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Tired of the abuse that he's suffered because of bully Bubba Bixby, fifth-grader Nolan Byrd allows his inner super hero to emerge, inspired by a class project. Will the secret identity of cyber-hero Nolan Byrd be revealed before he can uncover the true graffiti bandit? When his favorite television superhero, The Gecko, comes to town, Nolan not only befriends the star but helps him expose a sleazy tabloid reporter known as the Mole. Dan Gutman, the prolific author of over 60 popular books for children and young adults, vividly imagines what is surely every put-upon school kid's dream: a machine that does homework for them - error free! While looking out the window with her grandma's binoculars, Sammy witnesses a crime across the street at the Heavenly Hotel.

Jeff Kinneya€™s tales featuring wise-cracking middle schooler Greg Heffley have reached number-one on the New York Times best-seller list, inspired a major motion picture, and been translated into dozens of languages.
Greg has endured countless horrorsa€”girls, bullies, jocks, oblivious parents, wrestling in gym class, even the dreaded Cheese Toucha€”the past few years.
As Sammy attempts to find the burglar who has made several other hits in the neighborhood, she finds herself trying to keep him from uncovering her - or worse, the police discovering that she's living illegally with her grandmother in the seniors-only housing! This clever story kicks off a series of fun-filled books.Listen to more adventures of Shredderman. Now those seven students are back, and they've been granted the rare opportunity to spend one more year with their beloved teacher before they graduate from elementary school.

Terupt helps his students be the best they can be - and enlists their help to pull off an extra-special project.

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hero the secret audiobook youtube

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