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Teams are organizational groups made up of individuals who function interdependently, coordinating activities to accomplish common goals.  Does your organization use work teams, like project management teams, task forces, work units, or standing committees, to accomplish goals?  If yes, read on and join a conversation.
Think about a team where you participate and answer these questions focused on the eight characteristics.
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Is it a structure that will help the team to accomplish their goals?  If the goals of your team focus is on problem-solving, does the structure focus on building trust so that everyone feels free to contribute to the dialogue?  If the goals of your team focus is on strategic or tactical work, does the structure provide clarity to everyone knows just what to do and when?  Teams have different work content and therefore will need a structure to support their successful achievement of goals.

Does the leader help the team to understand problems that confront the team?  Does the leader help the team become a cohesive unit, set high performance standards and facilitate achievement of the work goals?  Does the leader address stressful issues by providing clear goals, distribution of tasks and strategies for accomplishing the tasks?  Does the leader take care in matching skills of members to the roles that need to be done?  Does the leader monitor feedback and progress?  Is the leader adaptable to environmental changes, internal and external?
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hill��s team leadership model approach

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