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News from Hidden Secrets ToursGoogle and Victorian Public TransportFinally, you can find your way around Melbourne with google maps and the local public transport all synced together. PLAN a tour through the city laneways to soak in the flavours and colours of art, fashion, history, coffee, architecture and more. If you are not a local and you are interested in the quirky side of history and how this staid, yet beautiful city evolved, you will enjoy it.
It really is the best way to make the most of your time in Melbourne to spend time with a guide from Hidden Secrets Tours. So once again, a huge thank you for fitting us in and helping broaden our girls view of the food industry. Year 12 - Newcastle High SchoolNewcastle High School – March 2014This excellent informative and entertaining tour focused on the inner delights of Melbourne CBD lanes and arcades. Cafe Culture Walk – Sth AfricaI wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your great hospitality.

We find in a new city its always best to add an extra 5 minutes, but generally it all reads pretty accurately.
A Walking tour with Hidden Secrets is an alternative tour to your typical tourist experience.
We got two coffees, three sweets, a takeaway coffee mug and even a list + booklets with all the information of the tour. They are a wonderful example of Melbourne hospitality and the guests on the tour from all over the world make the experience one not to be missed. She had such a wealth of background knowledge about the area that she answered every question as well as expanding on it. After this experience I wished I will stay longer in Melbourne so I can go explore every venue we passed again.
Next time I visit Melbourne their progressive High Tea Tour is definitely on my to do list.

Even if like me you have been to Melbourne many times, Sarah still delivered the 'Well I never!" factor. We specialise in finding what makes this metropolis tick and to indulge in the many corners of the world’s most liveable city as voted 4 years in a row. Thanks a lot 'Hidden secrets Melbourne'!Cafe Culture tour – Annelies from NetherlandsI had enjoyed Lanes and Arcades and Cafe Culture Tours in April 2015 with my family and it was so good that I returned with my friend in August Sept 2015.

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hidden secrets melbourne tours

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