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Our website is certified by McAfee SECURE™ to be safe from potential hacking threats. If you want to become a professional life coach, consultant or peer counselor and learn how to offer life coaching services that change lives, watch the video. Learning how to provide life coaching services will change lives … beginning with your own!
If you are exploring life coaching as a profession, take advantage of a free video coaching lesson with Dr. Know you are meant to contribute in more meaningful ways than your present circumstances allow? Long to put your passion into an area of your life that will bring you both fulfillment and extra income?

Crave more positive and intimate connections with other women because you have evolved beyond the whininess or pettiness that many women revert to when they are unhappy and disempowered? Trust that there is a more authentic way to learn and mentor beyond the hype of many life coaching schools?
If that describes you, enter your email address and move one step closer to becoming a certified life coach! In any case, ACT NOW to learn more about life coaching, our life coaching school, and the specific life coach certification opportunities we have to offer. While one big advantage for the motivated self-starter may be that the life coaching profession is presently not regulated, experts advise thoroughly researching certified life coach schools before committing to an online life coach course. Or—if you don’t have time right now—leave your contact information in the box below to take advantage of a free pre-recorded life coaching lesson with Sunny Massad at a more convenient time.

We know there are other life coaching schools that offer life coach certification, but testimonials of our life coach training graduates indicate that what they value most from their experience in our life coaching school is the private mentorship with a psychologist and the conscious life coaching skills that changed their lives, which is vastly different from the majority of life coaching schools that teach a male-oriented approach to life coaching. Now she is looking for women who want to learn how to provide life coaching services that are geared toward women who want to make a difference with their lives.

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how to become a life coach online for free megavideo

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