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Since then (I’m 32 now) I have tripled my effectiveness, lost more than 30 pounds, adopted a more optimistic view of my life and raised my own self-esteem greatly.
It may sometimes feel like you should have started to change your life earlier, when you were a kid or in your teens or early tweenties. You may look to your past and tell yourself: “if only had done this or that then things would have been different and better now”. It isn’t too late for you to improve something in your life that you really want to change.
If you have found several things or habits you would like to focus on then choose to focus on just one at a time. A Mission for Michael, an Orange County Drug Alcohol Treatment Center, would love to help you change YOUR life. And while much has been written over the years on this important and vexing topic, the authors offer some insights and ideas that they describe as counter-intuitive, but potentially helpful in improving your odds of success with these initiatives.  This article alone was for me worth the hefty annual subscription price. On a depressing, but not surprising note, the article cites a 2008 study of over 3,000 executives that found that 1 in 3 change-management initiatives fail. These low success rates have been well documented by Kotter as well as other researchers in the field of change management.
The authors go on to share nine insights into application of the 4 conditions that explain why change initiatives might fail and how to improve the odds.

Last and not least, the idea of setting the stage and then shutting up and letting people ferret out for themselves why change is needed and what it means is something you can put in place today.  Quit talking, start listening and if you do have to talk, mind your Questions to Comments ratio. Every week I select five excellent posts from this week’s independent business blogs.
I have learned to simplify my life and to inject a lot more happiness into my days and years. Or that you should have been born into those right circumstances right away as you came to this earth. There are real limits in most people’s lives and personal development isn’t magic that can fix just about anything quickly and easily. From that small change and success you will gain confidence and you can build upon that to make more and perhaps even bigger changes, and the process to change your life begins.
Spreading yourself too thin pretty much always leads to failure because life tends to get in the way. The feeling that something is too big or scary or difficult is one of the most common things to hold people back from taking action at all. The plan sounds so good in your head but when you execute it then you can’t really take as much action or move as fast as you thought.

What the leader cares about (and typically bases at least 80 percent of his or her message to others on) does not tap into roughly 80 percent of the workforce’s primary motivators for putting extra energy into the change program. This week, I’m pointing you to posts on change, credibility, the number one form of waste, communication, and manager engagement.
Get access to the eBook and look forward to receiving the next issue of the Leadership Caffeine e-news to energize your high performance leadership! And reliving the past in your mind does not change your life today and this week and month.
If you have a regular life then you’ll probably won’t have the time and energy to change three things at once even though you really hope and think you can. Take time to focus on this because if you really want something then it becomes a whole lot easier to keep going.

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how to change your twitter name

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