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His first ever runner, Deep Gale only got as far as the first fence in 1982 as he ploughed through the obstacle and landed head first.
Finally, he broke his stranglehold in the race in 2010 with Don’t Push It who also became the first winner for both Tony McCoy and trainer Jonjo O’Neill and almost took his second with Sunnyhillboy in 2012 but to be denied by Neptune Collonges in the final strides. Winner of last year’s Irish National, he came out at the start of this season and won an intermediate chase over three miles at Carlisle in November impressively when beating Vintage Star and Mickie. He does have strong handicap form when placed behind Rockyaboya at Leopardstown and Spring Heeled in last year’s Kim Muir, but the main concern is his jumping. Wyck Hill looked a real stayer when winning last year’s Eider Chase at Newcastle but fell in the same race last time out. Bernie Sanders walking onstage to greet supporters after winning the Vermont primary on Super Tuesday in Essex Junction, Vermont, March 1, 2016. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald Trump both won decisively on Super Tuesday, but neither swept the 11 states at stake on the biggest day of the presidential primaries.
Unlike the Republican crowd, Sanders and Clinton have generally refrained from the kinds of attacks on one another that could be used by the opposition party in the general election. After Tuesday’s voting, Clinton commands more than a thousand of the 2,383 delegates needed for the nomination, while Sanders is at 408. Sanders’ speech, in Burlington, Vermont, suggested that he may be receptive to that approach. Additionally, a major pro-Israel Rubio backer, hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer, is reportedly involved in the establishment of a political establishment committee aimed at stopping Trump. On the other hand, Cruz, who just weeks ago was lumped with Trump as the bane of the Republican establishment, is beginning to attract mainstream attention as the best chance to stop the real estate billionaire.
Rubio and Cruz both took aim in their speeches Tuesday night at Trump’s professions of neutrality when it comes to Israel, and they are unlikely to drop this chew toy any time soon. Rubio said, “When Trump was asked about whether he would side with Israel, he said he’s not taking sides — he wants to be impartial.
Trump is unsurprisingly ready to move on, asking in his speech at his Palm Beach, Florida resort, “How many times are you supposed to disavow” white supremacist and anti-Semitic former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, who endorsed Trump. Clinton, confident after her Super Tuesday wins, devoted much of her speech to taking on Trump, and led with an allusion to the Duke controversy, saying: “We’re going to work for every vote, and we will need all of you to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors because this country belongs to all of us not just those at the top. Leader of the Yisrael Beyteinu political party Avigdor Liberman leading a press conference at the Knesset, May 18, 2016. Children, pictured here, as well as adults, are “students” at the Museum of the Jewish People’s International School for Jewish Peoplehood.
Science has finally provided evidence of what Jewish “Star Wars” fans long suspected: Yoda is a member of the tribe — or at least he speaks like one.
When growing up on Staten Island, Jeff Orlowski turned the backyard shed into a bouldering wall, making endless loops on climbing grips hea€™d fastened. Orlowski joined the project right after finishing his anthropology degree at Stanford, where hea€™d also taken filmmaking classes. Prior to their first outing, Balog spent months in his garage working out a time-lapse system that could endure for years unattended.
Balog, Orlowski, engineer Adam LeWinter, and field assistant Svavar Jonatansson started with the Solheim Glacier in Iceland. The documentary shows the team returning six months latera€”to utter failure: cameras felled by falling rocks, cables eaten through by fox, Plexiglas sandblasted til opaque. So did switching to a higher resolution (1080p) Sony PMW-EX1 with SxS Pro memory cards after the first year, used for the remaining two years in the field.
In 2009, Orlowski officially started down the documentary feature path after convincing Balog of its feasibility. Orlowski interweaves shots of sheer beauty throughout Chasing Icea€”not just Baloga€™s stills, but his own video images as well, which took full advantage of the exquisite lighting conditions and perfect camera positions that Balog sought out. Data management and camera upkeep were the toughest part of that trip, consuming two to three hours every night.

Coming from still photography, Orlowski was surprised by the film worlda€™s approach to packing gear.
Laura’s Beau went close in 1992 when third behind Party Politics and other place efforts with Clan Royal and King Johns Castle with various heartbreak involving Clan Royal who had Liam Cooper lose his whip in 2004 and loose horses take him out at Becher’s in 2005. The main concerns are that we haven’t seen him since, plus a lack of experience, even though he has won an Irish National. He broke his maiden over fences at the eleventh attempt but did it in style when taking the National Hunt Chase at Cheltenham beating Broadway Buffalo showing relish for the stamina test. He is another with jumping concerns while his final entry, Alderwood boasts being a dual Festival winner but those wins came over the minimum distance of two miles and his stamina is a major doubt. Louis Jewish Light: National And World News - Can Bernie Sanders still win after Super Tuesday? Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., won four state Democratic primaries, giving him a total of five after he took New Hampshire last month.
Sanders in a debate last year famously dispensed with the controversy over Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, calling it irrelevant. He included a single, gentle, jab at Clinton about her claim that he thinks “too big,” but trained most of his fire on Republicans. Both Cruz and Rubio are youthful sons of Cuban immigrants who have at times been propelled by the Tea Party. These are routine for campaigns, and in this case, as in many others, the list includes folks whose “leadership” seems limited to their appearances on such lists. Note where Rubio, Trump and Clinton delivered their speeches: Florida, the state where a March 15 primary is must-win for all three, and which includes a substantial Jewish constituency that has been a battleground in primaries and in general elections at least since 2000.
The candidate equivocated on Sunday about whether he was ready to disavow Duke, although later in the day he did so.
If he wasna€™t there or climbing in Central Park, hea€™d be in the basement darkroom, printing photographs under the tutelage of his father, a teacher and semi-professional photographer. Nor did he imagine that his debuta€”originally intended to be a nonpolitical profile of an obsessed photographera€”would make such a convincing case in the climate-change debate. Trained as a geomorphologist, this Colorado-based National Geographic photographer began his career leery of global warming claims. A friend had introduced him to Baloga€™s photography, then to the photographer himself, and in March 2007, Orlowski began volunteering. They immediately realized Baloga€™s mounting systema€”Boden tripods bolted down and stabilized with guy wiresa€”wouldna€™t work. It avoided the pitfall of standard intervalometers, which never switch off and thus constantly drain power. A scientist on one expedition disassembled the whole system and measured the electrical pathways within the circuit board. No handwarmers were necessary, though a pen was still required to press buttons, Orlowskia€™s fingers being buried inside threes layers of mitten and glove. Orlowski also includes his own shorter time-lapses: ice circling in the current, northern lights, stars wheeling overhead.
The first was captured at Stone Glacier in Greenland, when they were still unloading gear from the helicopter. Greenlanda€™s most accessible glacier, for instance, entailed flights from Colorado to the East Coast to Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq to Ilulissat, then a helicopter to base camp. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., won one, Minnesota, and performed better than expected in another, Virginia, where he came in second to Trump.
In recent weeks, though, he has sharpened his attacks on her for taking Wall Street money, including for speeches to finance companies. Tellingly, he also, poignantly, looked back to the launch of his campaign rather than to his victory, and seemed to embrace his candidacy as a vehicle for influencing the race as opposed to winning it.
What that revolution is about is bringing millions of millions of people into the political process.

There are, however, some notable inclusions: Sarah Stern’s group, the Endowment for Middle East Truth, has been funded by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who reportedly is wavering between Cruz and Rubio.
But Chasing Ice includes time-lapse images of our disappearing glaciers that are so irrefutable even skeptics cana€™t shrug them off. Balog had to customize everything else, from the solar-panel system that kept the batteries going, to the housing, built from Pelican cases outfitted with a Plexiglas window and weather hood.
The ground was too soft to keep the shot stable over the years, especially in the face of Icelanda€™s capricious weather and wind. Balog found a scientist to design and build a intervalometer that would turn off at night based on the cameraa€™s GPS coordinates and between hourly daytime shots.
At this stage, he began conducting interviews with participants and scientists using a Sony PMW-F3 with Sony prime lenses, either the 50mm (T2) or 85mm (T2), or else a Nikon adaptor with his own lenses.
An ice fjord five miles wide, ita€™s one of the worlda€™s most productive glaciers and launched the iceberg that sank the Titanic. One camera body gets its own large case with lots of padding, and that gets tossed around [in transit]. The EX1 fit right in, and that whole thing fit into the main compartment of my hiking pack. He pitched a larger story to National Geographic, and it was while shooting a€?The Big Thaw,a€? one of the magazinea€™s most popular cover stories, that he started to think that time-lapse photography would be the best way to record these deflating glaciers.
In the photo world, you have a backpack with your camera body and dozens of lenses, all with divider foam. John Kasich and Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon, have yet to win a single state in the GOP contests.
Michael and Barbara Ledeen have been deeply involved for decades in Republican foreign policy shaping.
There are scientists who did do time-lapse 20, 30 years ago, but only for a couple months in the summer and only one photograph a day.
After a trip to the nearest hardware store 50 miles away, they affixed a wooden frame with tripod head to a cliff wall.
Ultimately, National Geographic engineers (those behind the a€?critter camsa€™) devised a simpler, more universal timer that used a light sensor to determine if there was enough light to shoot, then powered down the whole system between shots. The peninsulaa€”five football fields longa€”was starting to crack and roll on its side, like an ocean linera€“sized log. Lenses, cameras, and hard drives were hand-carried onto planes in North Face expedition duffle bags. I had extra compartments for all the climbing gear, camera accessories, batteries, and extra layers of clothes and goggles. Its mission was to deploy 30 cameras on 18 glaciers in Greenland, Iceland, Alaska, and Montana and create a three-year time-lapse. The problem was when youa€™re out in the field and a timer isna€™t working, you cana€™t just grab one from Alaska and use it in Iceland, because theya€™re programmed differently.
So for the first two years, I was following James shooting video just for the sake of documentation and not really knowing what would come of it.
And when youa€™re out in the field and the screen stops working and you dona€™t know why, thata€™s the biggest problem. Ia€™m getting beaten up with terrible wind and snow, trying to peek in and see, a€?Is it on? When you hit stop, it saves the last x-minutes of footage, based on the card.a€? Orlowski had about 50 minutes in the loop. Because glacial calving can start so slowly and imperceptibly and the cracking sound takes multiple seconds to reach the viewer, ita€™s virtually impossible to catch the beginning of a calving event based on onea€™s eyes or ears.

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