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By default the Highlighted tasks will be shown in blue (MS Project 2013, seems to default to background colour of yellow). You can change the default settings for Highlighted tasks by going to Text Styles under Format.
The image below shows a filter to highlight tasks with no Predecessors, but excluding Summary tasks.
Scott Daley (2013, ch19) has this great tip - sometimes you can simply Mark the tasks that you want to Highlight or Filter. Progress lines - This how to guide explains progress lines, how to read them and how to use them. For example you can highlight Critical tasks or tasks falling within a particular date range.

We will use a plan built in MS Project 2013 as an example, and we will briefly cover creating Custom Highlight Filters. The image below shows tasks highlighted by date range - tasks falling in March are highlighted.
For example, if you have Filtered your tasks to show Critical tasks only if you then Highlight Critical tasks the filter will be removed.
For example, the below image shows tasks Grouped By Milestone with Critical tasks also highlighted. This could save you a lot of time building custom Highlight Filters & custom fields when simple selection and Marking of specific tasks will do. Highlight will not rearrange or filter tasks it will simply change the text style of the highlighted tasks.

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how to create a highlight video on hudl

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