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Hotel receptionists may work behind the scenes to take reservations and meet guests' special requests. To become a hotel receptionist, a person must have at least a high school diploma or equivalent. A hotel receptionist works at the front desk and checks guests in and out of the hotel, and may occasionally answer the phone to take reservations or answer questions. When visiting a hotel to apply for a receptionist position, remember to dress professionally and to speak clearly. The receptionist will be the first person a guest sees when checking into a hotel, so it is important to project professionalism. If you get an interview at a hotel, it is important once again to dress professionally and smile when introducing yourself. Once you accept a job offer to become a hotel receptionist, there will generally be a brief training period.
There are two ways to look at life, your job search and the inevitable interviewing rejection each job seeker incurs. The first is to imagine the worst and be prone to depression when you encounter each roadblock. The first route to finding a better job with higher pay and surviving an arduous job search is to change your frame of mind and begin to think more positively.
Catch yourself worrying, and ask yourself whether your time could be spent productively somewhere else. Write down all the times you’ve worried about this particular outcome and determine when, if ever, the outcome you were concerned about ever came true.
Instead, it’s important to learn that only you are in charge of your feelings and actions. When youa€™re a self-reliant job seeker, youa€™re willing to take chances and speak your mind.
Running an executive search firm, I can tell you there are a myriad of reasons why a firm might not hire someone.

Realize that the person who didna€™t hire you isn’t necessarily correct in their judgement. Regardless of how many rejections, poor interviews or failures you may have had, begin to adjust your mental picture during the interview process. Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement Sales and Marketing, an executive search firm specializing in staffing business development and marketing professionals throughout the United States. On some days, it’s nearly impossible to keep a bright outlook, but once you train yourself to see the best in the worst situations, life gets a lot easier. To become a hotel receptionist, formal education beyond a high school diploma is generally not required. Hotels may not advertise that they are seeking a receptionist, but it also cannot hurt to check the classifieds in the newspaper or online. Print out a resume if you have one; any previous work experience in customer service can help you get the job. He or she will need to be able to clearly answer any questions the guests may have, as well as to collect payment on a reservation or set up a charge account.
Depending on the size of the hotel and the number of other staff members, your duties may vary. The second is to look at interviewing rejection as a temporary setback and leverage that disappointment into action rather than stagnation. Job seekers who think positively will interview more effectively, receive higher salaries and enjoy more career options.
It lowers your focus in interviews, erodes your ability to negotiate salary and makes your overall job search unpleasant. Write down a list of solutions and actions you could take if what you’re worrying about becomes reality.
Often, we look to interviewers and recruiters to validate our worth, which is a very poor habit.
When you begin to achieve goals on your own, your confidence rises and you learn to trust yourself.

Visualize your success, and have faith that if you do the work you’re supposed to, things will fall into place. When you start to get down, it’s imperative you begin an activity that will put your focus elsewhere. I think that optimistic job seekers make more money and this article inspired me to do just that! Some high-end hotels might wish to hire people with more experience or even an associate's degree in a hospitality field, such as hotel management. When calling a hotel to ask about any openings, remember to be friendly, and to introduce yourself and state your purpose for calling immediately. For these reasons, it is important for anyone who wants to do this job to be very detail-oriented and responsible. Be sure to consider the fact that many hotels need someone at the desk at all hours of the day, seven days a week, so your shifts may not be regular daytime shifts. Someone who succeeds in this position may be promoted into a supervisory or managerial role. The pessimist speaking, I know, but maybe this is the wrong street to be selling my wares ..
Ask any questions you may have; it is also a good idea to learn some information about the hotel beforehand in order to appear more informed and competent. At the same time, their expectations, self-confidence and subsequent performance remain low.

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