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Ever considered knowing how well your family and friends can see before consulting a specialist? It is not a substitute for a complete medical eye examination by an eye specialist, but this test may help you discover a vision problem that requires professional attention. Using the practice E card, show him or her how to point in the same direction that the E is “pointing.” Turn the practice E in the four different directions (up, down, right, left).
You may hold the practice card as close as the child wants until he or she can point in the four directions without help. Have your child sit in the chair 10 feet from the chart, holding the cover over one eye without applying any pressure. If the chart seems too dark to see clearly, use the flashlight to illuminate the test letters. Write down the number of the smallest line your child can correctly see on the Visual Acuity Report Card. If the person uses eyeglasses for distance vision, the glasses should be worn during the test. Shine the flashlight on each line of the chart, while the person you are testing reads the letters out loud.
Write down the number of the smallest line seen correctly (the line with the majority of the letters correctly identified) on the Visual Acuity Report Card. If you test your child several times on different days and your child cannot see the expected line of print or cannot see the same line with each eye, he or she may have an eye problem. You should arrange for a medical eye examination by an ophthalmologist if there are abnormal results. Such a case of coloboma is described in the getoct database: explore database and register for free. Healthy eye (left) versus coloboma (right): The gap of a coloboma is found mostly at the bottom of the eye and runs from the front to the back of the eye but only affects the iris most commonly leaving a fairly good vision after cataract surgery.
There are other people who are healthy but want to change their current eye color easy to feel better, to please others or simply make something special out of themselves. BrightOcular is an intraocular implant that is placed in the anterior chamber of the eye to change the appearance of the iris for both medical and cosmetic reasons. BrightOcular is also available as a way for healthy and safe individuals to alter their eye color and serves as an alternative to colored contact lenses for those wishing to achieve permanent cosmetic results. BrightOcular is a distinct, cutting-edge technology that offers excellent cosmetic results, while taking into account the anatomy and physiology of the eye. BrightOcular is a distinct, individual entity that is not affiliated with any other company offering intraocular cosmetic procedures.

The United States Brightocular 2012 patent # 8197540 is the only artificial iris implant in the world with patented grooves and ribs on the posterior surface minimizing iris contact, which ensures a continuous flow of aqueous humor between the implant and the iris reducing possibility of iris atrophy, iritis, and increase of eye pressure or glaucoma as seen in published reports of Kahn Medicals 2003 Newiris implant patent # 7025781 from Panama. The doctors who perform the BrightOcular procedures are well-reputed and experienced in the ophthalmology field who have performed several thousands of ocular surgeries.
The goal of the BrightOcular is not to correct decreased vision or refractive errors of the eye, rather it is to project a healthy colored iris and protect the eye from excessive sunlight (photosensitivity).
You may still perform LASIK treatments with the BrightOcular, but any LASIK surgery should be completed at least three months before the procedure or three months after the procedure. This intraocular implant material is a medical grade silicone which is currently used in many different intraocular lenses including those used in cases of cataract or for vision correction. Proper patient selection is very important for the success of the procedure and minimize risks. Potential artificial iris intraocular implant complications are infections, ocular hypertension, glaucoma, iritis, corneal edema, hyphema . Glaucoma is a potential side effect associated with any FDA approved intraocular implant and artificial iris implant such as seen in anteriorchamber segment implants phakic lens. Most artificial iris implant surgeries are done for medical purposes and they are necessary and recommended to treat diseases. In order to determine your eligibility for the procedure, you must undergo a complete eye examination by an ophthalmologist. You may feel blurred vision and see redness of the eyes during the first 2 weeks after the surgery.
After recovery, patients can do any of their normal activities but are asked to limit swimming in the first three months. We have multiple locations where the procedure is performed and the number of clinics is growing rapidly. BrightOcular is made of medical grade silicone and colorants that have been tested and is USP VI certified.
Below are instructions on how to test the vision of your family members, friends, and yourself.
If the test results indicate you or your child needs to see an ophthalmologist, take this card with you. Inner lesions only can be found by an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor who will carry out a full eye examination. If the coloboma is situated well, such an implant can reduce light intensity and discomfort due to too much light. BrightOcular implants are able decrease photophobia and project the form of a healthy iris for patients with irregular iris appearance.

The patented design of the BrightOcular implant minimizes the risks of prolonged pressure increases in the eye that can lead to glaucoma and blindness. The BrightOcular implant is unique from any other ophthalmic implant in the market today due to it's distinguishing structural features which separate it from any other existing cosmetic artificial iris implant. The silicone material is safe and has passed ISO standardized regulations for manufacturing and testing. You must have a careful ophthalmic examination and your ophthalmic tests will be evaluated by our surgeon prior the surgery. If a complication occurs during the surgery, the surgeon may refrain from implanting the prosthetic iris. In about 2 weeks you will gain your previous visual acuity, however this period is up to 1 month for some patients. It's a good idea to make sure you have necessary help because your doctor may limit activities such as bending and lifting for a few days. For an up-to-date full list of locations where the procedure is offered, please contact us.
The materials used in the implant have been approved for use in implantable devices by the FDA. Just know that a lot of these pictures are digitally enhanced, contact lenses, or people who were born that way. These patented structural features make the BrightOcular implant safer by minimizing risks of prolonged elevated eye pressure unlike other intraocular implants on the market.
Nevertheless, hundreds of patients around the world have successfully permanently change their iris color for cosmetic reasons only. Your doctor will prescribe medications to prevent infection and inflammation during the recovery period. Doctors who perform the procedure are top-notch ophthalmologists in the field who have been practicing for many years and have completed several thousands of surgeries. The BrightOcular implant also is made with FDA approved materials which also makes it safer and unique. The Brightocular implanting method is done by using an injector as opposed to Kahn Medical implant from Panama that is manually implanted due to its flimsy unstable material increasing risk of trauma and endothelium cell loss when implanting as seen on this youtube video.
Although full recovery time differs from patient to patient, it typically on average takes between one and two months.

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