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I like the first definition in the dictionary:A  Success is the attainment of anything chosen, desired or attempted.
Therefore, success is getting what you want a€” and a big part of my work consists in helping people clarify exactly what that is and how to make it happen. I especially love helping people create what they want, but which they didn't think was possible.
Let yourself be really honest about your heartfelt desires, your secret dreams, and your biggest ideas about your potential.A  Please bring this list to our first session, with a copy for me.

Examples:any material possession that you would love to own such as a house, car, garden, etc.
Part of our work together is specifically designed to help you discover, and especially clarify, what you really want.A  If you dona€™t know what you want, or if you cana€™t be very specific, write down how you want to FEEL about life and about what you create. Get some extra paper and list all of it!You will not be obliged to share this list with anyone else. Skilled and creative Life Coaching empowers you to transcend perceived limitations to achieve what was previously a€?impossible.a€?A  Learn the power of The Law of Attraction to use your creative energy to bring into reality what you really want in your life.

Coaching, mixed with creative direction, helps you make your dreams come true, starting today.

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holistic life coaching phd programs

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