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Your Vision Statement (the written description of your future) should be enthusiastically shared with everyone throughout your organization. To ensure optimum effectiveness, care and attention should be given to developing and implementing a communication strategy that will involve everyone in the organization. To realize an organizational vision, all members of the organization must share a responsibility for, and a commitment to, the new direction. If people feel that the organization provides something of value because of a shared vision and that what they do is important, you won't have to worry about motivation.
Realizing a compelling Vision often means change, accepting new perspectives and abandoning old habits and techniques. It is important to erase boundaries between different parts of the organization so that process, production and communications flow seamlessly and swiftly. Most companies squander 10 to 20 percent or revenue in support of wasteful products or procedures. If you do the things that you've always done but expect different results, your are engaging in institutional insanity.
Addressing resistance to change becomes a major focus and an integral part of a unified implementation strategy.
First, the organizational vision must be compelling enough to generate the excitement needed to propel people through the chaos of change.
Second, your formal structures must support the behaviors you are looking to develop and extinguish behaviors that no longer serve your organization.
Fifth, recognition and appraisals must be frequent, supportive and consistent with the vision and values of the organization.
Sixth, communications strategies and programs must be developed and implemented in all areas.
Even the very best corporate presentation design will fail to captivate your audience if you’re unable to deliver your messages with authority and a clear knowledge of your subject matter. But just how do you get to the point where you’re able to speak mostly from memory with the confidence and style that only highly experienced senior speakers appear to possess? The easiest way to memorise the content of your presentation is to apply a logical narrative to it (a presentation is an exercise in storytelling, after all). Arranging your key points as an easy-to-follow way will improve your ability to recall critical information during your presentation, as well as creating an engaging story structure that your audience will find easier to follow and comprehend. Even when you’re the authority on something, it still takes time to fully retain facts and figures. Retention of new information is aided by simply writing it down – recent research has found that in three studies, individuals who took notes by hand (rather than typing) engaged in a deeper level of cognitive processing – which led to better conceptual understanding, and improved performance when recalling factual detail.

For the first few practice runs of your presentation, you can check your notes, and even fully refer to them, but after that you need to go on your own. When the big day arrives, you can take your notes with you to prompt you just in case, but it’s quite unlikely that you’ll need them.
Presentation anxiety has affected us all at some point – even when we’re well prepared and have no identifiable things to fear. Brilliant design projects start with brilliant briefs, and the same goes for PowerPoint presentations. In any business, change is an inevitable thing as it is a constant aspect that drives people to get accommodated with the developments in the field. Communicating change effectively to the staff members is the most important requirement in order to keep the business up to the mark.
First of all, make sure that the change is going to affect your business and you have to make plan to deal with that change. Immediately start communicating to staff members about the change and let them know that they have to get accommodated with the transition period in order to cope up with the cut throat competition. Instead of sending emails to staff members, try to engage them with direct communication which will bring positive results and the transition period will not affect the production. Personal communication always brings good results and considering this, you should talk to all employees one on one basis in order to get their attention.
Try to set goals for the staff members during the transition period and encourage them to achieve those targets. Stay well aware about the mindset of your staff members and try your best to resolve their problems during the transition period. Keep encouraging your staff members by appreciating their efforts in getting familiar with the change in business.
Take every opportunity to communicate the Vision and to generate excitement about realizing it. Whenever and wherever you can, seek to communicate the Vision through your words and your actions.
An effective leader, therefore, creates and promotes an environment which allows and encourages every person throughout the organization to operationalize the new Vision, to be part of the new direction and to demonstrate behaviors consistent with the new values. Improving quality and speed, while reducing cost and complexities, can create a significant competitive advantage.
If you want different results, you must do things differently or your must do different things. There will be times when you have to cover areas that you’re less familiar with and sometimes communicate that material to people who you don’t know.

After you’ve done a few runs you’ll find that you’re able to roll out your material without needing to read it. Remember that if your presentation’s not exactly the same each time, that’s fine; it means that you know it and you’ll come across as more authentic. Those people always remain ahead of their competitors who grow with the changing conditions by adopting latest advancements.
If you smell an upcoming change in your particular sector as a manager and want all of your staff members to adopt that change without disturbing the flow of production, then you have to communicate change effectively. It will not only motivate them but will also help them in getting accommodated with the changing conditions easily.
Do not let them down if they find it difficult to cope up with the changing condition.
According to an article in Harvard Business Review, it has been estimated that most organizations under communicate the Vision by a factor of ten. Lofty aspirations many involve outsourcing, merging, building strategic alliances, partnering or acquiring other resources or organizations.
The objective is to eliminate as many non-value added, time consuming steps in a process as possible through simplification, elimination or concurrence.
Cut costs and shorten organizational cycles in everything.A  An organization MUST continuously do things better and faster, or it will die. Try taking advantage of free moments during your day to run through the material to perfect it for delivery. However, it is a bit tricky to communicate the change effectively especially when you are a policy maker or a senior executive in an organisation. If you are confused about how to communicate the change in a desired way then get an idea by reading this article which will let you know how to do it.
It could involve restructuring your organization or your compensation programs so that they are aligned with your values and goals of the organization. People MUST be focused on "taking the frills" out of core business processes in order to focus on the results rather than activities. Many people fail to communicate change in an appropriate manner to their staff members and end up in lagging far behind their competitors.
You can create the environment in which motivation thrives and people want to achieve both personal and organizational goals.

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