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Are you dreaming of adventure, and the opportunity to use your above average social skills? Industry employers worldwide are searching for candidates who have graduated from recognized hospitality, tourism, or travel agent training schools.
Career possibilities are truly unlimited, but some of the quickest growing market segments include hotel and restaurant management, catering, travel agencies and airlines, resorts, spas, cruise ships, casinos, and private clubs. If you believe you have what it takes to be a first class travel and tourism professional, consider attending one of the leading training schools. Click on one of the schools below for detailed information on a travel and tourism or hospitality training school. Tourism and hospitality schools help people develop professional skills that are highly marketable across a wide range of industries.
Regardless of the economy, people tend to continue traveling, dining out, staying in hotels, and seeking out assistance with developing itineraries, booking flights, and finding the best deals available to minimize the cost of their trips.
Unlike in other industries, jobs that are related to hospitality and tourism are generally not vulnerable to overseas outsourcing. More than 50 percent of all workers in this broad industry earn at least a middle-class salary.
Jumpstart your opportunities in the travel or tourism industry by requesting additional information right away. The School of Hospitality Management at the Graduate School Complex next to Kenyatta University Conference Centre (KUCC). Department of Tourism Management The Chairperson, Department of Tourism Management Kenyatta University P. The Centre has been set up with the support of industry donors including InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton Worldwide, Westmont Hospitality Group, Geller Investment Company and the Lord Forte Foundation.
The Chair in Hospitality Management is supported by industry donors the Compass Group, Geoffrey Harrison Foundation and WSH Foundation. SHMS Swiss Hotel Management School is Switzerland’s largest English speaking Hotel Management School. SHMS is one of Switzerland's leading Hotel Management Schools offering a wide range of world-class academic programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates in Hospitality Management, Restaurant, Events, Spa and Resort Management. Can you describe your current role and responsibilities as an owner of The Coup?I oversee all of the operations including front, back, ordering, inventory, food and liquor costing, labour, budgeting, accounts receivable and payable. I also work a few shifts - I spend about four days working an actual shift either cooking or hosting.
I worked at a number of restaurants before going to business school, but it was not for me. How did SAIT play a role in achieving career success?I decided to go to SAIT to get a diploma or degree, because it does help - plus it would make my dad get off my back about school! What was the impact of your instructors on your educational experience?My instructors had the biggest impact on me during my education. What would you recommend to people considering a similar career path?Networking is important.
What kind of trends are you seeing in your industry?A huge trend right now is local, organic and gluten-free food. Would you recommend SAIT to others interested in pursuing a similar career?Yes, I recommend SAIT all the time. Can you describe your current role and responsibilities as GM with the Ceili's Group?I'm responsible for the entire operation including watching costs, promoting a fun work environment, instilling core values, and ensuring that our team is reaching a common goal.
I continued to work at various positions in bars and restaurants throughout the city, and slowly moved up into a swing manager position (bartender and managing the floor).
How did SAIT play a role in achieving career success?I was a mature student when I went back to SAIT. What was the impact of your instructors on your educational experience?I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable with years of industry experience.
What would you recommend to people considering a similar career path?I would recommend that they take the training at SAIT and run with it.
What kind of trends are you seeing in your industry?People today are very influenced by TV and the Food Network. As for trends, I would say food is key - we must package an experience that goes with the best food. Would you recommend SAIT to others interested in pursuing a similar career?One hundred percent. I'm responsible for making sure they are fulfilling their jobs, and providing exceptional customer service to Delta standards.
As a trainee with Delta, I will be rotating within three properties, learning a different job at each place. How did you get your start in this career path?Hospitality has been an interest of mine for some time.
My education at SAIT laid the foundation for my career, and helped jumpstart me in the industry. What was the impact of your instructors on your educational experience?The instructors are all part of the industry.

What kind of trends are you seeing in your industry?For hotels, it depends on where you are. Compared to my time in university, my SAIT professors knew me by name - not just as a number in the system. This vast industry provides an array of job opportunities for individuals who enjoy working with people.
Some colleges offer a bachelor of science degree in hospitality management or a bachelor of science in hospitality and tourism management, whereas some colleges offer a bachelor of science in business administration with an emphasis in hospitality management. Some hospitality programs allow you to specialize in a particular field, such as lodging management, events and conventions coordination, club management, casino management, food and beverage, recreation-related industries, restaurant management, and travel and tourism management. Graduates of the fully accelerated bachelor’s degree program in hospitality and tourism management are qualified for careers in hotel, restaurant, and resort management. The program provides the knowledge and skills required for management, operations, and marketing positions in the hospitality industry. The program incorporates courses in hospitality, business, tourism, and the humanities, as well as social and physical sciences. Courses include casino management, club management, lodging management, food and beverage management, and tourism, convention, and event management. Students may choose an area of specialization which meets their professional objectives.
The program, which consists of 120 credits, is intended for students who already have at least 27 college credits. The School of Hospitality Leadership is the largest hospitality department of its kind in North Carolina, and one of the largest in the southeastern United States. Students are prepared for positions such as management trainee, assistant hotel manager, food and beverage manager, restaurant manager, club manager, marketing director, and sales professional. The courses in the major are taught by the regular East Carolina University faculty members.
The bachelor’s degree program in business administration with a concentration in hospitality and tourism management prepares students for a variety of jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry.
The program also covers casino management, service strategies, food service, and human resources.
Students in the program are prepared to oversee the daily operations of resorts, banquet facilities, and gaming venues. They’re also prepared to manage special event-planning departments of healthcare organizations, schools, and businesses. Graduates of the program are qualified for a variety of positions in the hospitality and tourism industry. Students in the bachelor’s degree program in business administration with a concentration in hospitality and tourism management study the role, structure, and management of United States and international lodging, food service, and travel-related organizations. Students learn how to manage companies in the hospitality and tourism industry, including cruise, airline, hotels and resorts, tour companies, travel agencies, convention and meeting planning organizations, and food service companies. The bachelor of business administration degree program with a specialization in hospitality management prepares students for first- and second-tier management positions in the hospitality sector. Students learn about the various segments of operations in the hospitality industry, and acquire important skills vital to success in that industry. The program also reviews the relationship between business management and hospitality and tourism management. Graduates are qualified for managerial and administrative positions in hotels, trade show and convention hosting, tourism companies, food service, and other settings. Graduates of the program are qualified for jobs in casinos, hotels, resorts, cruise ships, and other settings, and are prepared to manage staffs, purchasing operations, customer service departments, and reservation systems. Representatives from major hotel brands will visit the Chaplin School to share information about their training programs, which are available to undergraduate students who will graduate during Spring 2016 or by Summer 2016.
The Slow Food New Orleans expo emphasizes the interrelatedness of food quality, integrity, and sustainability. The Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research (IHTER) team led by Dean Hampton and Dr. The Institute for Hospitality & Tourism Education & Research (IHTER) will begin the delivery of a Hospitality Skills Training Program for the City of Hallandale. American Fine Wine Competition & Gala will host Best of The Americas Gala on February 6 in the Wine Spectator Restaurant Management Laboratory.
Travel, tourism, and hospitality training schools offer programs that can give you an abundance of opportunities to match your potential with an industry currently undergoing phenomenal growth. You can be one of the sought-after professionals who has benefited from training designed for the excitement and challenge of these vibrant industries. Brochures, catalogs and program information are easily accessible through convenient online requests! When you get hospitality training, you enter a professional world full of exciting variety and benefits.
In fact, many people with this kind of education go on to have successful careers as travel agents, tour operators, restaurant managers, or accommodations specialists before moving into whole new areas in which their service and problem-solving abilities are prized by top organizations. Think about it: Travel destinations like natural wonders and world-renowned cities can't be shipped anywhere. European and Asian countries with high tourism demands are often especially in need of skilled travel professionals and are pleased to receive applications from people with post-secondary hospitality training.

SHMS offers a wide range of world-class academic programmes for undergraduates and postgraduates in Hospitality and Events Management. Our reputation for excellence is based on an intensive academic programme and curriculum which includes internships in Switzerland or around the world. I wanted to go to the front, and the program was great to learn the management side of the hospitality business.
After graduating from SAIT, I worked my way up through the ranks at Melrose Café and Bar, and now I hold the GM position at Ceili's. They are seeing vibrant, rustic fresh food, and are looking for restaurants that offer a similar food experience.
You can have the most amazing servers, music, cleanliness, but if the food component is not at its all time best, people won't be satisfied. It was a great experience learning from the teachers and industry professionals they brought in. I also help with payroll, scheduling, and other extra projects to make sure that we have a flawless operation. I originally studied for four years at university, and then decided that wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. I knew people who had taken the program, and they had nothing but good things to say about it. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism prepares you for a wide range of management positions across the industry.
The bachelor’s in hospitality management program is an online degree-completion program. An associate’s degree in a hospitality major is required for admission at the junior level. The program covers an array of subjects in the hospitality and tourism industry, as well as core business fundamentals. For example, they learn about casino management, service strategies, food service, and human resources. Learn how to market yourself to achieve success, discover internship opportunities, polish your resume, meet with potential employers, and so much more. Students interested in food and environmental studies are invited to contact Chaplin School professor Dr.
Karen Wollard held the first-ever Regional Training Forum event for the Council of Hotel & Restaurant Trainers (CHART) on campus on Thursday January 14. The Hallandale Opportunity Project (HOP) is a six-week program that will develop job skills for the unemployed and underemployed citizens to meet the growing local demand for hospitality workers. Benefiting the School, the event features top-rated American wines and food prepared by four of South Florida's distinguished chefs. Having formal training in this field is a signal to potential employers that you have the knowledge and commitment to back up your enthusiasm.
For instance, the average maximum salary for people who begin their careers in the hospitality or travel industry is nearly $82,000. Plus, a lot of jobs within the industry allow for flexible schedules, enabling tourism professionals to conveniently pursue even higher levels of education and career advancement while still making a comfortable and enjoyable living.
The Swiss Diploma and Higher Diploma combine theoretical and practical modules and include two internship placements where students gain valuable industry experience. Other cities such as Vevey, Lausanne, Geneva, Lucerne, Bern and Zurich can also be easily accessed by public transport. We order strictly local, organic, vegan-friendly, and stay away from the big-box brand names. I'm not saying we all need to serve foie gras and oysters, but if you want to be a pizza place, be the best in the city. Most careers in this area require a personal touch and a physical presence in order to provide the best service to guests, clients, or customers. It has a mild climate and its location next to Lake Geneva and the Alps makes it a resort with much to offer visitors. For example, the property management system that I learned at SAIT is the same system that we use at Delta. Visitors can enjoy the many museums, castles, festivals, exhibitions and sightseeing which the region offers.
At the beginning of the 20th century, tourists from across Europe traveled to Leysin for relaxation and recuperation. Leysin is an international ski resort providing students with a wide range of recreational and sporting activities. In recent years, Leysin has developed into one of Switzerland's renowned sports and ski resorts offering excellent facilities in all four seasons. For students who need to improve their English language skills prior to beginning the academic year, the school provides a partly sponsored English Foundation programme.

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