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Get certified to become a Life Coach in the highly acclaimed Certified Coaches Federation's 2-day intensive certification program! Event details may change at any time, always check with the event organizer when planning to attend this event or purchase tickets.
We're generating custom event recommendations for you based on Become A Certified Life Coach! December 31, 2012 by Dave Iuppa Leave a Comment There are actually three questions here: why, where and how to become a certified life coach.
Becoming “certified” at anything implies that you have officially achieved a recognized standard. How to become a certified coach leads directly to the question of where are you becoming certified and just who is doing the certification.
Let’s change our focus from “how to become a certified life coach” to “how to become a very effective life coach.” Just as a highly self-motivated student at a decent community college can get a good education, while a lazy student, who sleeps through classes at an Ivy League School cannot, a lot of what you take away from any program is a combination of what you bring to the table and how hard you apply yourself. The MISSION of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is to play a crucial role in improving health and happiness, and through that process, create a ripple effect that transforms the world.
The Health Coach Training Program is a year-long online course specially designed for people who are passionate about health and wellness. Integrative Nutrition’s comprehensive curriculum covers over 100 dietary theories and combines counseling techniques with real-world business training. With Integrative Nutrition’s innovative learning model, you will be empowered to build a thriving health coaching practice, transform your own health and happiness, and change the world by a part of the ripple effect.
Being an Ambassador of Integrative Nutrition, I have access to a huge scholarship discount that I may offer to my family and friends. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to take a leap of faith and enroll in the health coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).
Call it coincidence, chance or destiny, but as I was trying to make this decision, I happened to meet people that had taken this course. I was a bit skeptical about the program before I started because I had been disappointed in other coaching programs I had completed.  Throughout the IIN health coach training program, I was consistently impressed with all of the content, tools and resources they provide.  The whole experience was much more than I expected! If you are interested in health, nutrition and helping others live healthier, more fulfilling lives, this might just be perfect for you.
Integrative Nutrition’s comprehensive curriculum covers over 100 dietary theories and combines counseling techniques with real-world business training. Learn from the world’s leading health, wellness and nutrition experts and begin a career that can change lives.
Contact me with any questions you have and find out how I can help mentor you along the way. Approximately 7 years ago, along with some colleagues, I started offering training with virtual Boot Camps covering topics like Personal Branding, Crisis Communications and Organizatonal Development. Some of our courses earn continuing education credit programs for BCC coaches, HR professionals (HRCI) as well as performance improvements specialists. BlueRio Strategies and its Hawk Collaborative offer BCC-Approved full certification programs as well as continuing education programs that are steeped in robust, immersive learning, lecture-based as well as intuitive and responsive and collaborative instruction. Personal and Professional Development Coaching has been demonstrating value for more than 20 years and in the last 5 or so has grown in popularity in extreme ways.
In a 2009 study of the professional coaching industry by the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), they found that coaching was used by 90% of organizations surveyed and that even in the economic downturn, 70% report that they are increasing or maintaining their commitment to coaching. BlueRio Strategies is a cooperative agency with Portland State offering online courses for graduate credit.
Hawk Eye Coach Certification - Become a Certified Hawk Eye Veteran Development Coach (CVDC - approved also for BCC credential - Track A) - Cohort 13 begins in June 2016 and will be the last chort until late winter 2016 - early 2017..
Hawk Eye Coach Training - Track B - Self-paced, 100% online course -Gain a Certificate of Completion (non-credential track) - Click to visit site for more details. Refund policies vary depending on course -however most follow a no refund after course starts rule.
Cancellation Policy for this class: There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Coaching Through Acceptance BCC course of $25.

There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Hawk Eye Coach Training Program Track A of $50.
Following registration, you may cancel without penalty if request is received at least 14 days before the course begins. There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Hawk Eye Home Study TRACK B of $25.
Requests for cancellation must be made in writing, and emailed or contact us for our mailing address.
There is a required non-refundable registration fee for the Hawk Eye BCC Home Study Program of $25. How would you like to go back to school for a short period of time to become a certified brain performance coach? If you're a teacher facing old age discrimination in hiring because you went back to college over the age of 40 or 50 or if you're some of those liberal arts college graduates who aren't finding teaching jobs at the high school, community college, or even elementary school levels who don't wish to work as substitutes or teacher's aides, you might go back to school for a short time to become a certified brain performance coach. Alternative careers for those trained in liberal arts or education also may find entrepreneurial careers by becoming brain coaches. How would you like to be the coach who motivates others from different cultures in order to function better in a global society and a global economy?
The career could also appeal to behavioral science, counseling, English, and life science majors who want to work for themselves as brain performance coaches to help students do better on final exams and similar tests such as aptitude tests, graduate school entrance tests, or employment tests. The most frequent type of brain coach has a masters degree in some subject such as English or math or one of the life sciences or in professional writing and finds work by coaching students to perform better on tests.
You really don't need any special major, but if you're a generalist, here's one way to specialize in helping others achieve better test scores using the neuroscience-based techniques for brain performance. What you do need to study or read up on are the techniques that neuroscientists use to help others achieve better brain performance on tests, including specific tests that students would pay for if they could improve their scores on tests such as the MCAT, the medical school aptitude exam or the LSAT, the exam given to get into law school. You could also take an online course to become a certified brain coach, improve your own brain, or use brain performance enhancing software.
One outcome would be to help the student feel more present in the moment instead of feeling stress about future performance on tests.
Anne HartHealthy Trends ExaminerAnne Hart, author of 91 paperback books, nutrition anthropology journalist, began writing full time as an independent journalist, novelist, and nonfiction book author starting on June 17, 1959. Summer fairs: 12 ways to keep kids safe around animalsSummer fairs and recreational festivals often offer opportunities for children and adults to interact with animals. Home selling: 10 simple tips for boosting curb appealHow can a home seller attract potential buyers to explore the property and consider purchasing it? If you don’t have good answers to all three of these questions, you might be making some big mistakes. You have been acknowledged by an authoritative body for successfully completing a comprehensive course of study. Since coaching is an unregulated profession, anyone can offer certification for the completion of any coaching program. What I look for in any coaching training program is that it is science-based and includes large amounts of coaching and being coached, in a monitored setting. Its unique nutrition philosophy takes a holistic approach to wellness and encourages students to consider more than just nutrition, but also into relationships, work, exercise and spirituality as essential to building good health. These distinguished speakers are the leading medical doctors, PhDs, researchers and authorities in nutrition today. The nutrition theories they teach will give you a broad palette of information to draw from when you start working with your own clients as a certified health coach. You, as a visitor to my website, may take advantage of this huge discount by contacting me! Whether you’re interested in learning about nutrition, launching a meaningful new career, or even changing the world, Integrative Nutrition will empower you to transform your life and achieve your personal and professional goals.
Then I was callled to fill a need I saw and launched my first full coach certification training program - BlueRio's Hawk Eye Coach Training - the USA's first of its kind to train professionals specificially to help militarty veterans in life and career mapping. The foundation of most courses follow theories and applications stemming from IPNB (interpersonal neurobiology) Strengths-based Development, Brand-Centered Sustainability© and Resilience-building.

In fact, many HR managers, hiring managers and even entrepreneurs are becoming certified coaches as they can directly see the benefits. And a 2012 global study by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) also showed the profession appears to be growing, with an estimated 41,300 active coaching professionals generating close to $2 billion in revenue annually. This investment can be a win-win, when your future improves as you help others do the same.
SIMONS, CVDC, President, Inspiring Excellence, LLC: (Former professional football player with the Kansas City Chiefs and St. Are you interested in learning about how some experts map and analyze the brain and training it for optimal health and performance? Also helpful is my paperback book, 30+ Brain-Exercising Creativity Coach Businesses to Open - iUniverse. Brain coaching also can be taught as a community college class in personal development, if you approach community colleges with a course outline to teach this subject.
Global Mindset, according to the website, "Become a Brain-Training Coach," is the ability to influence and motivate individuals, groups and organizations that are different from your own native background.
The reason why someone hires a brain coach is to amplify the brainpower of a student for finals at any grade level, usually though, at the college level. And there are a lot more entrance and aptitude tests for which students will pay to be tutored or to take a course in order to improve their chances of success. Sometimes a student will get a high score on the MCAT, the medical school aptitude test used for admission to medical school when sample tests are taken at home, but get so anxious that the score drops dramatically when the student takes the test in public. Successful completion of our course includes one year enrollment in our continuing education program. And this gives assurance to prospective clients that you are skilled, competent and adhere to high standards of professional conduct. Look for programs that include certification by highly regarded professional organizations, like the International Coach Federation. Enter your email below to download the Health Coach Training Program Guide, and for more details on how you can take advantage of this scholarship offer. It helps if you're a specialist in behavioral and neuroscience techniques for achieving brain performance on tests. The brain coach trains the student to reduce test anxiety for such tests or for routine final exams for college courses. Before you sign up for any courses make sure that any certification you earn is accredited and recognized by some validated organization with the authority to recognize certified brain performance coaches. What you'd help the student with is to 're-engineer' the student's approach to tests and school.
You would be helping the student relax, breathe a little slower, and find ways to cut the anxiety of test taking. Follow the guidelines presented below, search the internet, study the material taught, insist on lots of actual coaching experience in addition to course material, and look for a clear track record of successful graduates and clients. Clearly, achieving a bona fide certification in any professional field is a desirable plus.
Alternatively, look for well established coaching programs from coaching schools that offer certifications and that are members of these professional organizations. Her emphasis is on nutrition and health journalism, science writing, and culture in the media. Beyond this be prepared for your “certification” to be a questionable marketing tool rather than a professional designation.

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