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Jennifer’s renowned and popular Soul Song of 2010 (value $157) that includes an amazing body dialoging session helping you to align with the themes and energies of 2010, then use the 2010 Soul Song sound vibrations to knit those energies in place. Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret, offers an in-depth quiz for those who want to prepare, on every level, to manifest the love of their life. Marci Shimoff, author of the best-selling book, Happy for No Reason, 7 Steps to Happiness from the Inside Out, partners with David and Kristin Morelli in their highly acclaimed program Happiness, Abundance, and Millions.
Order an mp3 recording of this powerful 90 minute tele-seminar to clear your subconscious blocks to happiness and abundance as your free gift today.
From the New York Times Best Selling Author of the hard cover book 21 Distinctions of Wealth, Peggy McColl is giving you your checklist for you to track your progress as you are enriching your life with the life-changing affirmations from each of the distinctions. Adela Rubio is an Expert Tribe Builder and Conscious Business Mentor™ who helps visionary leaders authentically articulate their essential message and build a conscious business tribe. Apply this 6-minute formula to instantly shift your level of consciousness, stop self-sabotage and empower your magnetic attraction.
Enjoy these downloads which will have you laughing, remembering and eager to chat with your daughter, whatever her age. Learn how to turn on your money magnet and magnetize whatever you desire by learning how to work with energy. In this free report, discover the 3 behaviors that keep you in the struggle and STOP your cash, love, perfect health and everything you desire from coming to you as well as real world strategies to remove the 3 most common self imposed limitations in the way of your life and business goals. You can enjoy Conscious Loving Relationships, Reach Your Goals, savior Inner Peace, and delight in Abundance. Receive over 8 hours of insights and wisdom on mp3 & transcripts from my interviews with 8 masters in their field.
Imagine how inspired you would be if you were surrounded by the world's most motivational people. 7 Secrets To Keeping Love Alive in Your Relationship e-book and 45 minute coaching strategy session to the first 10 people that buy your book. A downloadable PDF chapter from Love, Life, God: The Journey of Creation, as well as a Big E starter pack to get you on your way to a happier, healthier you!  For those of you who are audio inclined, I've also included a wonderful meditation that will super charge your abundance and magnify your manifestation!
3 Free eBooks, dozens of Free Success and Inspirational Mp3 Downloads, A Free Personality Profile and much, much more. Are you tired of struggling or do you find your happiness fluctuates day to day based on the external conditions in your life? This is a wonderful meditation for getting in touch with your Higher Self and tuning in to your value as a person.
Free Self-Realization Starter Kit: Features the extraordinary ideas of best-selling author and success expert Guy Finley.
Writing a book is a huge investment of time and energy but your efforts can’t stop there. Mp3- Releasing your Money blocks for your business and SECRETS to attracting more clients and sales!
The Mind Power Way to Attract Money (Audio and Written Transcript): A power-packed hour on the amazing way anyone can attract money using the awesome force of their own mind. Since 1985 Serenity has been creating music, guided imagery, and written word in support of relaxation and healing.
Instant Energy for Your Life Audio Book I helps you find more blocks of time every day to boost your energy levels. During this 1-hour teleseminar, you will be inspired and empowered to go for your dreams and make them happen! Larry Crane is a self-made millionaire businessman, author and teacher to Fortune 500 executives and partner to billionaires.

Learn how certified executive coach, Linda Cassell, used the power of appreciation to land her dream job with a $10,000 salary increase! Ready to get out of overwhelm, taking a no-excuses approach to growing your business with confidence?
A meditation that connects you with the grounding energy of the earth, the expanding energy of the universe, and your authentic energy. Join the Evolution: Move from the Emotional Stone-Ages to Emotional Consciousness $69 Value. Using this ebook you will be able to determine where you play to win in life rather than not to lose. Your FREE bonus from Coach Sheri is the mp3 recordings of the Keys to Living Joyfully Telesummit. If you want to learn how to make powerful statements in subtle ways or if you're just trying to pick the color for your guest room, Tori's Spiritual Color Dictionary is your guide to making intuitive decisions. Keith Matthew is an internationally-recognized Wealth Attraction mentor and creator of the Limitless Wealth and Success System. Get Instant Access to Keith Matthew's 7-Day Success Tribe Workshop, which teaches powerful abundance techniques. This allows you to visualize and inculcate your vision through the body dialog session, then ground it in with the soul melody for the year.
This session includes cutting-edge accelerated learning techniques to align your beliefs and actions for prosperity, inner peace and well-being. You will also receive a short (yet powerful) video Peggy McColl created for you to play on your computer to give you the 3 step process to attracting more abundance and you will receive an audio download of wealth affirmations.
Pat and friends team up to provide you with a plethora of gifts designed to help you live life full-out.
With five online telesummits under her belt, and more than 64 interviews with conscious business leaders, she is an expert at creating engaging and experiential online virtual events that position you as a thought leader while leveraging talent, time, and technology. Translated around the world, it's extraordinarily readable and entertaining, yet so rich in content it's recommended reading at places like Columbia Business School. This will show you how to generate more revenue from your existing clients rather than spending more money to obtain new ones.
Carol Robin is a master at guiding people into the deep levels where they can access healing. This is an advanced meditation technique that will help you turn what you want from energy into matter.
You will receive powerful and practical tools to create the Life & Relationships You Want.
If you have been having issues with confidence or making yourself small, this meditation will focus you on your true worth and leave you feeling expanded! Yours free: A download of several Serenity songs, ebook of A Journey of Reflections (by Serenity founder, Jim Moeller) and a guided imagery entitled Daily Focus (by Serenity artist Max Highstein).
Please enjoy the first three chapters of Nothing Short of Joy where Julie Genovese’s troubles are ultimately turned into treasures. Sign up for the FREE Explore Your Spirit with Kala Newsletter and receive a FREE mp3 download of Kala's Guided Meditation - Spirit of Hawaii. The Release Technique by Larry Crane will teach you how to eliminate any and all negativity on the spot—leaving you in a powerfully positive position to create only the good things in life that you desire. Learn secrets that most people don't know about how to REALLY make connections and build lasting relationships quickly, easily, authentically and automatically. You will learn 5 practical tips which will immediately shift your perspective on yourself and other people.

Leaving you open, calm and with the knowledge of how you are feeling without the influence of anyone else. Your feelings are scientifically shown to have greater impact on your life than your thoughts. This Teleseminar is packed with tools and techniques to learn down-to-earth practices, and action steps that will get you in the Attraction and Manifesting mode right away. Simple & quick ways to kick-start your day, release stress, feel better, stay focused, get more done and experience a more meaningful life!
You can determine which areas of your life need more of your attention right now and make improvements to raise your level of satisfaction. The recordings consist of five hours of Coach Sheri as she conducts coaching and lifestyle interviews with experts in their field.
Tom will show you what he’s already shown to others from moms to movie stars and people from around the world. You will easily multiply your results by learning the Secrets to Successful Self-Promotion used by the most successful people in every field. Keith has been teaching people his transformative personal development techniques for the past 21 years and is leading a worldwide movement that creates better leaders: both in the local communities as well as globally. AND you will also receive a special Healing Body Dialoging audio offering techniques for clearing old, unwanted beliefs and thoughts that get stuck in the body as emotional blockages, limiting expression and human potential. Watch the magic unfold in your life as you move through 40 days and nights of personal reflection, finding your sacred center and returning with your gifts to to share with the world.
Abracadabra and hocus-pocus -make your reams come true too with this amazing collection of inspirational and motivational quotes. Her gift is inspiring, loving, and motivational digital pictures to put on your computer background or in digital photo frames.
The information in this e-book provides tools to help you quickly analyze human behavior and understand unconscious motivations.
Join the evolution of shifting out of the emotional stone ages and advance to the next level of conscious living. I will guide you through how to attract money, wealth and more by embracing your Soul mission. This ebook uses a step by step process to enable you to take inventory on your life as it is today, what you can change to improve it, and create an action plan. This audio MP3 is designed to speak to the internal voices in your psyche that, if left unchecked, would cause you to miss out on the opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals.
Free audio samples will show you how to eliminate all fear and frustration once and for all.
It’s a groundbreaking roadmap to achieve a greater sense of wholeness and well-being on your own or in a relationship. Once you tap into the spring of wealth within you, and live the life your Soul Intended…. At the end of this ebook, you will have an action plan on how to raise your level of satisfaction in all areas of your life. Bestselling Solemate, by renowned coach and Life Keys radio host Lauren Mackler, provides practical tools for gaining greater mastery of your life, and becoming the person you were born to be.
Join me and get ready for a powerful spiritual journey into your Divine river of prosperity within!

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