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There are very few truly expert and in-depth past-life trainings available from seasoned teachers with many decades of experience both in conducting regressions and in teaching others this life-changing tool. Our next transformational retreat will be held at the world-famous Sedona Creative Life Center, October 3-8, 2016. You will be warmly welcomed and supported, and you will receive thorough instruction in every aspect of past-life regression by an internationally recognized expert in this remarkable field, Mary Elizabeth Raines. ABOUT US: This training is being offered by the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training and Laughing Cherub Unlimited. CLASS LOCATION: This remarkable, life-changing class will be held at the Sedona Creative Life Center, a world-famous nonprofit center surrounded by 15 beautiful, secluded acres just a few minutes from the heart of Sedona, AZ. WHO MAY ENROLL: Enrollment in this unique course is open to all hypnotists, counselors, therapists, physicians, clergy, medical or mental-health practitioners, alternative healers, massage therapists, educators, and others who are experienced in working with people in a healing capacity. ABOUT THE CLASS: Our class size is limited so that every student may receive personal attention.
WHAT YOU RECEIVE: Expert, comprehensive and highly experiential training in becoming a confident and capable past-life regression therapist. SCHEDULE: As full participation is required for certification, with no exceptions, avoid scheduling early departure or late arrival. Please note, however, that the main focus is not personal therapy, but rather that of learning and further developing a skill that can be used in helping others. FOR PEOPLE WHO ALREADY HAVE TRAINING IN GIVING PAST-LIFE REGRESSIONS: Occasionally we have a student who has already taken a class in how to conduct past-life regressions.
Although the primary purpose of the class is for you to become expertly trained so that you may offer healing and compassionate understanding to others, there is an unexpected secondary gain that my students report over and over again: They find that their own lives have become transformed in a miraculous and marvelous way when they take these classes.
I am always excited and glad at the opportunity to share knowledge and wisdom, and to prepare healers of the highest order to do this important work.
In addition to teaching past-life regression, hypnosis, and guided imagery certification classes, and maintaining a private clinical practice in Sedona, Raines has taught related courses for the University of Wisconsin Continuing Education Department, has been featured in several speaker's series, and has presented past-life regression workshops and talks throughout the country, including regular workshops at the Bodhi Tree in West Hollywood, CA, and week-long past-life workshops for Friends General Conferences (Quakers) in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, Wisconsin and Washington. Raising and finishing livestock on a pasture-based system will not be suitable for every farm or set of circumstances.
Animals must only eat grass and forage throughout their lifetime, with the exception of milk consumed by young stock prior to weaning. Permitted feeds include grass (both annual and perennial species) and legumes such as clover, trefoil and vetches. Brassicas such as kale and turnips are permitted as part of a rotational farming system, provided the intake is properly balanced with grass or conserved forage.
Wholecrop silage made from the early vegetative stage of cereal crops, is not excluded from the Certification Standards. Where forage crops are grown on arable fields, they should be part of a rotation and their inclusion should not adversely affect the potential for growing crops for direct human consumption. Within the Certification Standards, a guide is provided to ensure that stocking rates are appropriate for the climate and capacity of the land to grow forage. Veterinary treatments for internal parasites may be used, just as they are in organic systems. The Certification Standards recognise the potential problems that can arise for ewes carrying multiple lambs.
Once provisional approval is given, arrangements can be made to co-ordinate a farm inspection with an existing one such as Farm Assurance or organic certification.
Anyone wishing to become a Certified Farmer or Butcher must first be a member of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association. To become fully Certified, any member has to pay an annual certification fee before they can trade meat or livestock under the ‘Pasture for Life’ brand. This costs ?50 and covers the work of the certification team to ensure both farmers and butchers abide by the word and spirit of the Certification Standards. Like any other claim made at the point of sale via labelling or advertisement, the ‘Pasture for Life’ mark must be independently verified.  This means accredited inspectors need to visit the farm and butchery businesses to check they are operating as they say they are. The application process for farmers and butchers is carried out entirely online via their Pasture-Fed Livestock Association website account.  This helps keep overheads for the organisation low and enables transparency for the consumer. Step 2: Farmers and butchers start by creating a business profile, which includes their own brief webpage with a picture or two to describe their farm. Step 4: If all aspects are compliant, the final stage of the application process is to pay the certification fee.
After the fee has been received, farmers and butchers can automatically use the PFLA livestock database. Consumers buying meat carrying the ‘Pasture for Life’ logo with the traceability codes alongside, can be assured the animal it came from was from a Certified Farm and only ever ate grass and forage crops – guaranteed.
We have developed a very simple system so that Certified Farmers and Butchers can offer the type of information their increasingly discerning customers are looking for at the point of sale, via a traceability code.
To create the traceability records, a Certified Farmer needs to enter the animal’s individual ear tag number, date of birth and gender onto the livestock database.

When the animal is ready to leave the farm, the producer simply moves it to another Certified Farm or Certified Butcher, by selecting the destination from a drop-down list. When taking delivery of a carcase, the Certified Butcher simply needs to update the records on his or her livestock database to acknowledge receipt of the animal and add information such as date of death, abattoir location and deadweight. The animal record is then complete and the Certified Butcher can take the Pasture Tracks code and apply it to the packs of meat or display it on the counter. Only Certified Farmers and Butchers are able to access the livestock database and create or update the traceability records. I am selling meat direct from my farm, so do I need to become a Certified Farmer and Certified Butcher?
Becoming Certified as a ‘Butcher’ means adhering to the simple butchery standards, which help ensure the quality and integrity of Pasture Meat is maintained from farm to consumer.
Farmers selling their own produce, directly through a farm shop, online or at farmers’ markets, will already be overseeing the processing, packaging and labelling of Pasture Meat, before selling it to customers. The services of others may be contracted in to do some of these things, for example the butchery. You may contract in the services of others to do some of these things for you – for example the actual butchery, but as the business responsible for ensuring it is done to your specification, we need some assurance that you are making sure these activities comply with the Pasture Production Standards. Proceed with and complete your farmer application as normal, including the name of your farm (not your retail business) in the application process. The Certification Team will then make available the application process to become a Certified Butcher on this account and will send further instructions.  As part of this application you will be able to enter the name of your retail business for listing on the Where to Buy page.
I am in a remote area, what are my options for marketing livestock under the ‘Pasture for life’ brand? The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association has grown steadily, gaining new members in diverse areas across the country. Where possible, we are working with groups of Certified Farmers to form regional hubs, so that together they can supply one Certified Butcher. The ‘Pasture for Life’ brand can be a selling point in its own right, or can be used to endorse existing, genuine ‘100% grass-fed’ claims.
These elements can be included within your existing statutory label, alongside the weight and use-by-date etc.
The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is also driving increasing numbers of visitors to its website where all outlets for Pasture Meat are listed.
There is also increasing engagement with key audiences on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and promotional plans are in place to reach informed groups such as those that follow the Paleo diet and Crossfit exercise regimes, as well as chefs, food writers and influencers and the general public.
We are delighted to have taught many wonderful people who have attended our classes how to conduct professional, safe and profound past-life regressions, and we hope to see you in October! By the time you complete the course, our goal is to be certain that you will be ready to conduct past-life regression sessions with competence and confidence.
The center was founded to celebrate the human spirit and provide an uplifting and nourishing environment for spiritually enhancing programs and personal growth. Their teachers have included the greats in this field, like Sylvia Brown, Brian Weiss, Dick Sutphen, and Henry Leo Bolduc. There are always new techniques to learn, and each teacher's approach is different, so you will still enjoy this class, regardless of earlier certification trainings.
In 2010 she was awarded the Order of the Braid in honor of a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication, and service in the field of hypnotism.
Herbs can also play an important part within pasture leys, providing drought resilience, a source of minerals and self-medication, as well as aiding digestion and reducing methane emissions from the animals.
It is important that brassicas are managed responsibly and should be used to complement, rather than replace feed from pasture.
However, there are strict limitations to ensure this provision is not seen as a way to feed grains via the ‘back door’. However, it makes good financial and agronomic sense to use the nitrogen-fixing abilities of legumes like red and white clovers to get the best out of grassland.
However, these products may also kill out desired species within botanically-rich swards, and the overall cost of using chemical sprays may outweigh any potential benefits. However good rotational grassland management and the use of clean grazing for youngstock should help eliminate the need for such treatments. Provision is made for supplementary feeding in these specific cases, so that animal welfare is not compromised. If you feel you can comply with all the requirements, the next stage is to become a member and then register your interest via our contact page, after which a self-assessment form can be completed. However, where possible, the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association is offering to combine ‘Pasture for Life’ inspections with other farm assurance inspections, such as Red Tractor. This is the page that consumers will come to when they trace their meat at the point of sale, either by scanning a QR code on the label, or by entering an identifying number into this website at Trace Your Meat. This is a checklist against the Certification Standards.  Once submitted this is checked by our Certification Team.

This enables them to trade meat and livestock with the necessary Pasture Tracks ID and QR code to accompany the ‘Pasture for Life’ brand. Providing all statutory livestock movement paperwork is to hand, this process should only take a few seconds. This guarantees that meat displaying a Pasture Tracks code is indeed ‘Pasture for Life’ Certified.
This builds a useful picture of what is possible, helping convince other farmers that beef and lamb can be finished without any grain.
For anyone selling just their own meat direct to the consumer, the butcher certification fee is just ?1, instead of the normal ?50 for independent butchers. However, as the business responsible for ensuring it is carried out to the required specification, the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association needs some assurance that all these activities comply with the Certification Standards. We often find that once there is one Certified Farmer in a region, others soon start to come on board.
For farmers with no other Certified Farmers nearby, there are still possibilities to link with other ‘Pasture for Life’ outlets, particularly farmers selling Pasture Meat online. Meat from animals that have been out grazing all summer, but are then fattened intensively on cereals during the last few weeks of their life, is often marketed as ‘grass-fed’ beef.
The ‘Pasture for Life’ Certification Mark provides customers with a guarantee that the meat has been 100% grass-fed all of its life.
This creates a clear distinction between real ‘Pasture for Life’ meat and meat from animals that have eaten grass for only part of their lives.
Or the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association can provide a small label which includes the Certification Mark and Pasture Tracks codes to sit beside the statutory label.
Most butchers place these on their counters or include them in the meat boxes they send out to their customers. For around $600,  you get all your materials, your exam cost, access to the online training resources and a free tech support hotline where you can get help from trainers. This incredible offering contains a treasure-chest of information about how to conduct past-life regressions, along with the opportunity for your own life-changing experience. A welcome bonus is that many of our graduates form deep and long-lasting friendships with their fellow students. Upon 100% attendance and satisfactory completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate suitable for framing from the Academy for Professional Hypnosis Training. This is transformative work, and is being held in a very sacred and transformational place. We have immense respect for these pioneers, and are fortunate enough to have considered some of them as personal friends. My intent is to offer you the most complete array of tools possible so that you can facilitate effective and powerful past-life regression sessions with confidence and ease. The above testimonials come from people from many parts of the world and from all over the United States.Due to the tender nature of past-life regression and the personal nature of some of these quotes, names have not been disclosed.
But it is essential that we provide clarity and transparency, so customers who buy Pasture Meat and Dairy Products can have full confidence in what it represents. We recommend straw as one of the feed sources to complement grazing on brassicas to ensure there is sufficient fibre intake within the animals’ diet. The Certification Standards also provide advice about the timing of lambing and the use of suitable sources of supplementary feed, such as lucerne nuts.
This can significantly reduce the cost and time foregone by the farmer.  For more information please contact us. Herd or flock number and breed will have already been entered when the farmer was initially Certified. This has been designed to be quick and easy, but a guidance document is available for farmers and butchers on completion of their application. Labels have to be ordered at least a fortnight before they are required (ie normally when an animal goes to slaughter), and are available at cost for Certified Butchers.
This unlimited phone support is one of the ways that makes this online course less intimidating.If you fail the test, it's okay!  ISSA Offers Free ISSA Exam RetestsDon't stress too much about the test.  Why? You must recertify every two years by taking continuing education classes through the ISSA so plan on spending a good chunk of change every two years to keep current.Other OptionsIf you'd like to get some hands on experience before your exam, there is an option to attend a 2-day workshop for an additional $149. I am german and I plan on traveling and working internationally, that’s why I chose this organisation. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Website Get a FREE Clean Eating Grocery Guide E-Book and Posts To Your Email First Name : Email Address : Wait, Really?

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