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February 10, 2016 by Maikel Michiels 12 Comments Have you ever wanted to become a thought leader?
Would you like to have thousands and thousands of followers on your social media following your every move?
If you read this entire blog post, I’m going to share with you exactly how to become a thought leader. The first thing you should be aware of are the skills that you’re going to need in order to get into thought leadership. One of the things that he shared in his training were the 5 roles that any thought leader needs to improve upon in order to become more successful. Author: The obvious form of this would be book authors, but a lot of the same skills would apply to blogging, writing short stories or articles as well. Online Trainer: The online trainer role is mainly about selling information and training online.
The next step is going to be how to identify the exact skill-sets that you’re going to need to master to break through to the next level. What we mean by strategic skill development is to take time out of your day to get better at specific skills. If I take a look at your calendar or agenda, will I see time SCHEDULED to develop these skills?
That by the way is a question that Brendon asked us on that livestream, which was a complete eye opener for me.
What I realized from that is the fact that I didn’t have a schedule for my personal development at all.
Remember that when you seem to hit a plateau or ceiling in your business, it’s not about the economy or circumstances.
If you hit that ceiling, the reason is because you haven’t yet developed the necessary skills strategically in advance.

For starters, you can start by writing blog posts about any topic you’re interested in.
That would be my recommendation, especially if you already know the niche you want to get into. Another strategy that you can use to improve your writing skills as well as your speed of writing is a tool called 750 Words. Particularly we are talking about public speaking here, we’re not talking about having a casual conversation with a group of friends. After all this is a training on how to become a thought leader, not how to be a Chatty Cathy. This role would be a bit harder to learn, because you’ll actually need to have someone to coach. Get on Skype or the phone with them for 15 or 30 minutes, listen to them and help them with actionable advice for them. A lot of the same skills that you’ll need to become better at speaking also apply here, the main difference is on the type of speaking. Like I recommended in the section about exercises on how to become better at speaking, I would recomend you actually get yourself out there using video. And of course no training on how to become a thought leader online would be complete without getting yourself out there on social media.
But, in order to become an online authority you will have to develop the right skill-sets ahead of time, or you’re not going to reach your end goal.
If you can use strategic skill development like this, you’ll be able to achieve just about anything that you really set your mind to.
Out of these 5 roles of a thought leader, which one(s) do you really want to become the most? Also, please go ahead and share this article with your audience, so they can learn this important lesson as well!

My take away from your post is that if we want to achieve certain levels of respect and authority then we have to scheduele our time and just maked sure we do it – rather than simply talk about it. Awesome, in that case make sure you fill out the form on the top right to ensure you’ll never miss a new blog post. Using this one strategy, you’re almost guaranteed to reach any goal that you set for yourself. This could be keynotes or conferences, but also think about things like interviews and online videos as well.
Some of these where exercises that Brendon shared that he actually did when he was getting starting.
And hint: Writing content is one of the best ways to establish yourself as an authority and become recognized as a thought leader. As the title says, the goal of the site is to simply write 750 words a day, it then analyzes things like your writing speed, distractions and even the state of mind you’re in while writing. He’d pick a topic and start talking about it, as if he was giving a speech about it in front of a room full of people. Not only will you get better at speaking, but it will also get yourself out and help you in becoming a thought leader.
As Brendon shared, there’s somebody out there that built a million dollar business teaching people how to knit! It may feel awkward but believe me, the walls of your living room aren’t going to laugh at you!

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