your life didn’t become what it is overnight, so don’t expect it be changed that quickly either.
Does your current job make use of these strengths or are they being put on the back burner? Likewise, if you’re great with your hands and building things, a desk job may leave something to be desired. Together we can work to implement realistic solutions to help you turn your life around and find a job you love. If you let your fears control you, they will hold you back from achieving your potential and living a life that you love.
You can feel more confident in your search knowing key aspects that you are looking for in a new job.
Sign up for a class or two to expand your knowledge and get advanced training in an area of interest. Together we will work through the challenges you face and I can guide you toward creating a life and career you love.
Oftentimes there are things standing in our way that prevent us from pursuing our goals and desires. You’re miserable in your job and it carries over to your personal life, but you’re not sure how to make it better. As your coach I will help you work through the challenges you face and come up with a plan for your future.
They have no limits and they dream big, aspiring to be something that they perceive will make them happy.
It’s time to move past those negative thoughts and realize the power and potential that you hold. Together we can work through the challenges of your past and the limiting thought processes that are keeping you from getting to where you want to be. Eat four to five organic meals each day that provide your body with the natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs.
As a business and wellness coach, I will work with you to improve many aspects of your life so that you can find happiness and purpose once again. Your kids get sick, you get sick, you take on a more demanding job or your in-laws come stay with you.
This way all you have to do is pick from a list of things you’ve already deemed a healthy option instead of calling for pizza or getting fast food. By doing the leg work when you aren’t stressed or pressed for time, the more willpower and resources you will have when you find yourself tested.
It is distributed with the understanding that Healthcare Intelligence Network is not engaged in rendering legal advice. Making an active lifestyle a priority, feeling like you have the power in your diet, and coping with stress in healthy ways are some of the things that I work on with my clients. My program is tailored to the individual, so I customize it depending on their needs and challenges.
If you sign up for my program in the next month, you’ll receive $100 off your total program fee.
With my program, you’ll get 1-on-1 coaching sessions, food samples and recipes, email and phone support, as well as goodies and offerings that are unique to the coaching program I create just for you.
With each step you will see your life beginning to change and this can give you more confidence and motivation. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health as well as your relationships and career.
If you make it a point to find the bright side and look at what is going right instead of only seeing what is going wrong, it can help you to stay more positive. As you start incorporating these strategies and changing the way you see yourself and the world, you will notice a difference. Think about how much joy, encouragement, leadership, guidance, and more that you bring to others. If you could cast everything else aside and focus on being truly happy, what would that look like?
But when you find value in your work and it is something that you are passionate about, this can change your entire perspective. Making the most of your abilities can give you a better sense of purpose and allow you to feel like you are truly making a difference.
Consider the type of environment you enjoy working in, whether it is very team oriented versus being independent, or working with children as opposed to adults.
Being proactive and making conscious decisions to push through and drive change will help you to overcome that which is weighing you down. Determine what it is that is keeping you from changing jobs, discovering your purpose, and being happier in your life. It can also help you when changing careers to find a job that better suits your personality and interests.
Leverage your strengths to find a job that makes you happy where you can grow and be challenged. While you want to surround yourself with positive and supportive individuals, you will always find some who are not.
They don’t stop to consider the path to their goal, they just know where they want to end up. Many people have strayed from their initial plans and that is fine as they have explored other interests.
With the right guidance and strategies, you can overcome these challenges and take steps to create the life you always imagined. I can assist you in identifying and working through the challenges that are holding you back, whether they are personal, professional, financial, social, or health-related. Living a healthier, happier, more abundant life depends a lot on the choices you make each day and creating a well-balanced lifestyle. Prayer and meditation can allow you to gain clarity and alleviate stress so that the day’s events are not weighing you down. Not getting enough sleep can zap you of energy, suppress your immune system, take a toll on your mood, interfere with clear thinking, and contribute to weight gain.
Holding grudges and focusing on the negatives does nothing to improve your happiness or wellbeing. Turning around your perspective to see the good and not take things for granted can make you more appreciative of life’s opportunities. There may not be a perfect work-life balance, but you can find what works for you and helps you to live a life you love. The goal of a coach is to help you improve – whether it is on the athletic field, in the gym, at the office, or in your personal life.
But when you stop to reflect, you realize you’re not fully satisfied with where you are in life. Through wellness coaching you can make sure that you are treating your body well and staying healthy. I refer to myself as a foodie (and wino!) because I have a passion for eating, cooking, baking, and all things related to real, delicious food. Becoming a more positive person does not mean that you overlook the negative things that happen in life, just that you choose to take the high road and make the best of the situation. The more you do this, the more ingrained it will become and soon you will find that when things go wrong, they don’t bother you as much. Standing tall, keeping your shoulders back, and picking up your chin can make a difference as well. It can be a thankless job, so when something good comes along, take advantage of it and be appreciative. Don’t let them be a black mark that holds you back and makes you feel unworthy of the good things that come your way.

If you are faced with a challenge or disappointment, know that it didn’t work out because something better will come along. Let go of self-destructive thoughts and realize that you are worthy of happiness and deserving of a life you love. But if you are constantly dwelling on the negatives and holding grudges, that will keep you from appreciating the positives. With that comes engaging in regular exercise to stay fit, reduce stress, and boost your mood. Rather than continuing to do something that is not making you happy, it may be time to step back and reexamine your career path. You’ll feel naturally more energetic and enthusiastic as you are making a difference and doing work that matters to you. You have worked hard to get where you are and refine your skills, so why aren’t you putting them to use? If quitting your job is not feasible right now, perhaps volunteering would help you to feel more fulfilled and explore your options. Once you have a better understanding of these things, you can work on coming up with solutions to change them. Perhaps look for something that combines your professional skills with your personal interests to make it more meaningful.
You are your own worst critic, so start seeing the brighter side and recognizing that it’s not luck but hard work and skill that have gotten you to where you are. Before you can make a change, you need to know what it is that is keeping you from changing. Coaching can help you think things through before you take this step so that you’re feeling more confident in your decision.
As your coach, I can help you learn to better manage your time and not feel so overwhelmed. What matters most is what you think and what you are doing to change your life for the better. Unfortunately many people lose this childlike wonder as they grow up and end up in a job that makes them miserable.
Are you scared of failing, not being good enough, not knowing what you’re doing, or of what other people think?
One that energizes you to get up every morning and appreciate the opportunities each day presents. I’ll ask you the tough and thought-provoking questions you need to stimulate change and then guide your way through this journey. Many different components all work together and if one piece is missing, it can throw everything off. Even a few minutes a day can make a difference in how you feel and how you approach the world around you. You’ll find that your relationships are more meaningful and beneficial when they are built on positive attributes. As a business and wellness coach, I help people to leverage their natural strengths, abilities, and interests to drive their life forward in a positive direction.
Or you’re slaving away at the gym and trying to eat right but still not losing those last few pounds. She then made suggestions and advised me in a way that was very knowledgeable, made sense, and at the same time, she made sure to tailor a plan for me of products and services to the exact needs I presented with. And if you think about it, there are probably people out there who are comparing themselves to you. Consciously making an effort to become more positive can pay off and there are several strategies to help you turn your outlook around.
If you want to push yourself and achieve your dreams and goals, find like-minded individuals who will help you to get there, not stand in your way. Other people have made mistakes as well and then gone on to pick themselves back up and turn their life around. If you are not happy in your own life, it can be more difficult to connect with others and realize your purpose. Perhaps this means switching roles, taking on new projects, or even shifting your career altogether. If you’re unsure of what your strengths and personality traits are, there are many online assessments that you can use to help identify them and give you more ideas.
Just because your degree or training is in a specific area, consider other ways that you can put these skills to use.
Others want to see you succeed and their support can give you the confidence to see your strengths. They know that something needs to change but are unsure of where to start or are scared to take the risk. At some point perhaps your life took a turn and you realized that what you thought you wanted to do isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Think about what it is that would bring joy and happiness if there were nothing standing in your way. Coaching can help you to get back on track and realize changes that you can make to get results.
When you feel better you tend to have a more positive attitude and can focus on being more productive in your personal and professional life. I felt very much heard by Rachel and I felt secure in the advice and suggestions she gave me. Born and raised a Jersey girl, I currently live in SoCal with my hubby Adam and (very spoiled!) dog Harley. Then re-evaluate the cons list and see if you can view these items from a more positive perspective.
When you’re feeling defeated or frustrated, you probably hunch your shoulders and look down.
In the grand scheme of things, your errors are probably more significant in your mind than in anyone else’s. As your coach, I can help you navigate this journey and explore what you really want in life.
If you can’t enroll in a full-time degree program, start by taking just one or two classes at a time. Reflecting on your current situation and talking to a coach can help you discover your purpose and interests.
In the back of your mind, have you always had that nagging thought that if you had more time, money, training, whatever it may be, that you would pursue a different career? Whether this means starting your own business, improving your skills to perform better in your current job, or working toward a career change, I can offer honest insight, direction, and advice. As your coach, I will spend time listening and asking questions to support you in discovering what challenges you are facing. She gave me full explanations as to her recommendations for me as well as personal examples of her life and journey in order to build trust and comfort.
There are always multiple sides to any situation, so keep a perspective that the struggles you have endured have made you stronger and brought you to where you are today. As your coach, I’ll ask those thought-provoking questions that make you re-examine how you’re living and what makes you happy. Then we will create a plan that meets your needs and helps you to overcome these obstacles. The person you were comparing yourself to probably has their own insecurities and doesn’t see themselves as perfect either. Maybe that means you’re more apt to think things through instead of making rash or impulsive decisions.

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