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If your vehicle already has a 4-way flat, this kit includes everything you need to install an electric trailer brake controller and 7-way connector. Now, if you drive a crew cab, extended cab with a long bed, cargo van, or extended-length SUV, 10 foot of extra wire will make the installation much easier.
Those covers are going to come in handy, especially when it comes to keeping dirt and moisture out of the connection points, which is going to prevent corrosion.
Overall the kit is a nice package and it was great having an installation video for my vehicle which made installation much simpler than trying to figure it out with an instruction sheet. The installation videos are awesome because it is so much easier to watch the instructions rather than read them. Unfortunately, I had to stop in the middle of installing this kit to run to the auto store to purchase a rubber grommet and then to the hardware store to purchase stronger bolts, nuts, and self tapping screws.
Trying to even see or much less reach the brake pedal switch or wiring, and work on it, even with removing all dash panels is a no go. Per help I received from etrailer support, there is a small white wire going up the steering column in a large bundle of wiring.

What I found: The Left side of bundle has the smaller gauge wire that is only hot when brake pedal is depressed. Here's what I did: remove plastic panel below steering wheel, 4 screws at bottom edge and spring clips across middle upper part, pull out slowly and gently. Remove metal panel under center of steering wheel, 2 screws, and push heater tube out of that. If there's not an existing 4-way flat on your vehicle, you can purchase one separately. Back here, it's all molded in, so none of the connection points are going to be exposed to the elements.
Ive had zero issues with it and 5 of my friends purchased and installed the same set up in there trucks.
You may need an additional 25' or so of 12g wire, per directions to run Brake Controller + Power and - Ground to battery. This kit includes your wiring and accessories that are required for installation of a trailer brake controller.

Then you got all the exposed wire hanging out of the back of it with the butt connectors and the ring terminal on there, as well as the 4-way connection that's going to plug into the existing connection point on your vehicle. It's also going to include everything that you need for your installation as far as the hardware. All you have to do is connect one wire to the blue wire on your brake controller and then connect one wire to the positive post on the vehicle's battery via the included 40-amp circuit breaker. It's going to mount easily at the rear of the vehicle with the included bracket and the mounting hardware. You can see right here, this is going to be your plug that's going to plug into the existing connection point. So even though you see 3 are provided, you're only going to use 2 of those, and each one is going to require 2 screws.

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how is the best way to pick lottery numbers

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