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These sorts of activities can certainly help improve employee engagement, but what are some of our goals when we talk about employee engagement? Those are some great goals, but how do we measure the effectiveness of these efforts and show the business value?
Before I answer this question, I want to review, and maybe for some of you, introduce a couple metrics to consider.
I alluded to employee engagement surveys earlier in this post and along those same lines, want to introduce you to Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS). Recruiting— In our contact centers, recruiters work nonstop to find enough staff to meet demand. Customer Service— Customer service professionals who are engaged and enthusiastic about their jobs are a whole lot more likely to provide better customer service. We’re still in the very beginning of this process at FCR, so our strategy is fairly simple. In the article by Bain and Company, they show a terrific image called “The Promoter Flywheel.” It depicts a cycle where happy, engaged employees are creative and enthusiastic.
In the case of both NPS and ENPS, our major objective is to learn why our detractors are unhappy, take specific action to improve those issues, and close the loop by letting them know that it’s fixed.
Listen to your employees the way you would listen to your customers and they will serve your customers even better. When it comes to building relationships with key customers, our ability to communicate face to face is paramount. Have you ever considered the number of snap judgments we make about a person when we first meet them?
In order to be seen as credible by customers and co-workers alike, we must consider how they are going to perceive us. Jeremy: They talked about something so simple as sending customers handwritten notes, gifts or even flowers expressing gratitude or sympathy. Jeremy: I can totally see you taking the Customer Appreciation Station and running with it.
If you could see me you’d see that I actually have both hands raised— well now I don’t because I’m typing.
Another classic quote comes from Peter Drucker where he says, “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” Are these efforts achieving that? For those of you unfamiliar with it, the measure asks customers to rate how likely they are to recommend your company to a friend or colleague.
Similar to NPS, ENPS asks employees to rate how likely they are to recommend your company to a friend or colleague. Employees who are promoters of the company are more likely to share job openings with their network which is instrumental to our recruitment efforts.

As an outsourcer, we add an extra layer to that where we want our employees to not only be promoters of FCR, but also the client they are handling contacts for.
We now ask the ENPS question on our regular employee engagement survey and the NPS question on our client survey.
These types of employees actively innovate and fix the problems that hamper the customer experience. Thinking in terms of a contact center environment, this means identifying those issues customers are complaining about.  You know the ones where morale sinks as agents complain to one another with no hope in sight? Service leaders often spend countless hours working with representatives on phone skills, and yet invest little effort to become better in-person communicators. The most powerful communication occurs when our verbal – vocal – and visual languages are in alignment. When we consider that over 90% of the message is communicated through tone and non-verbal cues, being understood in simple text can seem like trying to nail Jell-O to a wall. Not only do we establish better connections with our customers, but we can act as a powerful voice on their behalf within our organizations.
I must admit, what I took away from this was the WOW factor and how to give that to each and every customer. I’ve been guilty once or twice of skimming my Twitter feed in search of quotes that make me feel good. Having a terrific reputation in our communities is a must, which really places the onus on making sure our employees are engaged. It’s too soon to call it a trend but on our first go around, the scores were very close to one another with plenty of takeaways on how we can improve both the employee and client experience. When you identify and fix those problems, all of a sudden employees know someone is listening and their opinion and creativity are valued. Building true loyalty with your customers will require more than a semi-annual courtesy call, or occasional freebie promotion.
We view the other person through a lens of accumulated assumptions, such as snap judgments we made about them (potentially months or even years before).
Keep gesturing below the waist to a minimum as these movements are generally ineffective and distracting. There will be benefits you never would have expected in all facets of your life, not just in the office.
You’re totally right, WOW is such a powerful word and the more WOW we can provide to our customers, the more it will set us apart from other phone companies. It’s always been my goal but I never really had a way to put it into words that sounded cool. In all my years of working with people at school, assisting to the needs of very wealthy and important customers in my Father’s Pharmacy,in conferences I set up, conventions or being a Hostess in an Italian Restaurant, what you talk about is oh, so important.

Like any survey, the goal is to gather the feedback and figure out ways to improve the experience so that detractors become promoters. In the cases where our clients also track NPS with their customers, we compare those results as well and partner with them on improving their customer experience.
And of course customers stop calling about those nagging issues and spend more time being loyal customers. Carrying these assumptions about each other can be dangerous, because in many cases they are wrong. You will not only be seen as more credible, you enhance the ability of the audience to understand your message. We, as service leaders, must also represent our organizations through personal relationships. We are truly improving the customer experience by creating a personal connection between customer and employee. First impressions are just that…what the customer, vendor or a job interview sees that first second is what they keep in their heads. By educating yourself on effective communication, you will enhance your ability to partner with others and be seen as credible by them. Your mind is working overtime to absorb and understand a vast layer of communication that has taken place long before we even open our mouths.
It is estimated that men are only 42% accurate in perceiving non-verbal communication (compared to 87% in women!*). When any one of these three is out of alignment, it becomes a distraction and significantly undermines our ability to relay a message.
Second, this process encourages more fun and creativity in the work place for the everyone, which is always a plus. Hiring for culture is so important too—I love the family feel that we have at our office (I personally feel like I have a room full of big brothers) and to hire someone who might not like that or be used to it, would be awkward. Make them feel special; calling them by their name or greeting them with a big smile takes the cake. We are far more likely to trust someone who is “coming from the same place” in terms of needs, values, and beliefs. You two sound like you enjoyed the seminar, and the suggestions that were taken with you that day will be awesome once you use them even without thinking eventually.

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