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Your odds of winning the lottery may be slim, but if you DO hit the jackpot, you need to be prepared for the taxes that come with it. While you don't have to report lottery winnings of $600 or less, if you win more than $5,000, the government will hit you with a 25 percent federal withholding tax. However, California, Pennsylvania and states with no income tax (you go, New Hampshire), will not tax your lottery winnings.
So before you spend all your winnings, remember that some of that cash belongs to Uncle Sam.
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While these choices have the same statistical chance of winning the lottery jackpot as the usual random number choices, there are many more lottery players who choose these former patterns.
But, if on the off chance you do win millions in a lottery jackpot, keep in mind that the Internal Revenue Service will be looking for its fair share. Both the Powerball and the Mega Millions lotteries draw from large populations in many states. Many of these have sports, humor, or holiday themes, and are inexpensive (just like most lotteries) to play.
Many Canadians who cross the border for less expensive gasoline may splurge on lottery tickets at gas stations. If they are truly lucky, they can claim their American lottery jackpots and subsequently also reclaim parts of their tax on lottery winnings.

They may have purchased a winning ticket while in the US, but often forget to look up the subsequent lottery jackpot numbers after returning home.
Lottery jackpot winners of $599.99 USD or less will receive the entire lottery jackpot amount.
A $600 USD lottery win automatically will have $180 USD ($600 USD X 30% withholding tax) deducted from the lotto winnings.
In order to receive a full American tax refund, you must have equal to or greater gambling losses than your lottery jackpot. Gambling losses in the US (from taxable games) are deductible against your lottery winnings. For the vast majority of these people, the lottery win is larger than their same-year US gambling losses. For example, if you have won $10,000 USD from a US lottery jackpot, $3000 USD (30% of $10,000 USD) will be automatically deducted as gambling winnings tax.
The IRS is entitled to take only 30% of your net gambling winnings [($10,000 USD - $2000 USD) X 30% = $2400 USD].
Since you were originally taxed $3000 USD, you will receive a refund of $600 USD ($3000 USD subtract $2400 USD). There is no need to claim US gambling losses against taxable lotto winnings in order to receive a tax refund. Gambling Refund Help You Recover Your IRS Taxed Lottery Winnings? Dealing with the IRS is notoriously difficult and complicated.
Non-US residents attempting to reclaim their tax on lottery winnings face a few more obstacles that do not exist for US residents.

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