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It works if you change the Notes or Lockscreen font, but it doesn’t change any other fonts.
The Apple store has thousands of applications, which serve many different areas of life, but always remains a distinct set of applications occupy the top and capture the satisfaction of millions of users. Now this is the most famous application to write and manage notes, could in a short period to become the best in the business not only on the iOS platform on Android platforms, and even the Mac.
Could apply the mailbox to change from the traditional way of dealing with emails, and perhaps a few applications have been acquired before the official launch (application acquisition it from DropBox). Writing diaries and notes has been and will continue to be a hobby that will not vanish over time, may possibly develop methods with the proliferation of smart phones as it is now. This application lets you record and save all your expenses and monthly budget regularly, schedule regular payments as bills, rents and other payments, and provides you with the ability to make detailed reports of your spending and monthly expenditure. When you choose the image editing application on the iPhone, it sounds complex heavy applications that perform this function. Good battery life is one of the most important things any phone or tablet should have, but iOS 7 isn't always that great at handling power consumption. Being able to change your boot logo on your device has always been something jailbreakers have loved to do and it’s no different on iOS 7. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a quick download and auto-install, you will have to work for it a little bit, but not too much. Once you have these, give your device a respring and you should be able to see a new settings panel in Settings>Bootlogo. DisclaimerThis website is not owned by, is not licensed by nor is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. While the box may seem skimpy to most people new to iPhones, it does contain everything you need to get started and enjoy your iPhone, except for a good manual — which is why we wrote this topic!
Apple Logo Stickers: You get two of those nice white Apple logos that you sometimes see on car windows.
The headset consists of two white earphones for listening to music, videos, or phone calls, and a small controller attached to the wire to the right earphone. As the image here shows, the controller has a plus (+) and minus (-) key as well as a Center button. This has a USB socket on one end and a plug on the other end to plug into an electrical outlet socket. In order to place or receive phone calls, you need to have a SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module card) installed in your iPhone.
There may be times when you want to remove and replace the SIM card—for example, if you are travelling internationally, or if you just received a replacement iPhone and want to swap SIM cards from your old one.
TIP: When you travel internationally, using a local SIM card in your iPhone may save money.
There is an issue that exists (and has been acknowledged by Apple) that results in a decrease of the wireless signal strength bars when you hold the iPhone in a certain manner.
NOTE: You must use this free case program within 30 days of your iPhone purchase and you must purchase your iPhone before September 30, 2010. Your iPhone may already have some battery life, but you might want to charge it completely so you can enjoy uninterrupted hours of use after you get it set up.
TIP: Some newer cars have built-in power outlets just like in your home, where you can plug in your iPhone power cord.
You can also charge your iPhone when you plug it into your computer, albeit a little slower than when directly connected to the wall charger.
Keep in mind that if your laptop computer goes to sleep or you close the screen, your iPhone will stop charging.
The key question is, how do you get the most out of your battery life and make sure your iPhone is charged and ready for you when you need it? The iPhone uses a rechargeable battery that will lose its ability to maintain a charge over time and has only a limited number of cycles during its useful life.
No matter what you do, if you really use your iPhone a lot, you will want to find more places and more ways to charge it up.
Most airports have wall sockets available today where you can top-off your iPhone while you are waiting for your flight.
If you are using your iPhone heavily for phone calls during the day, you may want to invest in a car charger or another way to give your iPhone a little more juice in the middle of a long day. If you are taking a long car trip, you can buy a power inverter to convert your 12V car power outlets into a power outlet where you can plug in your iPhone charger. As we mentioned, you can also charge your iPhone in many accessories designed to do other things, like play your music over speakers. You can begin to stop that cycle of negativity by changing what you give attention to every day. A gratitude journal is a way to consciously call attention to the things for which you are thankful each day. The results of the study indicated that daily gratitude exercises resulted in higher reported levels of alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy. So having a gratitude app can help you get into the habit of writing what you’re thankful for. Like what you read?If so, please join to get exclusive weekly inspirational emails, and get a FREE COPY of my eBook, Get a Life That Doesn't Suck. But the most powerful thing about writing this list was when I would sit down on Sunday and read over my list.
I just released my first app on Android and I will say that it was a joy to develop and deploy on their platform. Another advantage is the ability to sell your apps through multiple channels like the Amazon Appstore. I would HIGHLY recommend that you consider porting to Android to maximize your earnings potential. I’m very intrigued by the Android market and have so many users who want my apps on the Android.
It’s always going to be more challenging to develop on an open platform that supports a variety of hardware manufacturers, but the risk is well worth the reward.

Windows on the other hand had deeper market penetration (something like over 90% of all computers ran Windows) because they built their OS around a hardware architecture that any manufacturer can build. If and when you are ready to port let me know and I will tell you what I know from my own experience. I feel like I have been through some serious crap in the last 4 years and then I realize that there are people that have it worse than me. My community knows me much better than you do, and they know I’m not the type that would do something like that. Certainly ask any reasonable person and they won’t see any design copying from your app.
Hi benny I came back to this post as I told a friend about your app but couldn’t remember the name of it completely.
SoftModders are always looking for ways to stand apart from everyone else, whether it's getting a transparent dock background or adding extra app icons to your home screen. How to Replace the Carrier Name with Custom TextIf symbols aren't your thing, here's a way to add a custom text. You can jailbreak and use these two tweaks, although the first one will also now let you insert a text that you want to display. Another alternative was to manually change the iPhone font via SSH, but that wasn’t very straightforward.
You will see your downloaded font in there, as well as the original iOS 4 font (which comes preloaded with BytaFont). There are many other fonts available so you may want to dig in Cydia to find the right one for you. I see ” to use with iaccess or something like that but when I install anything of coarse nothing works. Through this article we will give you a diverse set of applications which we consider indispensable to any iPhone user, and inevitably will change these applications much the way your interaction with your business and organize your time better. The application provides a way to view the appointments with the menu system was excellent, the view interface is compatible with Google Calendar and calendars on your computer with Apple-supplied standard Reminders.
The application provides the ability to write notes and save and sync it to your online account for you to access at any time and from any device.
The application idea that started a lot of other applications in their application depend on the inbox empty Inbox messages, read the message and respond to them and then archive them, or put them on lists for follow-up later, or request the application and return to the hidden mailbox at a later time or at the time you specify. The Apple store is full of similar applications that perform this function, but this app is the best in terms of simplicity and organization.
You will not need each time to take out your credit card to use during online purchase or fill out forms that require your card data, the application offers the possibility to export the data to a Passbook. The program supports the registration of more than one account, a bank account, credit card account and cash account. Whether you are interested in technology news or fashion or politics or sports or music, the application gives you multiple sources for all your interests, and provides the ability to create your own categories or journals, add news and may enjoy your lists with rebounds. Whether passwords for social networking sites, numbers machine withdrawals, or even other confidential numbers, this is the app for you. Among the many applications that provide this service, we chose this application specifically for ease and extra features. But like Aviary it remains the most memorable with multiple image editing tools and filters and tools to change the colors and add multiple effects. As of right now there are no iPad boot logos, but imeyeless stated yesterday he will create those today. Also, keep in mind if this is done incorrectly, you could get stuck in a reboot loop, so make sure you backup your device beforehand. We also give you some iPhone battery and charging tips, and then talk about how to determine if your iPhone is already activated and the Slide to Unlock feature. You can increase or decrease volume with the (+) and (-) keys and use the Center button to answer or hang up phone calls.
Just connect the USB cable to your iPhone and the other end to the wall plug to charge your iPhone from the wall. With international voice and data roaming rates, international travel with your iPhone can be surprisingly expensive.
When inserting a SIM card, make sure the SIM card is installed with the notch facing the top right of the holder.
The problem is located around the gap between the two sections of the metal antenna on the lower left hand side of the phone.
You will see a lightning bolt or plug icon inside the battery indicator in the upper right corner.
Some also have a Dock option that allows you to control the iPod app from your car radio headset. Some USB ports share a bus and have less power, while others have their own bus and more power.
If your computer is not connected to the wall power outlet, your iPhone will charge, but at a slower rate. To do this, tap your Settings icon, then General, then Usage, and turn Battery Percentage to On.
Set a Shorter Auto-Lock: Shortening the time your iPhone takes to turn off the screen when not being used and go into sleep mode can help save your battery. You can extend the life of your iPhone battery by making sure you run it down completely at least once a month.
Besides using your power cord or connecting it to your computer, Table 1-2 shows you some other options. You need to look for the plug or lightning bolt icons to make sure your iPhone is charging in these accessories. The more we think about what we don’t have, what we wish we had, and what we hate, the more that cycle continues.
If you’ve never done one and are looking to start changing your life, I highly recommend you to try it. Additionally, the gratitude group experienced less depression and stress, was more likely to help others, exercised more regularly and made more progress toward personal goals.

You can focus on things like a good night’s sleep, a comfortable bed, a roof over your head, two good legs for walking, or being able to see the sunshine in the morning. Besides writing why you’re thankful for them, pick up the phone, send an email, or write them a letter.
Have not reinstalled a gratitude app on my new phone so yours is going to take pride of place.
Since I had each day labeled and had 5 things from every day I had a total of 35 things to be grateful for. Also any updates you make, go live within a few hours which means fixing bugs and deploying them to your users is quick.
I was reluctant to do this at first but am happy I did because 58% of my sales come from Amazon.
I just have heard some stories on forums about how Android sales pale in comparison to what they make on iOS. Microsoft crushed Apple because Apple’s OS only ran on Apple computers that only Apple made. Stinking thinking is out there and it is really easy to engage in it and see the deflating energy take over your life.
One of the best things that can help you to success is gratitude… I will download this app right now. I don’t have a gratitude journal, however practice gratitude at least once a day by listing things to be grateful for. Different is always better.Replacing your carrier name with a cool logo or custom text isn't a very conspicuous tweak, but it is definitely an alternative to what everyone else has. I have also the same problem before, Bytafont pacakge includes another kind of iFile which messes up with the one installed on your device which conflicts each other thats why your Bytafont wont install.
You can divide your tasks into projects or many other classifications and supports adding the meta tag for easy searching.
The application is also available on the Mac and provides synchronization between different devices, and also provides a password to protect your data. The application part of the Lemon that seek to integrate with various shops and payment locations to provide you with a secure payment method. There is also a version for Macs, and soon the new version compatible with the design of the new iOS7 will be available for download.
The application was one of the first applications that made browsing and navigation using the drawing fingers. The program provides you with the alert when certain hobby, you also keep track of your hobby and how many times has the hobby, you can share the other users in the same hobby and comment and write notes.
The application provides the conservation and classification to generate complex passwords. For example, you can make multiple lists, you can add the price of each product to know the cost of market demands that you send you your wife.
After all, you don't want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with no juice left to make a call.So, if you're staring at the iPhone's battery icon in the status bar too much, why not make it a bit more interesting?
As shown here, plug the wide end of the cable into the port at the bottom of your iPhone (next to the Home button) and the USB cable end into the Wall Plug Adapter. Use the slider bar to lower your brightness to a level less than halfway across that still works for you. It’s much more difficult to develop and test for Android and to be honest, the sales are just a fraction of the App store.
Though my debit card is from America so maybe it won’t pop up… But either which way you can now officially say you have international sales!
Also something about how there are so many different types of Android phones so when it comes time to testing it’s harder. Everyone knows about the 30 days trial, but no many people do something to change their lifestyles. I am really sure everything could be much better if everyone will appreciate all what we have everyday. All you need to do is jailbreak your iPhone running iOS 7 and use a few Cydia apps to tweak the status bar, which I'll cover below. The application lets you categorize your notes and arrange them and add the meta tag with easy, as well as coordination of comments and add photos of the basics in this application. It also provides you with a built-in Internet browser access to your favorite sites without trace.
You can also share shopping lists between you and your spouse by mail, once you receive the mail you can open the list automatically by the program.
In this softModder guide, I'll be showing you a quick and easy way to give your iPhone's battery icon a little more flavor.
If you’re on an iPhone 5s then you will have separate installation instructions, make sure you follow them carefully. All articles, images, logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Things I always take for granted but when I think about not having it, life wouldn’t be the same. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. This is a jailbreak-only mod, so make sure you have a jailbroken iOS 7 device before continuing.
If you go into an app that wants your location, then you will be reminded to turn it back on. That among a variety of other things is what helped bring me out of a depression that I had a few years back.

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