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Property situated in the best areas is most desirable because it has the greatest value and demandsA the highest prices. Just as you can liveA in the city or out of the city, you can live in faith or outsideA of faith. As long as you stay a€?ina€? that place where God told you to be,A you are a€?ina€? faith and you therefore please God.
Hea€™ll orchestrate situations to make you take your eyesA off Jesus and to fill you with worry and fear.

God promisesA that if you stay a€?ina€? faith, there is a glorious reward awaiting you in the near future.
I know that is whereA I am supposed to be a€” and I know that is what I am supposed to be doing. I am asking You to help meA become single-minded, concentrated, and focused in my determination never to move out ofA faith again. I want to live at the address of faith, for I know that is where I will please YouA the most.

Or have you moved out of faith and into the neighborhood of doubt and unbelief, where you know that you are no longer pleasing God?A 2. What people or situations has he used to try to pull you out of faith and into the territory of disobedience and unbelief?A 3.

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how to assess your time management skills

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