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How do you habitually communicate with your kids, your work colleagues, your partner, your friends? Not only does this break the pattern, allowing both of you to access a better state to intelligently communicate your feelings and desires, but it also sends the child the message that the challenge is not with them as a person but with their behaviour – something that can be changed. The key in any of these situations is to be able to break your pattern; otherwise, in your unresourceful state, you may say things you’ll regret later. We’ve got to be precise in the words we use because they carry meaning not only to ourselves about our own experience but also to others. There are times we need to get ourselves into an angry state in order to create enough leverage to make a change. A keen understanding of each way of thinking (Inventive, Analytical, Pessimistic, Assertive, Intuitive, Altruistic, Optimistic, or Resolute) can arm you with the powers of pursuasion. In some cases, you may find that your friend or loved on does not wish to hear how they could be more effective. Your ability to identify the person’s thinking style remains an empowering exercise, even in these cases. With a firm grasp of the 8 Ways of Thinking, you can better influence others, and in turn successfully sell your ideas. The previous tools have discussed strategies for developing, designing, and conducting evaluations. Publicly sharing evaluation results can be tricky, especially if parts of the evaluation are considered proprietary and confidential.
However, to the best extent possible, communication of results should be included as an integral part of your overall efforts, particularly since publicizing results could lead to increased funding and other support for your program. Planning to communicate your results should be done in conjunction with the plans laid out for conducting your overall evaluation efforts.
This section provides suggestions for developing, implementing, and evaluating a communication plan. A Mass Participation Art ProjectLaunched with an exhibition with the London Design Festival in 2006.

I’ve learned over the years that communication is one of the most important aspects of the field of leadership.
When a leader fails to communicate, it actually communicates a great deal to the organization.
People fail to communicate when they think the employees are not worthy enough to receive the message. Well ole' Kat has got to weigh in here because this is one of the very important things you have posted since I was alerted to you blog by my once-upon-a-time boss who attends your church.
This is all so important on many levels…whether in the workplace, church, school, home, etc.
I wrote about this subject in my last post too except I spoke about communicating with virtual teams. This can be the foundation for more powerful and positive communication between two people. If you don’t like the results you’re getting in your communication with others, take a closer look at the words you’re using and become more selective.
Becoming aware of the words you use, the impact they have on you and the impact they have on those around you.
She helps people to take control easily and effortlessly and to understand what is important in their lives.
As you learn to position your thoughts and ideas for each individual thinker, you will see your influence grow, not only within your relationships, but also within your teams and your community. Or, if your relationship is less intimate, like with that of your boss, it may not be appropriate to offer personal advice. With your ways of thinking insight, you can change your own thinking to enhance the relationship.
To influence a person, it helps to be fundamentally aware of what motivates him or her to act.
Equally important, but sometimes forgotten, is the need to communicate the results of your evaluation with outside groups.

Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers. But in those moments when I feel stuck making a decision, that's when I have a tendency to hold my cards to close to my chest.
I'm not sure what leadeship courses are taught in seminary but they could do well to give everyoe a copy of the old One Minute Manager and do follow ups. Children, as well as adults, tend to take things personally, and we need to be sensitised to the possible ramifications of thoughtless remarks. In a state of anger, we may say things that hurt somebody’s feelings and make them want to retaliate, or in a worse case say something that hurts them that they don’t want to open up to us ever again. However, we want to make certain that we do not access our most negative and intense states to start with. Her passion is working with business owners and their teams so they develop professionally and personally to achieve more and create a better life.
When you know a person’s dominant way of thinking, you can frame your ideas in the context of how they think. The unknown invites people to create their own scenarios, which rarely turns out well for the leader, the team, or the organization. So please don’t misinterpret me; I’m not asking you to live a life where you don’t have any negative sensations or emotions. Become aware of what you are saying, the words that you use and the effects or impact of those words. Being aware of the words you use is one of the single most simple and powerful steps toward that goal.

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