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For many of us, watching movies or TV in 3D either isn’t really of interest or causes us to have some serious headaches or feel sick. Cinema 4D Prime is an ideal choice for all graphic designers looking to add 3D to their toolset.
Original 3D matte paintings, story boards, set designs, costumes and more help define visual tone of Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller.
In this tutorial we will show you how to create a low poly house and how to texture it with uvw. We are going to create each alphabet separately in 3D, you can use any software you like (3dsmax, cinema 4d, xara3d).
I also used Wrapped paper and desaturate it and Blending option set to Difference, opacity reduce to 55%.
What I have done is I use a Adjustment layer of gradient map from violet to orange on one side and Blending option set to Soft light, opacity – 55. Similarly we are going to place all alphabets and rearrange and Free transform to get in the proper positions.
Now using Pen tool or using tablet make some paths and curves, lines etc on the face of the letters. Make another layer and add another path smaller to the previous path with different color like 6d87a7. For bigger line use some dark colors and play with the settings to get the different results of your liking. Use Curves and Color balance Adjustment layer to enhance your colors and use Smart sharpen filter, use default settings. Just remove the balloons and change the color and this text effect can be used for a multitude of designs.

I need to build a resource directory tool for a non-profit site — any recommendation? This image has been floating around Facebook lately but with no links to instructions on how to fold the paper. But probably the best resource I found was a roundup of 10 different snowflake ideas including an idea that uses junk mail. And lastly, I was eventually able to discover more details on the image above that includes a folding guide for the paper and large photos so you can copy the pattern you like best. But Fukahori has figured out a way to create 3D paintings by splitting his art across several layers and encasing them in clear resin.
He leveraged the 3D animation software’s speed, agility and intuitive processes to produce several physical set builds as well as CG environments, creatures, costumes and spaceship designs that contributed to the aesthetic and mythological visual tone of the sci-fi film. Follow the screens below to make it like this or you can use any color combination of your choice. As you can see in the highlighted areas we have very dark areas and we are going to fix this by using Soft brush and paint it over to get the following effect in the second picture. Right click on the layer and chose Blending options and then go to Pattern overlay option and select Diagonal lines, scale it to 100 and use different patterns on each letter and then reduce fill to 0%, opacity to 20 – 30%. To give more depth a make a new layer over the Adjustment layer and select round soft white brush, reduce its f low and applied to the edges and curves to give the highlights and bevel feeling. I used Pen tool to make them and used same color as of the lines and same Layer Blending options.
The title is misleading and without the other programs used in this tutorial, its rather pointless for anyone to try this. We regularly update blog with free and easy to learn free Adobe photoshop tutorials, useful freebies for design projects, powerful tools that will make your work easier and we publish showcase of most beautiful and interesting designers works around the work that hopefully will inspire.

A flat image can convey depth, but Fukahori has worked actual depth into his work, with the finished paintings being a block of resin rather than a sheet of canvas. The acrylic paints are used to great effect to create realistic looking fish, but it’s the depth the resin layers allows for that takes this piece of art to a new level. He also worked through post-production creating matte shots and additional designs under VFX Supervisor, Richard Stammers and VFX Producer, Allen Maris. Erase some part of it, use different colors of galaxy and stars as you can see in this image. Then I use a Wooden texture in the center of the page and desaturate it and played with Blending options and erase corner parts of the wooden texture. When the scientific team becomes stranded in an alien world, they struggle to survive, fighting a terrifying battle to save their own lives, and the future of the human race.
This kind of text effect can be used for making a birthday poster, or creating any other celebration postcard. The film opened Friday, June 8, 2012 in the United States.Cinema 4D’s real-time capabilities proved particularly invaluable to Messing who was tasked with designing and redefining complex set pieces from the first Alien film to bring a contemporary visual quality that would appeal to today’s filmgoers.
This included designing CG models for the Prologue and Juggernaut Alien spacecrafts, the Pilot Chamber set located within the Juggernaut ship and the larger Compound Mound set located on the Alien planet surface.“Ridley was very proud of the original Engineer's spaceship (known as the Juggernaut) but he felt it looked primitive by today’s standards,“ said Messing.
With fellow designer, Ben Procter, Messing also helped refine the Pilot’s chair that rises from the center dais in the Juggernaut.

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how to create a 3d video for youtube

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