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So, out go messy, badly composed images, small text, hard-to-read serifs and a lack of contrast in the colors (above left).
Above you can see how difficult it is to add the title and author text to your book cover if the photo is messy and complicated. As well, above left there is another crime against typography as the line height in the title is way too loose, see below. Above left you can see several crimes against typography: failure to use different typefaces – or at least different font weights and sizes – for the title and author text, loose line height and loose tracking, are the main offences.
I create my Kindle covers in Photoshop 1200 by 1800 pixels in size, at 300 ppi resolution, in RGB, saved as a JPG or PNG. Once you’ve created your masterpiece you upload it at KDP along with your book file and all the accompanying meta data. I’ll maybe get on to the whole Kindle publishing process from beginning to end in another blog post. You can create a cover for your non-fiction Kindle book that resonates with your audience, communicates the book’s subject and stands out in the Amazon marketplace.

Hi Ashley, yes I’ve come down with the Kindle-bug – quite a few people have it these days.
Sign up for my newsletter and get free How to Market Yourself Online and Starting An Online Business e-books, two MP3s on online business as well as a list of my favorite resources. You need to communicate your book’s message to the target market within a very small number of pixels. In comes bold simple imagery, large easy-to-read sans-serif type and nicely-composed layout (above right). Big blocky sans-serifs like Univers Bold Condensed, Impact, Helvetica Neue Condensed, etc., can work well. Tracking is the distance generally between letters across lines of text and Kerning is the distance between two individual letters (two letters that usually need a lot of tightening up are uppercase A and V). Do you think it’s my theme doing this, not embedding the video properly there from YouTube? I email my list when I have Kindles out so a certain amount of people will buy it and review it (favorably, hopefully).

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There are also important choices to be made with regards to category placing, keywords, title, subtitle and blurb.
Make sure you can at least read the title from a distance even if it’s one inch in size. You can make it as large as you want and Amazon will recreate the image at different sizes to suit their purposes.

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how to create kindle book cover

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