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I absolutely LOVE this idea and am seriously considering doing this for my centerpieces for my wedding in May. I tried this and it takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes for the jello to be semi firm in order to push them down and they stay in place. March 5, 2012 By Hair Romance 74 Comments Welcome to a week of hairstyle tutorials on Hair Romance! My hair is long enough now to make a pretty good top knot on it’s own, but this giant top knot has a little secret…padding! Hair Romance Styling Tip: I like to tease the ponytail and wrap the top knot so that the hair is a little messy. This is such a quick and easy hairstyle that will have you out the door looking fab in only a few minutes. I show you how to do each style in your own hair plus there are clear written instructions for every look. With my ebook on your phone so it’s like having Hair Romance in your pocket when you get ready in the morning.
You’ll learn my easy hairstyling tips and tricks to get rid of bad hair days for good. I’ve also seen this done with a sock if you don’t have a doughnut but the doughnut makes it so much easier!!!
I have really long hair and always find that my hair is too thick and long to be wrapped around the doughnut, do you have any good tips on how to do this`? You can also do this rolling it down your hair, it makes it really big and you hardly need any pins to secure it.

Hi i absolutely love the your top knot hairstyle here, iv been wanting to buy a donut for ages but i want my hair to be as high and full as yours, higher the better, i have looked at lots of people with this hair style but never quite what im looking for height wise etc, where as yours is perfect!!! Jell-O the no calorie treat that brings out the kid in us can actually be used to decorate your reception tables! I was just wondering where would be the best place to find square vases like these because I really want square ones just like this. Please know that Wedding Obsession has the right to remove any unreasonably profane, self-promoting or rude comments.
Think of it like a Wonderbra for your hair, this donut shaped mesh padding adds a little oomph to turn your bun into a statement. I find this is easier if I flip my head over and brush my hair up, but whatever works for you! Gently backcomb your ponytail to create more volume so you have enough hair to cover the donut. I like to smooth around my hairline, but I still keep the bun a little messy so that it looks more natural. The giant top knot is perfect in second day hair too, as your hair will hold the shape even better. Though I still haven’t figured out a way how to keep it secure with elastics alone (I usually use 5-6 bobby pins to keep it in place). An added bonus with the sock bun is if your roll your hair down onto it, you get great curls when you take it out. I haven’t done a full post on my hair care routine though I have done some reviews on products I use.

Trust me I have more hair than anyone I know, it’s really thick but the donut makes it look amazing. You basically put your hair in a ponytail as high as you want the bun to sit, loop your hair through the doughnut right onto the end of the ponytails (as in furthest from your head) then fold the end in a little and turn the doughnut inside out, with the hair around it, as many times as possible. I made the jello just like it said on the package – 1 Cup boiling water, 1 Cup cold water. There are so many possibilities for color combinations too… definitely will try this out sometime soon. Bantu knots are great, plus you get lovely curls when you take them out at the end of the day.
I’ve been struggling with things to do with my long hair (I got your ebook, which I love and have attempted a couple of the styles but my hair is really fine and I need to practise more). I have a family full of addicts abusing her medicines finances and peace of mind, but she defends them up and down. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on this poem, and we will be thinking of you and your mother during this time.

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how do you make a will legal

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