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Of course we have recognized the Subtle energy System in the description given by Kabir in his poem. It is a big lotus with a thousand petals of different colors appearing like inflated flames.
But just imagine a Huge Big Thousand Petalled Lotus, and you are sitting inside on the corona and looking at all those petals, all very beautifully colored, and fragrant, and pulsating with the Bliss of Joy. The one who wants to develop on Sahasrara should know, he should not develop with bad company.
For that Tolerance is needed, Wisdom is needed, and the stature is needed of a prophet, which you are, and you should talk like a prophet. The above quotes are specially for those that had started  sahaja yoga meditation at our local Halton classes (or elsewhere around the world ??  and that want to go deeper, reflect, introspect and learn more about our garden with subtle flowers-chakras and their influence on our individual and collective lives.
The seat of the spirit is in the heart, but with awakening of the kundalini, the spirit which is the eternal divine dimension within us enters the limbic area in the brain which is the sahasrara, enlightening our brain.
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Black beans are so amazingly good for you and this dip is a great way to include them in your diet. I am always blown away by the oomph of energy that occurs when a group of people with a common intention focus their energy.   The sensation is both powerful and exquisite.
Today was no exception.  I basked in the vibration created when we each “took a relationship” (selected and connected) to a unique image which created a feeling of bliss, rapture or esctacy.
When you are exploring your life from a higher conscious perspective, it is important to set  your conscious intention. It is a good Idea to intend to practice what you’ve learned at least 3 times the first day and in the days to come.   It takes a minimum of 21 days to incorporate a new behaviour, thought or emotional habit. We know from brain research that new neural pathways are laid down and the more often you repeat the learned pattern within a 24 hour period, the greater your likelihood of remembering it and continuing to incorporate it into your life. Continuing to practice what you learn beyond 21 days also results in stronger neural paths and connections.
It seems to work best if it is a thing, as opposed to a person, as there is less chance of becoming enmeshed with a thing.
It can be an overwhelmingly beautiful scene or object in nature, a piece of art, a poem; whatever you feel harmony and resonance with.

Sometimes we are in a space where no image will come to mind.  If that occurs then think of something you feel deep gratitude or appreciation for.
It could be a beautiful flower you come across, some heart stirring or softening music, or being enveloped in a warm kitten belly soft sweater.
Gratitude is one of the highest vibrating emotions, so its a powerful tool to keep in your higher conscious living kit.
Set the intention to implant this high vibe feeling in your cell memory so you can invoke it at will. Higher Self YogaHigher Self Yoga can help you in daily life, whether in work or in relationships. It is a thing that has been seen by many people, but to see it pour that torrential rain was like these flames becoming a fountain, a fountain of color, fountain of fragrance; when you think of a flower pouring its color and its fragrance around. To remain on that position, is the ideal position, but then after the silence you are filled with tremendous Compassion and Love, and you are drawn out to people who haven’t yet known what is having eyes.
The more sensitive the Sahasrara is, the more it receives the spiritual qualities of the Spirit. After the Sahasrara, when you are above the Sahasrara, you can see that it is very important that all these nadis (subtle energy channels) must be kept together, and all the centres and all the deities must be kept intact and integrated. I found this very informative and it confirmed many of the experiences I have been blessed to receive. I have seen vibrations from pictures I have taken of Sahaja Yogis and no one can tell me differently – the all pervading spirit is truly alive. It may be having a roof over your head in that moment, having clothes to wear, just feel gratitude, no matter how basic it is. The higher self helps a person focus, stay calm during times of adversity, and be open to change. There is so much to Learn from this lecture and it is so tuned to all verses from Kabir’s poem. People have written very little about Sahasrara, because whatever they have seen is from outside, and it is not possible for them to see from inside.
And then you try to put your attention to the Sahasrara of millions of people; and then you start seeing the problems that exist in the Sahasrara. By the grace of Shri Mataji, Sahaja Yoga has changed millions of lives by touching our spirits within.
Try feeling gratitude for lessons and understandings of what you don’t want to create, let go, and allow space for sweetness.

Black beans help reduce blood cholesterol, maintain normal blood sugar levels and prevent constipation.  As a result, black beans in the diet help prevent heart disease, diabetes and diverticulitis and other gastrointestinal disorders. It is attuning yourself with something that puts you in contact with the highest vibration consciousness possible for you in the moment. Monday is the day that is associated to this energy centre, so I had felt that is very good to meditate more on this chakra today, on its day.
Even if you reach from inside and the whole Sahasrara is not opened out, you cannot see its beauty; because when it is closed, the whole of it, you just pass through an aperture and get out of it. And even if you desire to open the Sahasrara, it is a very difficult thing, because the channeling of the Divine to human beings, has to be done through human beings. The Bliss is also felt in the Sahasrara, because that is the brain, and the brain is the epitome of the nervous system, the central nervous system, or consciousness itself. By constant entering this state of meditation and introspection, we establish this state within us which Gautama Buddha and Kabir refers to as thousand petalled lotus.
Black beans also contain phytochemicals, substances found only in plant foods that help fight cancer and other chronic diseases. It is amazing that when a yogi needs a boost or confirmation of spiritual experiences the Divine sends a message such as this. Her compassion and love has made it possible or man-kind to achieve, what was so far, unattainable by the human race. Black foods nourish the kidneys and add life force energy (kidney jing) to reserves.  Strengthening the kidney energy will allow for better calcium absorption. We have to have more and more channels, who will act as the nadis with their different powers, and who can work it out in a proper systematic manner. Sahasrara is the controlling, guiding and evolving force, and so to keep it absolutely ready for growth and expansion, one has to watch one’s own growth.
But those people who indulge into wasteful habits after realization, obstruct the flow of the nadis, and are really very harmful for the Virata. Such people should really leave Sahaja Yoga and spare; or such people should be asked to leave.

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