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Royalty free clip art of an orange man, a cartoonist or web designer, using a paintbrush on a flat screen computer monitor to create an image or to design a website. To help you with your business goals, in this article, we will show you how to create a hair salon website using WordPress. If you’ve yet to get a website online, or you’re unhappy with the results you’ve received from your existing site, then the first step in building a successful hair salon website is to choose a platform. There are many options for creating a website, from free, hosted services, through to hand coding it yourself in HTML and CSS. Although WordPress is free to use, you shouldn’t underestimate the power and popularity of this software. While WordPress is free to use, there are some associated costs with getting your website online. The good news is that with prices starting at around $50, giving your website a high-quality and professional look and feel, now costs significantly less than it would be to hire a web designer. In this guide to using WordPress to build a hair salon website, we’ll be looking at some of the best themes in this category to help you get the right look for your project. If you want to get your website online now, be sure to check out this detailed guide on how to make a WordPress website, which covers everything you need to know on this topic. Choosing the right theme for your WordPress hair salon website can make or break your project.
A poorly designed WordPress theme will not only look bad, but it will also make your website difficult to navigate.
Not only will a badly designed theme make life difficult for your potential new clients, but it probably won’t instill much confidence in them about your services.
The other reasons why choosing a high-quality theme is essential include faster loading times for your website, fewer bugs and errors, and a more secure platform for your site.
When it comes to looking for a WordPress theme for your hair salon website, you might quickly run into trouble. Without a responsive design, it will be very hard for your potential clients who are using their smartphones and tablets, to access your website. As the name suggests, a responsive design will ensure that your website responds to the size of the screen that is used to view it. As all hair salons are different, offering different services, and aiming to appeal to a different audience, it makes sense that there won’t be a one size fits all WordPress hair salon theme.
However, in order to give you as much flexibility and options as possible, it can be a good idea to look for a theme that includes multiple homepage variations.
Seeking out a theme that includes a good selection of prebuilt page template and layouts can also be beneficial.
If you don’t see templates available for all of the pages you’ll need on your website, don’t worry, you can still easily create a new page with WordPress.
As well as having a few demo versions or homepage layouts to choose from, it can also be worthwhile looking for a theme with a good set of customization options. These settings usually give you more granular control over how your website looks and functions. You might even find controls that let you change the fonts used on your site, as well as modify some of the layout properties of the theme. If you want to make the most of your website, then you will want to add some kind of online booking system for your hair salon.
At the very least, you will want to add an online form to your website that makes it easy for your visitors to get in touch.
With so many hair salon websites out there, all vying for the same clients, if you don’t encourage your visitors to secure an appointment during their visit to your site, there is a good chance they may forget to follow up their visit to your site with a phone call. With so many powerful, stylish, and flexible WordPress themes to choose from, there is no reason why you can’t build a professional looking hair salon website to promote your business online and start attracting more clients.
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Grab this 40 #font bundles with 115 #fonts and 37 great #graphics #bundles from #designers. I­n this tutorial we will be creating a simple but elegant e-commerce layout of a website, it being entirely built by using The Bricks UI e-commerce user-interface set. We’ll start the layout by creating a new document which is 1200 pixels in Width and 2150 in Height.

I’ll grab the menu at the top from the “E-commerce UI #1” section and will place it at the top. From the very same “E-commerce #1” set I’ll grab the slider and will place it under the navigation.
Just below the menu and at the right of slider, I’ll place a checkout form which I got from the “e-commerce #1” as well. By using the very same font, Proxima Nova, I’ll input some text on the shape we have just created. In the next steps we will be inputting a bunch of various item widgets, all of which we’ll get, again, from the “e-commerce #1” sub-set. This is a better preview of the recent item blocks we have added and the cta-button section we have recently created.
Right before our “footer” zone we will be adding a subscribe section where users can actually leave their e-mail and receive regular newsletters. This is an important topic, because, whether your salon has been in business for a while now or it’s just getting started, it’s probably fair to say you’d appreciate more clients and customers finding their way to your doors. By attracting more of the right kind of clients – you know, the ones who book the more expensive treatments, stock up on product after each visit, are never late for an appointment or cancel at the last minute, and always recommend you to their friends – you can quickly start growing your business to new heights. However, if aren’t a programmer or you just want a secure and robust platform or foundation for your website, then choosing WordPress as the software to power your site is highly recommended. At the time of writing, WordPress is used to power around 25% of all websites online today and that number is only growing.
One is that this software is extremely flexible and can be used to create almost any type of website. However, in the grand scheme of things, using WordPress is considerably cheaper than almost every other option.
This typically runs to about $10 a year and although you might be able to find free offers, it’s worth paying that amount for your very own dot com website address.
This is where your website will be stored, making it available to anyone in the world with an internet connection. These WordPress plugins are extra features that can be added to your website to help it work in the way that you need.
As you want your visitors to have a pleasant user experience while browsing your website, this is very important. This could include details about your stylists, information about the treatments you offer, or even just your location and opening hours.
Therefore, doing all you can to deliver a premium online experience will help you achieve your goals of acquiring more premium clients for your hair salon or beauty spa. Another potential downside is that with so many great designs on offer, it can be easy to get distracted and choose a beautiful theme that isn’t right for creating a hair salon website. This means no matter what type of smartphone your visitors are using to access your website, they will have no problems finding their way to your salon, viewing your services, or making an appointment.
Retina displays are the next generation of high-quality screens and by choosing a theme that is retina ready, your website and especially its images, will really pop on these high-end displays. This makes it easy to choose the right design and appearance for your website, while also giving you the option of changing the design down the line – without the need to change themes.
This includes the about page, contact page, services, gallery, and the other pages you’d expect to find on a hair salon website.
However, having a prebuilt template to make use of certainly helps to speed up the process and ensure your website has a consistent look throughout all of its pages.
This allows you to add all of the page layouts and other features of your theme to your site, and get your website looking the same as the theme’s demo version, in just a few clicks.
Typically, in this department, a good theme will include a number of prebuilt color schemes.
These tools make it much easier to create custom layouts for your pages, giving you a greater amount of creative control over how your site looks.
Giving your visitors the ability to book an appointment directly from your website can help secure those new clients you are looking for. Without an easy to use contact form or online booking system, you run the risk of your visitors leaving your site without getting in touch, even if they’ve been impressed with what they’ve seen. Once you’ve registered a domain name, chosen a website, and installed WordPress all that is left to do is choose a suitable WordPress theme and then start adding your own content to the site.

We sellect and introduce many best collections for designers who are in love with creative and innovative style.
I will teach you how to start with a blank document and end with a beautiful layout that can actually be used as a design for an e-store. In case you have a blank shape but you’d like to copy-paste the styling of an element instead of applying it from the beginning, then you simply have got to hold ALT and move the little (fx) icon to the respective shape. The Bricks UI is built with a 960-grid in mind that’s why we will be using one for our layout as well, I’m always usign Nathan Smith’s 960 Grid Framework as I found it best for most of my projects.
The very best thing about the elements in the UI set is that they are already perfectly suiting our layout. Now I’ll browse through the set and will find any CTA button, and will throw that one on our current document and will position it accordingly. Our first row of items will be the ones you can see on the screenshot, the well-designed widgets with sports-wear items in them. This time I went with a set of “3 hoodies” and a little bit different styling than the previous row of items.
If we take to compare the styling of the following widgets and the ones we’ve used before, then we can conclude that these are the most simple but that makes perfect sense and does create a pleasant diversification on the page. As you can see the styling for the last row does fit very well and since it’s not drastically different than the previous row, it does fit well in the page. To create this section, we will rely on an already designed “newsletter” widget which I found in the FORMS-UI #2 psd.
It is very simple and consists of a 5-pixel line which we’ll give a light-grey color (#c9c9c9) and will place it just below the subscribe widget. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
Extreme care was taken to enhance all aspects of her comfort and style, while maintaining her pedigree as a true performance yacht. It will be a premium website, which will not only inform your visitors of what you have to offer, but it will also promote your business in the right way, helping you to attract more of the premium clients that will help your salon thrive. Two, it’s easy enough to use that a large portion of website owners have managed to get their site online using WordPress. After this, it just leaves you to add your own content, rather than having to try to setup your website manually. That’s not of the best ways of doing it but it does the job, keeps our shape and it’s easy to apply. Give it a dark blue color and then apply a soft-light Gradient Overlay effect with an Opacity of 40%. I will create the circles by using the Ellipse Tool (U) and will use the icons from the icon set that comes along the Bricks UI set. The pre-designed widget has slightly shorter “border-patterns” but it’s an easy job just to duplicate those, or simple increase them in width. By using the very same font I’ll write down a copyright line and will give it a dark grey color. And three, with so many active users, there’s very little chance of this software being discontinued or abandoned any time soon. A premium design is essential when it comes to creating a hair salon website with WordPress.
I’ll give the hovered icon a blue color, #4979bd, the static circles a grey one (#bdbdbd) and the icons a dark-grey one – #5f5f5f.
I will give it a “Fill” of 70% and will apply an “Outer Glow” effect of 3 pixels in size and the opacity set to 55%. While there are free theme options out there, if you want to your website to look the part and attract the right clients, then you really must invest in a commercial WordPress theme. Another optional effect would be the Bevel and Emboss one, which would make the lower base of our logotype a little bit darker.

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