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In addition to an academically rigorous curriculum, the Higher Education Administration and Policy Program offers its students and alumni outstanding career preparation and placement services including resume, interviewing and salary negotiation workshops, career panels, one-on-one career advising, and numerous opportunities to network with alumni and high-ranking professionals in the field. Job placement for graduates is consistently above 90 percent within two months of graduation.

The pie chart shows the distribution of alumni working in different areas of higher education, as well as the percentage who continued in school immediately after graduation. This year’s festival will be held from October 1st to 3rd in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands. English Literature, 1986 Self-Directed SearchTemple University, Philadelphia, PA Type Resources, Louisville, KY Broadcast Performance Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Qualified (B) Voice & Speech for the ActorMontgomery County Community College, Blue Bell, PA GS Consultants, So. Alumni who were working in higher education while earning their degree are typically promoted or move to a new area after completing the program.

Graduates' salaries are competitive for the industry and vary based on the position and employing institution.
The following are some skills and qualities which are exemplified in employment highlightsand experience: ? Observant communicator ? Extremely loyal ? Persistent marketer ? Presentation capable ? Organized team member ? Perceptively analytical.

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higher education administration training courses

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