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It is very important to appreciate each minute of your life and especially when you have time to laugh, read cool posts like yours. Wow, these quotes are really inspiring… Makes you want to get up and achieve greatness today!
I especially like the first one… that is true wisdom and something we need to remember! Really like the one that says today is the oldest you will ever be and the youngest you will ever be again. Not an easy task, but nonetheless possible for us all.When times are tough we feel hardships and difficulties around us.

We want the misery to end, to be given a break and for things to change and turn for the better.If only we could have done things differently, are the words which echo in our minds. We even end up blaming ourselves and start to think that we deserve the negative situation we are in.In the midst of the situation we are in it becomes difficult to focus on a different light or better perspective and yet at that moment in time it is the only thing we must do.
We must relinquish control through the understanding that life does not punish us, but that life presents to us what we deeply feel about ourselves. This happens mostly on an unconscious level however we can influence it consciously and in our favor too.We must thus look at our situation with new eyes. With these feelings tangled within us, we cannot move forward.We do not repress those negative feelings.

We are motivated to overcome, not through fear but through choice and in the knowing that because we ourselves are in control of our lives, we are therefore in control of what is to become. In the words of Ghandi, we become the change we seek.All life improvement stems from taking responsibility and not handing out blame and the power to do this lives within us all of the time.
When we choose self-esteem instead of self-pity we are in contact with our inner voice and dispel the random opinion of others.We then begin to live our best lives.

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how not to live your life abby

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