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You will need to get a name change petition and submit it with a filing fee to the county court clerk in your area.
A little while back my friend Regina sent me an email because she had questions about visa status changes. I scrounged around my apartment and was able to dig up everything that I did in order to successfully change my visa status from a Humanities Visa to an Instructor’s Visa (not to be confused with a Professor’s Visa).
Let’s just do an overview of the main things that need to be done when your changing your Japanese visa status. 1) Go to your local Immigration Bureau, or to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau in Shinagawa, if it’s more convenient. 2) Submit your change of status application and documentation- All of the paper work I needed was drafted by the company I was teaching for.
3) Obtain your change of status of residence postcard- After submitting your application, you’ll fill out a postcard which will be mailed to you two to four weeks later.
4) Go back to the Immigration Bureau with your change of status postcard, passport, and proper identification.
The Letter of Release is a document from your previous employer saying the dates that you worked for the company, which branch, how much you were making, with the company’s official stamp.
Very similar to the Visa Renewal, because I did my Alien Registration here in Ibaraki, I can either go to the Immigration Bureau in Mito (Ibaraki’s capital) or I can go to the Shinagawa Immigration Bureau. Whichever prefecture you received your Alien Registration Card in should have an Immigration Bureau in a pretty central location. There are many different types of visa status changes, but certain things will be standard from visa to visa: your passport, alien registration card, and health insurance cards (if you have one) will be a given. It’s been a while since I’ve done my last update, but I think I got my status change post card in about two weeks.
If you’re working for a decent company, your renewal process should go pretty smoothly. Just submitted mine today and because I didn’t know about those details, I was sweating wondering if I would get the status change approved or not.
I am supposed to leave in a week but my company couldn’t get the eligibility form in time so I was wondering if I could apply for the visa or change status while in Japan. I know some teaching companies require their teachers to do the initial visa paperwork in their home countries (at least for their first visa).
Mike Craig on How To Open A Japan Post Bank Account De_Ann on The Five Best Companies To Teach For in Japan Gokdeniz C. Read previous post:I’m Not in My Twenties AnymoreYes, I know it’s a little delayed, but I’m realizing that I’m not in my twenties anymore. Cost of serpentine belt replacement - cars and prices paid, How much serpentine belt replacement should cost. How much does it cost to replace an alternator?, How much does it cost to replace an alternator? How much does a timing belt replacement cost, How much does a timing belt replacement cost? Cost of replacing a timing belt - cars and prices paid, How much replacing a timing belt should cost. Changing the transmission fluid in your car is an often overlooked but very important maintenance task.
We’ll first consider the cost to change transmission fluid if you bring your vehicle to a service shop. Consider those to be generally arranged by transmission oil change price. Dealerships are going to be the most expensive choice most of the time. Changing the fluid on a manual transmission is usually cheaper than the same service on an automatic transmission.
If you are reasonably mechanically inclined you certainly could change the fluid in your transmission yourself.

The only out of pocket expense for doing this yourself is going to be for the fluid and a couple of parts.
It doesn’t matter if you decide to pay somebody to change your transmission fluid or if you do it yourself, as long as it gets done. Jason has been working on cars since he was 11 years old helping his dad fix up an old Jeep. A Step by Step Guide on How to Change the Oil in a CarHow to Change Power Steering Fluid and Why!
You should mention that some transmissions annoyingly don’t have a changeable filter. The initial cost of the vehicle, along with periodical maintainance costs like the oil change price can really hurt your budget, so you have to figure out all of these expenses before making the actual purchase. An approximate price for the oil and the labor will be around $25, although an exact cost depends on where you go for the oil change and the type of oil you’ll get. When you go into the shop for an oil change, you’ll notice exactly how low the oil in your car is.
If they’ll notice that other fluids are too low, they will refill them for you, especially if they feel that not changing them will put you and others in danger. As an estimate, people usually end up spending anywhere from $20 to $40 for the full job, although there are a lot of shops that offer deals and coupons that could take the price to lower numbers. Letter of Release (Taishoku-Shomei-sho (???????????? or ?????))- This is probably the trickiest part of the status change process.
One thing to add if you can… if you are drafting the paperwork (specifically the application) yourself, there is a portion only the company who is hiring you can fill out. You should check your owner’s manual to see how often the manufacturer recommends you change it.
There are a number of different places where you could bring your car to have this task completed. A private mechanic will usually give you a slightly better price, they want your business and it’s a pretty simple job. For example if you are driving a 1 ton truck with a heavy duty transmission that takes special fluid, you could pay $200 or more for a fluid change. There are some good reasons to do the work yourself, not the least of which is saving money. This is an often overlooked maintenance item that can lead to transmission problems or even failure. Professional wokshops will charge more especially when they’ll add up costs for different services, some of them being less important or easily done by yourself at home, so make sure you know exactly what you pay for. Although the final price is usually around the same numbers, there are still some variables that will need to be taken into account.
First thing you need to do is find out if your car needs synthetic oil or any similar synthetic blend, because this oil is more expensive. Expect to pay more for brand name oil or higher grade oils, but, usually, it is better to go for a high quality product. It is a lot of work and in the end, if you do all of the work yourself, you’ll only save about $10 in labor costs. If you’ve worked with any local shop or mechanic in the past and they have done a great job, try to take your car there.
If you have bigger things you need fixed or repaired, you can negociate getting the oil change for free.
Searching for discounts and deals or negociating with big shops can take the price to as low as $10. You need to send it or bring it to them, have it filled out and stamped, and then take it to immigration.
I felt alot better after reading and watching your stuff — now I just need to call up immigration to find out about meeting the engineering requirements visa!

I’m going to go ahead and assume that most of you have the average car with a fairly common automatic transmission.
I’d say at least half the cost of a transmission fluid change is in the labor when you go to a garage, so you can save yourself a decent amount of money by doing the service yourself. I should note that my jeep uses very inexpensive oil so this is not typical, but you should still be able to do a fluid change on your manual transmission for under $30 unless you require a special fluid or opt for synthetic. The transmission oil breaks down over time and is less efficient at lubricating and keeping parts cool, which in turn puts more wear on your transmission. Most vehicles don’t require this type of oil to be used, even if it has extra qualities and seems better. Professional stores charge you additional costs for every quart of oil you need and they will usually check all your fluid levels before staring the work.
This is a way to save money, but if you haven’t done it in the past it will seem like a lot of work for just a few bucks.
By going to someone you already know, you will trust their work, and it may get you a discount for being a loyal customer.
Not having a periodical oil change can damage your car in time which means a lot more money spent on the long run.
My question was, if I’m in Japan on a tourist visa can I change it to a working visa without flying back to my home country? While it’s common for people to tackle changing their engine oil, many people are intimidated by changing transmission fluid. Be sure to check your manual to make sure you get the proper type and amount of transmission fluid. So please check your manual for proper fluid change intervals and keep your car happy and healthy!   Hopefully I was able to give you an idea of transmission oil change cost so you can plan accordingly.  Remember to check your transmission fluid level from time to time as well to make sure the transmission always has the proper amount of fluid.
The average working Joe doesn’t afford not to change the oil periodically, if you ask us. He’ll be staying with me, so does he need to notify immigration of the address change and being unemployed? Luckily there are plenty of shops willing to do that work for you if you’re not up for it. Sometimes you can even find a coupon to bring the cost down further so check your local newspaper. Have a good drain pan and some rags on hand, removing the transmission oil pan can be a messy job. It’s been a few years since I had this done but I paid about $60 for this service at a Pennzoil lube shop. Also, if your car is still under warranty it might be a good idea to have a shop do this service for you, the last thing you want to do is void your warranty. I also suggest investing in some sort of a fluid exchange tool, I use a type of siphon pump that works pretty good but there are a number of products on the market that work well for this type of thing. You might pay more if your transmission requires any special fluid or if you opt for synthetic. Another up charge would be if you decided to use synthetic transmission fluid, which I would also recommend if you can afford it.
You’ll get slightly better fuel mileage and it will protect your transmission better.

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how much does it cost to change your timing belt

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