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I want to update you on what has been happening since you last heard from me.  I have been busy with new things brewing.
This last year I have been able to work with amazing people and help them in all different aspects of their businesses: writing compelling content copy, launching websites, digging to find authentic brands that resonate in the marketplace and getting noticed by their target audience. I made the decision in the last quarter of 2012 that I wanted to expand my business and grow it bigger  in the future.  I worked with business consultants and did a lot of research to find where I would fit best as a business. LinkedIn recently changed their profile format.  The look now has more opportunity for visual interest thus a great area to leverage. The photo is larger bringing more visual emphasis to the profile and also makes the photo even more critical.
Any recommendations you have will show up under the work experience it refers to with a small headshot displaying of the person that made the recommendation. Your summary shows up right under your activity updates so that is one of the first things that viewers of your profile will see after your photo and headline. If you did not get a chance to setup a third party application before, LinkedIn is changing entirely how they are doing it.
Next LinkedIn will show you a image from the YouTube and allow you to enter in your own title and description for the video. If you look closely at the list you can display now images from image providers like Pinterest, TwitPic and other social media image providers.
Surveys report different numbers but the picture is the same, anywhere from 25% to 50% of employees are unhappy at their job and many want to leave.
Add to this statistic that 47% of kids now in college are not finishing with a degree and 50% of those that do graduate with a degree are underemployed or unemployed.  The picture is bleak for those entering the workforce now. I attended a presentation recently on Rules for Success in Education by ACT’s Chief Strategy and Marketing Director David Cumberbatch. David spoke on skills students need for future success in college and ultimately the workplace. I am not saying college is not a worthy investment, just that thinking now needs to go beyond education and extend into workplace skills that are in high demand.
This is the same if you are an entrepreneur running your own business.  Having a degree is important, but it is not a guarantee for success in the marketplace.
And thousands of businesses open both online and offline that have to close their doors in one year or less often because they were unable to reach a market that desired or wanted their services in large enough numbers to bring in sufficient income.
Today, you must go beyond the out-dated model of catering only to your boss and instead become known for the great work you contribute among your peers and your ideal target market.
These questions are aiming to prevent you from setting up your business around a need a market is not seeking a solution for nor is willing to pay for  These are tough challenges to overcome even with an outstanding brand and clever marketing campaign. What this means is it is going to be super challenging to find a product or service to offer for the niche group women 30 – 40 years old that are successful, happy, have little stress and are practicing preventative care that they will pay for. Lastly, she might pay for this kind of preventative help as long as she had the extra money because she knows it is a good idea.
With a little tweaking you could niche successfully to 30-40 year old women who get chronic debilitating headaches. Now you have a niche that allows you to work with your ideal client and make a living from helping them. The hardest part of niching for business owners to understand is that by narrowing and solving your problem for your target market – over the top happy clients, you will begin to expand your reach outside of your narrow niche without having to market that broad.
Your approach (meditation focus in this example) while solving the problem and your achievement of the desired result can broaden your reach beyond your niche without having to market more. Now sit down comfortably and scan over them.  What trends do you see?  Start going through them one group at a time.  Do you see consistency?  What are they saying?  Next, is there consistency between groups?

Ideally, you want to see trends, overlap in what people are saying.  Different words are fine, but is the overall essence coming through the same? But if you are committed to being authentic and getting seen by those who need your help, you must drop the urge to follow the template of being proper and instead, get used to interjecting your uniqueness. I ask my clients, think about what if your competition copied you – they offered all the same services as you, and offered it at the same price as you and graduated from top universities and programs?  Why would people go with you?  How will you attract ideal clients? What about you can breathe life and sparkle into your website about page, blog posts, marketing pieces, voicemail and more?  Is it some fun personality quirk like a witty humor, southern belle charm, or zippy one-liners that catch people off guard? This is part of the process of building a community, attracting people that believe in what you do, building a lasting relationship with people that are in harmony with you. This coming week as you go throughout all your daily activities – let your personality shine through loud and clear to attract more clients.
Now move to 40, 50 or 70 years out when you may be near the end of your life.  What would people write up about you?
An activity I do with clients often is to have them write up a testimonial they would love for a client to say about them.  What would be the biggest compliment from a client?  What would make your day, week or month to hear? Take two minute now to think about how you want to be remembered, today, tomorrow and decades from now?  What do you want people to say about you when you are not in the room or gone?  Write up your ultimate testimonial from a client. What one action can you do today to powerfully tell the world how you want to be remembered?  The clearer you are on how you want your legacy to be, the easier it is to fulfill.
How do you get noticed?  You are outstanding at what you do.  You know what you offer is way better than the competition.  But how do you get heard above the noise? I’d like to share with you a worksheet I use with my clients on actions to take in 3 of the major social media platforms for standing out, purposely branding themselves so they become the only choice in their area of specialty. Authenticity sounds simple, however, I find for myself it is an evolving journey and not black and white. My advice to her was never sacrifice yourself in order to be part of what appears to be a big opportunity.  You teach people how to treat yourself and if a company gets away with it once, chances are stacked in favor of them doing it again. I realize we all are asked to do things we may not like to do or are not in our strengths, however, we never should sacrifice our authenticity in order to be part of something that looks to be big. You are moving from a bud that lacked the energy to bloom, to a fully blossomed flower that is one-of-a-kind extraordinaire YOU. Living authentically is acting in line with your true personality, spirit, beliefs, character and values – what an awesome feeling. So to increase your brand value, you must take time and energy to create purposeful and authentic experiences at all your touchpoints.  Your touchpoints are your branding opportunities and this is where most professionals totally miss out.
AboutI help food, nutrition & culinary professionals strategically leverage their strengths and find their unique flavor to attract more ideal clients, customers and job offers in this new world of work. MissionMy mission is to maximize food, nutrition and culinary professionals' positive impact on the food we eat in our communities, our nation and our world in order that we all live abundant and healthy lives. Plants make flowers, flowers make nectar, nectar is food, food is survival for hummingbirds. Now that you know how to attract hummingbirds by supplying feeders, plants, perches and water; you now know how simple this venture can be!
You may be surprised to find other birds at your hummingbird feeders!These larger birds often crowd out the tiny hummingbirds.If your wondering what to do, read Hummingbird Feeders Attract Other Birds. Who knows what really prompted our passion for learning how to attract hummingbirds and care for them?After a long, cold winter in the northeastern United States, it was Spring!
The Rest is History!After our first visitors arrived, we thought, "If we hang more feeders, we might attract more hummingbirds!" We added 3 more feeders and sure enough we had more hummers visiting these additional feeders. What do these changes mean for you?  How can you best maximize the changes so you stand out and get noticed?  These are 5 things you can do.  Put them on your todo list now to knock off in the next month.

An example might be you have a 2 minutes video of you presenting a key presentation and it is uploaded to YouTube. We like to buy things that address our specific needs, not general “fix everything” type of approaches. You can narrow this further to fitness and exercise for women over the age of forty, and now you have a product that is “Fit Over Forty“.  You will have more sales, thus more profit with this narrow focus than just marketing as a fitness and exercise expert. These next four questions to ask are key for assuring your niche is profitable – you can make a living. Does your niche group have a strong emotionally compelling problem or issue that you can help with? Is your niche group looking for a solution to their problem – seeking help?  It is much tougher to market a service or product for a problem the target market does not even know they need. Will the help you provide either make your niche group feel much better or solve a big problem for them?  I like to say you want your help to give them better sleep at night. However, it will likely be a lower priority which will take more effort on your part to prompt her to action.
The headaches zap her energy, wear her out, she is unable to be in a good mood around her children, she feels grumpy and isn’t enjoying life. First buy your own copy of the book by Tom Rath, then inside the back cover you get a code with which you can use to take their StrengthsFinder online survey. You can still use these areas you have invested time and energy in to master in how you distinguish yourself.  However, right now the goal is to find your natural gifts. The reason people are drawn to you is because of YOU, your personality, your brand, your unique approach, your passions. There are thousands, probably millions of social media deemed experts but she is in the top 10 lists consistently in the past two years because of her brand, her personality, her generous ability to draw people to her with her upstanding values and compassion for the little guy. You are now!  Blossom and let others enjoy all of you – your beliefs, your values, your character, your personality and very importantly your spirit!
Feeders, of course, supply a food source for hummingbirds which is a primary necessity for survival. SEHH101 May 22, 16 09:04 AMThe Tweet Heart Lantern Hummingbird Feeder with the dangling red heart and glass dish top attracts Hummers like a magnet.
If you have a headache, are you going to buy the general pain medicine or the pain medicine specifically for headaches?  The outside package for both OTCs is different, one niches and the other is a generalist trying to cover a broad market, and the actual products are identical.
What you are digging at here is whether the niche group ranks the solution to their problem high enough to pay for help.
Second, there is no big difficulty to solve in order for her to feel the immediate benefits, even if she might feel a sense of peace knowing she was preventing problems. During the day they will use a perch to oversee and guard a flower garden, feeder or any other source of food.After feeding, a perch supplies a comfortable spot to digest their food which usually takes about 20 minutes.
So we currently attract hummingbirds to all feeders and enjoy the sight of our little friends at a feeder in every room.We planted a perennial garden with the sole purpose to attract hummingbirds. Click the icon and up will pop a blank to enter in the link to the image, document or presentation. We added a water fountain in the garden to quench their thirst and planted a few small trees around the edges of the garden for perches.

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