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Did you know that, back in the Windows 3, 95, and 98 days, you could simply type in your password to log into your computer?
I find out another article about how to disable the Windows 8 lock screen, I think it is helpful for me. Personally, I think you all should just trot on down to the Western Union and send a telegram to Redmond.
The figures for Windows XP relate to the market as a whole – the vast majority of that 40% slice are in large enterprise, where SOEs are developed, and the cost of re-cutting SOEs, re-writing LOB apps, and retraining staff is all too difficult and expensive in spite of the common security and productivity concerns.
It does not apply to my version of windows 8.1 either, because the LGPE is not available in my version. I think the reasearch team that made windows 8 was looking as some statisics from mobile phones and seeing users use this touch screen app model alot becuase everyone has a phone on them constantly so the data reflects.
Windows 8 runs fast and has a lot of good points but MS sure hung a lot of weird looking crap off of it. I like Windows 8 and have no problem with the Start screen as it shows all my computers are linked to the same account. I prefer W8 Pro over Mountain Lion as I am truly stuck without some serious coding chops to change much at all with Lion or Mountain Lion which truly suck. Given that MS Windows has to run on all all sorts of MB, OEMs and horrid BIOS Windows 8 being robust has been the biggest improvement. Saying that it seems though hidden that Windows 8 is also able to be changed to fit the preferences of the individual user. If you have a ASUS ROG motherboard with ROG Connect, make sure that a usb cable is NOT connected when you start up the computer. Come on folks, how about an article that informs people instead of just jumping on the bash Windows 8 bandwagon.
Well, if you go to answers at microsoft and search for local group policy editor, theres a thread that says that gpedit is available only on W8Pro. I disabled the lock when I’m idle by opening the charms and selecting Settings, Change PC Settings. Amazing that it has this actually-functional program buried away in its fucking murky depths, yet refuses to show it to users. Can' change desktop background windows 7, If you can't change the windows 7 theme, we've got you covered. How change desktop wallpaper windows 7 starter, How to change the desktop wallpaper in windows 7 starter edition.

How change desktop background windows 7 - youtube, Our first ever tutorial video, we explain the 3 different easy ways to change your desktop background if you have windows 7, most of the same features will.
Changing your Windows 7 password on a regular basis is a good habit to help keep your PC secure.
Now that your Windows 7 password has been changed, you must use your new password to log on to Windows 7 from this point forward.Create a Windows 7 password reset disk. I am an Apple customer and MS has created something lean and digital…NO FAUX leatherette! A great many people do not care for change and value the option of choosing the way THEIR OWN computer operates. Adding new features to the OS is fine, as long as users may still do things the old way if they’d like.
Some of us understand individuals have different needs and wants, and we’re intelligent enough not to be assholes to people who prefer a different item than ourselves with out resorting to childish, rude and just plain meanness to belittle them for being different. I am an Apple customers who also buys HP workstations for rendering and own a Sweetwater CS450 for sound production.
I’ve upgraded all my versions of Windows plus two licenses running on my MacPros using Parallels. I agree having a pure color digital login screen does look better…though I do like the click screen.
I was satisfied with XP except forced to upgrade because of limitations with hard drive, memory, and direct x. So apparently we peons in the cheap seats aren’t allowed to manage our own computers. Join a domain, gpedit.msc and a number of other features are installed with the Business and Professional versions. Users, as in, those using the OS, as in, the very people who might benefit from knowing of this program’s existence.
Since Windows XP, the process has become steadily more convoluted — picking your avatar from a list, or hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del before being allowed to log in (this was actually a security feature, believe it or not). Windows 7 did away with text labels on taskbar buttons, but they could be brought back just by going into the taskbar options. Uncheck the password protect sentence, click apply, fill out the password screen, click ok then restart.
Very happy I don’t have to wave the mouse around, hit Enter, then type in my password.

Your previously created password reset disk will work no matter how many times you change your Windows 7 password.
Why would i want an os model based of a phone when clearly i bought a desktop for one reason, power my friend massive amounts of 1200 watts, 4 video cards installed on one motherboard, and now they give me touch screen technolgy for my 4 tvs hooked up to this. I am stunned at how well it deals with problems that W7 or lower would merely suggest you call your vendor.
After days of effort, I have managed to get back the functionality of windows 7: a start button, and no stupid hot corners. You can then change your password using the instructions above.Other options exist as well. On a tablet, where you swipe the lock screen away and then begin typing, this makes perfect sense. But as usuall the cattle come prowling in picking up anything to eat and windows just gets fatter and they use there stocks prices to reflect the success of there os when in reality it sucks , its just our only option.
Who ever is charge of this seems to be going out their way to be irritating and annoying, to put it mildly. For some reason my HP workstations always have some driver problem that means on reboot W8 tries to repair and when it cannot I am offered several choices, click on advanced and four pop up. Also change your power and sleep settings if you want to always show your desktop and for your computer not to sleep.
On a desktop PC, though, the lock screen is clunky (you might say this is a bit of a recurring theme in Windows 8). Maybe extremetech should do an article on ubuntu and how to get netflix and games to run on it, the only reason i havnt switched it becuase punkbuster isnt compatible.
Yes, theoretically you only have to tap a key and it slides away, but for some reason Microsoft introduced a delay so that you can’t immediately type your password.
We should make microsoft opening day an anti market corner day where all the products that have the market cornerd like windows gets the boot and we try something diffrent.

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