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Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future by Suzanne W.
Overview for the Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future by Suzanne W. Based on the results of more than a decade of research by the Pew Partnership for Civic Change, Smart Communities provides directions for strategic decision-making and outlines the key strategies used by thousands of leaders who have worked to create successful communities.
Features for the Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future by Suzanne W. Specifications for the Smart Communities: How Citizens and Local Leaders Can Use Strategic Thinking to Build a Brighter Future by Suzanne W. If you knew that being a better client would get you better Advertising, could you actually show up better? While that’s a very famous tongue-in-cheek quote from David Ogilvy, it should be a kick in the butt to clients. You don’t know if it’s really your place to say something: You figure the ad agency is the expert—that’s why we pay them—so you give them a free reign (aka no direction).
You settle for something you hate, because of time pressure, or you don’t know why: You don’t really love it, but it seems ok for now. You can’t sell it in to management: you need to make sure if it’s the right thing to do, you are able to sell the idea in.
You lose connection with the agency: Keep your agency motivated so that you become the client they want to make great work on, rather than have to work on.
You lose traction through the production and edit: Talent, lighting, directors and edits—if the tone changes from the board to edit, then so does your ad. You are too careful and think we can’t swing too far: Good ads either go left or right, not in the middle of the road.
Advertising roulette: Where brand managers haven’t done the depth of thinking or testing, briefing is like a game of chance.
It’s one thing to be a “fan” of advertising in general, but we need to see you be a “fan” of YOUR advertising. Do you develop a testable Brand Concept with rational and emotional benefits, plus support points that you know are actually motivating? Do you meet creative team before the first creative meeting to connect, align them with your vision and inspire them to push for great work? When doing the strategy pre-work, dig in deep and do the work on insights, create a Big Idea and lay out the brand Concept. When in the creative meeting, be a positive minded client, focus only on big picture, give direction, make decisions. Use a feedback memo that is 24-48 hours after the creative meeting for more detailed challenges but without giving specific solutions. If you use ad testing, you can use either quantitative or qualitative depending on time and budget. With post production, talk directly with and leverage every expert you come in contact with. At Beloved Brands, we promise that we will make your brand stronger and your brand leaders smarter. We will make your team of Brand Leaders smarter so they can produce exceptional work that drives stronger brand results. This past week, I was in Shanghai, China and found the price of a bottle of Evian and Fiji water about ten times the prices of local bottled water (Nestle).
The economy of China has been going through vast changes and you see it live on the streets of Shanghai. While China has benefited from global trade, making Apple computers and Nike shoes to be sold around the world, the government uses protectionist practices to ensure high transfer pricing to ensure local goods benefit. A brand like Evian, with water from the French Alps can not maintain that positioning if they begin producing in a factory just outside Shanghai.
I remember being in France in the early 1990s, where I found myself walking all over Paris for about 4-5 hours on a 35 Celsius day. Define your Pricing Strategy in alignment with your business strategy and business objectives and based on a deep understanding of your own competitive position, customer insight and cost-to-serve. Market Price: If you are confused, pricing studies that look at various options to identify the price elasticity. Strategic Price: the pricing strategy can actually impact the positioning as much as it just reflects the positioning. Portfolio Pricing (Price Points): One option for a brand entering a local market who wants to maintain the price of their global brand would be to create a specific local brand with a local price. Operationalize Pricing Strategy in marketing activities and generate all required input for Price Execution. Implement Pricing Strategy and Price Determination framework into daily sales activities and transactional processing. Here’s a presentation we use for the deep dive analytical thinking that can help you determine your pricing. If we look below, the winning zone has to be better, different, cheaper or else not around for very long. As part of the positioning exercise, we recommend that you put together a complete Consumer Profile that outlines the focused definition of the target, add flavor with needs, enemies and insights and then talk about where they are now and where you’d like to move the consumer in the future. Leverage all the available research to brief the team, helping define the consumer target and get all the consumer insights and need states out. List out all the features that your brand offers, and the brand assets it brings to the table. Find the rational benefit by putting yourself in the shoes of the consumer and seeing the brand features from their eyes: start asking yourself over and over “so if I’m the consumer, what do I get from that?”. Then find the emotional benefit by asking “so how does that make me feel?” As you did above, keep asking, and you’ll begin to see a deeper emotional space you can play in and own. From my experience, Marketers are better at the rational benefits than they are at the emotional benefits. To own a space in the consumer’s heart, you want to own and dominate one of zones, always thinking relation to what your competitor may own. If we borrow from a classic logic technique below, they teach you to one conclusion and two premise.

Creating the Big Idea: To ensure we have an idea that is big enough to guide every part of the organization, we start by describing the brand as to the products and services that we sell and matches that up to the external brand reputation among consumers. The Big Idea Blueprint below shows everything that must be considered for creating the Big Idea. Use the opening to connect quickly with your target consumers by starting with their enemy or insight. While this helps with HOW to write a concept, ask Beloved Brands how we can help really bring the concepts to life with a workshop with your team as well as writing of the final concept options.
Ritz-Carlton does a lot of things right to earn the high prices they are able to charge–the best locations, beautiful rooms, nice beds and great meals.
The High Line, an elevated park on top of an abandoned railway track, weaves its way through New York City’s blocks. We are now in the age of strategic urban planning, where as far as possible, the focus is on making use of what you have by revitalising abandoned and blighted spaces rather than plan for grandiose projects – a legacy of the master plan age. A classic example of ‘strategic planning approach’ in practice is the New York City 2030 Plan. Prior to its transformation, the line was in a state of complete disrepair and during the Giuliani administration, it was slated for demolition. According to the Projects for Public Spaces, the High Line is accessible by foot (via stairs or an elevator), public transportation, and automobile.
The operational efficiency of the KCR, however, was marginalised and its ridership dwindled with every passing day beyond the year 1985 and was eventually closed to traffic in January 2000.
Still a dream but since it’s still in the planning space, would it not be a good idea to take some inspiration from the High Line project — though not totally compatible (High line being grade separated and KCR being on grade) — and add an element of ‘transit oriented land use development’ in the larger planning framework.
In route of the Karachi Circular Railway are large tracts of government land that can be used to develop ‘housing schemes’ for the low income community. For example, in route of the KCR are large tracts of government land that can be used to develop ‘housing schemes’ for the low income community.
What we need are visionaries and also committed citizen activists and hope for a Friends of the KCR taking shape. The writer is an urban planner and runs a non-profit organisation based in Karachi city focusing on urban sustainability issues.
Smart Communities offers leaders from both the public and private sectors the tools they need to create a better future for all the community's citizens. The agency says if we don’t go for it now, we’ll miss our air date and have to give up our media to another brand. When giving direction, do you avoid giving your own solutions and but rather try to create a “new box” for the creative team to figure out the solutions?
Think of this like managing the kitchen of your house–you have to live in it, so you have to live with every decision. And when I went into the Beer section, the water was still twice the price of a Budweiser beer (produced locally). The contrast of the modern sky scrappers of downtown Shanghai, with the small street neighborhoods with laundry hung out on the phone lines. With a desire to do well in every local market, you must consider regional and global pricing to ensure you avoid any grey-market activity. In general, the more loved a brand, a combination of interesting or important are more price inelastic. A super premium brand like Evian can make the consumer believe it must be a super premium if it really can command that value. Long-term Revenue Pricing: Marketers can get caught up in the addiction to pricing promotions. This would allow you to own both the super-premium and the value priced brands, with the consumer never knowing you own them both. As you evaluate the impact of your pricing in the market, here are the factors you should be looking at. This provides a good control tool as you can track the waterfall over time and identify problems you are encountering. And when I say that, it starts with what can realistically fit into a Marketing Execution, either in an ad or a package. You want to avoid competing in the Losing Zone, going head to head with a competitor that can deliver the consumer wants better than you can.
Spreading your limited resources across an entire population is cost-prohibitive with low return on investment and low return on effort.
Doing a Consumer Benefits Ladder helps to organize your thinking as a great tool for bringing the benefits to life.
I swear every brand out there thinks their brand should be the trusted, reliable and yet like-able brand. Do not choose a list of emotions from all over the map, or you will just confuse your consumer as much as trying to own a long list of rational benefits.
I took one logic class at University and sat there for 13 straight weeks of premise-premise conclusion. We describe what internal beacons are within the brand that would help guide the entire internal brand culture and organization that supports the brand as well as the brand character as it touches consumers. The concept test will hang on how well the purchase intent score is, so a strong concept almost has to ask for it. But in reality, every luxury hotel has to deliver against these or they’ll be quickly out of business. It has become one of the most popular public spaces in the city with its picturesque views perhaps being the biggest draw.
There, decision makers and planners decided that they need to envision what they would like New York City to look like in 2030 and created PlaNYC as a bold agenda to meet these challenges and build a greener, greater New York. In 1999, however, area residents Joshua David and Robert Hammond started a community group, Friends of the High Line, dedicated to turning the High Line into an elevated park.
It is conveniently located near a number of subway stops and is surrounded by major thoroughfares that permit vehicular travel. Its picturesque views are perhaps its biggest draw along with a number of public art installations.
In 1964, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) opened a 26.56-km section between Drigh Road and Wazir Mansion and was extended from Wazir Mansion to Karachi City in 1970.

Karachi is suffering immensely from ill-planned urban sprawl and needs vertical densification with the accompanying social and environmental safeguards.
Next time you want to fire your agency, maybe focus on yourself for improvement, because you’ll bring the same flaws to the next agency.
Do not use this memo to say new thoughts that were not in the creative meeting or in the management meetings you had. We also can help create Brand Plans that everyone in your organization can follow and helps to focus your Marketing Execution. The increasing number of Mercedes driving past old school three wheel bikes carrying layer upon layer of boxes for delivery. This aisle might appeal to the high number of expats living in China as well as the growing Chinese upper middle class. I was in shock, but my thirst overcame my Scottish blood and I guzzled down the most expensive Diet Coke of my life.
Most of the big global brands are using pricing corridors by region to ensure local pricing stays local. One water scare and Evian could charge $5 per bottle, without seeing a change in the volume would make it an inelastic price. Once you get up to 30-50% sold on deal, the actual price begins to have little meaning for the consumer. Here’s an example of the dimension involved in a pricing waterfall, helping move you from a desired price to a profitable price. While targeting everyone “just in case” might feel safe at first, it’s actually less safe because you never get to see the full impact.Realizing not everyone can like you is the first step to focusing all your attention on those that can love you.
As a brand, you want to own the emotional space in the consumer’s heart as much as you own the rational space in the consumer’s mind. Once you narrow the major emotional zone you can own, you can use the supporting words of the Emotional Cheat Sheet to add flavor. Benefits sell and features tell.
We would also describe the role of the brand, about how it connects the brand with consumers, the link between the internal soul and the external reputation. Recognizing that any great brand has to be better, different or cheaper to win, Ritz-Carlton focuses their attention on impeccable service standards to separate themselves from other Hotels.
In 2002, the Bloomberg Administration backed the project and it became a reality in the year 2006. However, think again, because your boring brand has so much room to maneuver, it should be even easier. High end restaurants contrasting against live chickens being killed and bagged for dinner that night. The rest of the grocery store has 10-20% global brands interwoven among the shelves of local goods. If the price is too low, there is a risk of not realizing the full profitability on the brand. I have seen some put 10 reasons to believe support points. If you are still at the confused stage, do a benefit or claims sort to narrow your list. The way to win this zone is by being first, being more innovative and creative or finding the right emotional connection that makes the rational tie less relevant to the consumer decisions.
It becomes all about choices and you will be much more effective at convincing a segment of the population to choose your brand because of the assets and promise that you have that match up perfectly to what they want.
It seems that not only do consumers have a hard time expressing their emotions about a brand, but so do Brand Managers. Stop telling consumers what you do and start telling them what they get and how it will make them feel. The promise statement then forces us to bring in the two reasons to believe to help back that up.
Similarly, potential can be analysed for other forms of land use development having recreational and commercial aspects along with an urban revival of the localities en route the KCR so that the project goes beyond just providing a public transport service but helps facilitate urban revitalisation and appropriate transit oriented development. The small boutique 100 square foot stores and the 80,000 square foot Carrefour Super Markets. But never use a concept test to throw every possible thing you could ever say to the consumer.
At all costs, avoid the Dumb Zone, where you wage a competitive battle in a space that the consumer does not care about. When you find yourself competing in this space, you will find yourself eventually talking to yourself. The best way to get consumers motivated is to tap into their need states, by understanding what frustration points they may have.
This lists out the 8 major emotional consumer zones, optimism, freedom, being noticed, being liked, comfort, be myself, be in control and knowledge.
Second, if pure logic teaches two premises are enough to draw any conclusion, then you really only need two RTBs. While products solve regular problems, beloved brands beat down the enemies that torment us every day. Brands with a laundry list of RTBs are not doing their job in making a decision on what the best support points are. You either force the ad agency to decide what are the most important or the consumer to decide. To paint the picture of our consumer target, you should use Consumer Insights to help to crystallize and bring to life the consumer you are targeting.
Facts are merely on the surface—so they miss out on the depth–you need to bring those facts to life by going below the surface and transforming the facts into insights. Insight is something that everyone already knows and comes to life when it’s told in such a captivating way that makes consumers stop and say “hmm, I thought I was the only who felt like that”. That’s why we laugh when we see insight projected with humor, why we get goose bumps when insight is projected with inspiration and why we cry when the insight comes alive through real-life drama.
When Consumer Insights are done right, we get in the shoes of the consumer by starting the insight with the word “I” and we use the voice of the consumer by putting the insight in quotes.

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