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Don’t get me wrong, it is not necessary to an entrepreneur to have success as a Beachbody Coach, but In my opinion, it is necessary to have a willingness to learn new things and acquire the skills and abilities needed to be successful.
Becoming a Beachbody Coach just for the discount makes sense if you are a customer that purchases Shakeology on a regular monthly basis, or any of Beachbody’s other supplements on a regular monthly basis. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, or fast and easy money, becoming a Beachbody Coach is not what you are looking for?
Heavy emphasis on recruiting new people, with little to no emphasis on selling products of any kind. Additionally, here are three reasons why Beachbody cannot be referred to as a pyramid scheme. Beachbody does not feature required inventory.  You are not required to purchase anything…ever!  It’s beneficial, of course, and the products are great…but not required! Beachbody is all about products and services, not recruiting!  While it’s true that recruiting will help us build individual businesses, Beachbody’s focus is spreading the word on their products and services to end the trend of obesity.  Additionally, Beachbody pays millions to find new customers each year, and those new customers are passed along to coaches ranked Emerald or above.  Do you know of any other MLM that gives their employees leads? And one more thing before we move on:  what about your corporate job?  Do you think that’s a pyramid scheme?  This picture says it all!
Becoming a Beachbody MLM Coach, Join Top Earners & Leaders Thinking of becoming a Beachbody Coach? In mid 2012, the cost for becoming a Beachbody Coach was eliminated for those who simply choose to start their business by purchasing a Challenge Pack.

This is awesome news because with the holidays quickly approaching, the Beachbody MLM is primed for massive growth. My goal in this post is to give you a simple breakdown and provide you with the information you will need to help you decide if becoming a Beachbody Coach is right for you or not. Have you ever recommended a Beachbody program to a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone that you know? As a Beachbody Coach, you are able to earn money by recommending Beachbody products to others. If you have no interest in owning and running a home based business, becoming a Beachbody Coach may not be for you. I see a lot of customers signing on to be Coaches because they love the products, but just loving the products isn’t enough to succeed.
Being a Beachbody Coach means being the CEO of your own business, and there are certain skills that need to be learned in order to succeed, like basic marketing for example. With a 25% discount, a Coach will save approximately $30 every month on their own personal Shakeology purchase. While it is possible to earn a lot of money as a Coach, it is important to understand that it will take a lot of work and effort to get to that level. If you love Beachbody products, and are already talking about them and sharing them with others, then this is more up your alley.

I forget the exact date…but it’s been a while!) so hopefully I can help shine some light on this idea of the “Beachbody Coaching Scam” and give you the truth.
Beachbody gives every Coach a website when they sign up, and all sales made through that website are tracked to the appropriate Coach, which then earns a commission.
So when you do the math, a customer turned Coach would break even after just a few months, and then actually being saving money every month with the Coach discount.
If you on the fence and can’t decide, my suggestion is to just dive in and get signed up. So as a Coach, if you were to recommend a Beachbody workout to someone that you know, you’d also let that person know where they can purchase it, which would be your website. There have been a lot of customers that have become Coaches just for the discount, and then realized how easy it was to make some extra money with it, and it turned out be very lucrative for them. All of Beachbody’s products, including the Coach sign up fee come with a 30 day money back guarantee. So if you decide to become a Coach, and realize after a few weeks that it is not for you, for whatever reason, you’re able to get a full refund of your purchase price, no questions asked.

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how to become a beachbody elite coach

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